Yolene Suissa Insurance Agency: How to Protect Yourself Financially Against Unexpected Events

Why should elementary insurance be taken seriously, why you must plan retirement and how can a professional and reliable insurance agent help in the moment of truth? Yolene Suissa Insurance Agency answers the important questions

Shahar Amano
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Yolene Suissa Insurance Agency: “I always think of the customers” Credit: Shutterstock
Shahar Amano
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Over the years insurance agents have become a professional resource for customers who want to realize their rights in connection with insurance companies, but do not always know how to do it the right way. But not just that. Today the role of the insurance agent doesn’t end with the field of insurance but also includes pensions and finance. The importance of a reliable, committed insurance agent becomes clearer in times when insurance is sometimes purchased remotely, and it is not always clear to the buyer what the policy they have bought includes, until the moment of truth arrives. Not a few customers discover that they are alone on the battlefield, after encountering inexperienced customer service representatives and sometimes they are even pushed around between many representatives when they try to realize their rights.

Insurance agent Yolene Suissa of Ashdod has taken upon herself a commitment to realize every insured person’s rights, and she does so with caring and a feeling of a mission. “I always think of the customers,” she says.

Yolene has extensive knowledge and experience that she has accumulated in her 30 years of work in insurance. Her firm, located at 27 HaOrgim Street in Ashdod, specializes in life and health insurance and handling claims, as well as everything related to the field of pensions and finance – various kinds of pension funds, study funds, provident funds and alternative investments.

30 years of experience and a personal approach. Yolene Suissa Credit: Private

An individually tailored “insurance package”

Yolene first began her path in the field selling insurance to workers in the Ashdod port, to whom she explained the rights they were entitled to from the pension funds, both from the National Insurance Institute and from private insurance. This is one of the main reasons why she has acquired so many customers over the years, because of her reliability and honesty – an important requirement when working with customers and even more important in times of crisis.

Like a tailor, Yolene also fits the right insurance to each customer, which is cut to measure and meets their needs. And all because she feels she has a mission. Yolene has taken upon herself more than once to help someone who is not her customer, who needs professional help, but has fallen on hard times and is unable to pay.

Many customers say that in the first second of a meeting with Yolene she conveys the sense that they can rely on her and that she will stand by them in a crisis. “The personal approach is an important component when buying insurance,” she explains. “Sometimes I encounter people who look at another 100 shekels that they can save in insurance when they buy it over the phone, but when they run into a situation where they have to activate the insurance in a medical crisis or insurance incident, they discover that it has cost them much more, just because they didn’t read the small print, or did not really understand what they were entitled to and there was no one to explain it to them. Worse, sometimes in such cases the customers have to go through many representatives before they reach someone who really understands insurance.”

Yolene Suissa’s precision and extensive knowledge of insurance is evident in her advice and guidance. She manages to get tens of thousands of shekels for some of the people who contact her, from sub-clauses they were unaware of. “I know this from personal experience,” Yolene says. “In 2018 I was involved in a traffic accident and if I hadn’t discovered what I was really entitled to in insurance, I would be in a wheelchair today. This is the importance of a personal, and above all, caring, insurance agent who sees the customer and the assistance they are entitled to and tailors the right insurance for them and their family, explains to them what their rights are in a crisis, and helps them to realize those rights.

How to plan retirement

During the conversation Yolene displays knowledge of all insurance topics. You can hear that she is speaking from her heart and acts to help people who during their lives encounter a difficult medical problem or who experience a disaster or traffic accident that changes their life, prevents them from continuing to work, and in fact paralyses the entire family.

“Unfortunately, insurance cannot prevent disease or a disaster. But insurance can provide the insured person and their family with protection and enable them to maintain a stable standard of living, with a fixed monthly income or a one-time payment that will help them to get through the period financially,” says Yolene. “We all know that if one partner is ill, the entire family doesn’t function, and therefore it is important to purchase insurance that will give you financial peace of mind that provides stability for the entire family.

Although it is important, many people do not want to purchase life insurance on the grounds that it is an investment of hundreds of shekels a year or because they think that life insurance is not suitable at a young age. For those people, Yolene has a clear answer: “Insurance is financial protection against the unexpected,” she explains. “People pay thousands of shekels for comprehensive car insurance. If they don’t have an accident, does that mean it wasn’t worth it? It’s insuring the body, and what you get in return is that when you need it you can save lives and families from collapsing in the event of having to cope personally or financially with surgery, expensive medication, transplants or, God forbid, the death of a spouse.”

Yolene Suissa: “People come to us to plan and receive guidance on retirement while utilizing tax benefits”Credit: Shutterstock

Yolene’s service not only relates to the insured person’s “insurance package,” but also to their pension and finances. Every year Yolene gives hundreds of customers financial advice and guidance about their pension funds, study funds, provident funds and alternative investments and also advises them on the leveraging opportunities available to them.

“Many people have a tendency to think that they need to deal with their pension when they near retirement age, and this is their bitter mistake. You need to start thinking about retirement at an early age, from the first stage, and then when you retire you can reap the fruits,” Yolene says. “Retirement also needs to be done correctly and thoughtfully. Each year many customers come to us to plan and receive guidance on retirement while utilizing the tax benefits available to them. This is a subject that is in its infancy and only a few agents in Israel know how to handle it. Most agents prefer not to deal with this and certainly the representatives cannot deal with it or give insurance customers recommendations or objective guidance.”

In conclusion, Yolene says: “If you too want to join the circle of my customers, and make sure you have a professional who cares about you at your side, all you have to do is to contact me.”

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