Noam Homes: Specializing in Unique Real Estate in Jerusalem

The city of Jerusalem is full of historical buildings alongside newer properties – which requires in-depth acquaintance and proficiency in the variety of neighborhoods and quarters. Introducing Noam Homes, the veteran real estate agency with international distribution and an expansive professional array, specializing in unique real estate solutions and special requirements

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Noam Homes: Specializing in Unique Real Estate in JerusalemCredit: Avi Noam
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Noam Homes is a Jerusalem based real estate agency specializing in unique solutions for special requests and requirements – for local and international clientele. Our staff, which is specifically knowledgeable on unique solutions within Jerusalem's older neighborhoods and throughout the city, is part of what makes Noam Homes a reputable boutique firm, rated by the Madlan website as one of the ten leading Jerusalem-based agencies, for the second consecutive year.

Noam Homes, which is based at the heart of Nachlaot neighborhood, is led by Noam Wassel, who has been in real estate since 2007, along with a staff of five experienced and professional agents, all of whom are licensed brokers and some of whom live in Nachlaot. "We put our customer service and our professionalism at the top of our list of priorities, and to that end our staff undergoes weekly training, to remain updated on professional tools and innovation in the field," Noam Wassel explains.

Special Solutions Connecting Past and Future

Like the city of Jerusalem, which blends an exquisite past with an innovative future, Noam Homes handles real estate in all parts of the city. "In the old as well as the newer neighborhoods, we connect the interesting opportunities in each area to buyers looking for special offers," Noam says. "Take Nachlaot, for instance, a neighborhood built over 100 years ago: most sellers have been living there for many years and some can tell fascinating stories about the establishment of the neighborhood. It's interesting to get to know each homeowner and their stories. We have quite a few examples of interesting connections we've made between special requests and unique solutions. One is a buyer who was looking for a house with a yard, which is rare to find in Nachlaot. We found a property connecting three apartments and a garden, which is considered very special in the neighborhood.

real estate in Israel Lawyer And RealtorCredit: Noam Homes

"Requests can be diverse, and vary in price range. Some of our buyers are families looking for properties in older neighborhoods in order to turn them into special residential buildings, or to build apartments. One example is a family that was looking for an entire building in the Rechavia neighborhood, and we found a rare building for them, as we specialize in finding special solutions for special requests," Noam emphasizes.

Local and International Clientele

The agency's clientele is diverse, coming from around Israel and from overseas. According to Noam, "We work with all layers of population and provide the optimal solution to local as well as overseas clients, coming from the US, South Africa, the UK, France, and more. At the end of the day, when we take a property on exclusively, we market it to all possible target audiences."

As part of the extensive network Noam Homes conducts with overseas communities, even before the COVID-19 outbreak, the agency began a unique collaboration with a large immigration organization, in which the agency's brokers conduct Zoom seminars to introduce potential immigrants to the process of purchasing real estate in Israel. This activity continues to grow.

Using innovative methods like this is not only a means of bringing overseas clientele closer, but also to provide solutions for the challenges COVID brought to the real estate market.
"The platform we’ve created to respond to the incessant need while complying with COVID restrictions was so clear and good, increasing the level of trust with our clients, that some made acquisitions without physically visiting the properties. Since this platform is quickly accessible to all clients, there have been cases in which the faster to respond was the client to buy the property," said Noam.

A professional process with wide-spread distribution

The special nature of Jerusalem properties requires a preliminary process of comprehensive testing of the property and its registration status before it can be marketed. "As we sell properties in very old neighborhoods, there are various types of bureaucratic statuses, such as salvaged properties that cannot be mortgaged, or Church plots or various complications with city plans and registration."

However, Noam stresses that "even when the process is complicated, it doesn't mean there's no buyer for the property, but that we have to carefully select the client from our clientele. We have a list of veteran clients with whom we have stayed in touch throughout the years, and we make sure to match the right property with the right buyer. If we cannot find a buyer within our database, we collaborate with other agencies, for the benefit of our clients."

Mishkenot Hauma, Jerusalem, IsraelCredit: Noam Homes

Noam Homes offers its properties all over the world, using a variety of marketing platforms that are widespread and innovative. In addition, the agency has an unprecedented array of brokers working overseas to locate and connect with clients that would otherwise be inaccessible.

The staff continues to play a part in negotiations between buyers and sellers. "Our role is not only to open and close the door, but also to explain the transaction and work towards its success. We know how to accompany our clients so that the vast majority of clients who are interested in a property will also close the deal," Noam notes.

A wide range of services to cover every need

With an emphasis on professionalism, the agency provides its clients with a wide range of services to allow them to make progress and close the deal in an optimal fashion. "To get things moving, sometimes we need experts in various fields, for instance: mortgage and economic advisors, arrangements with lawyers, special urban permits, and so on.

"If clients are unable to take out a mortgage, our firm helps to locate alternative sources of mortgages with the banks in the market. Thanks to such a service, we found a mortgage at good rates for clients who otherwise would not have been able to achieve them. In another case, clients required a complete overhaul of a property being sold, and we made recommendations regarding what to do and how to manage the financial purchase and sale of the property so they would be left with a profit.

"As we specialize in finding solutions for everyone and finding buyers in complicated situations, we are constantly upgrading the range of services provided. Sometimes connecting with the right adjustor can make the whole difference between a transaction that fails and one that succeeds. We also make sure to work with the right lawyers for these complex transactions," says Noam.

Relentlessly searching for the right solution

One of the major reasons for Noam Homes' great success is the fact that the agency never gives up, and will always find the solutions leading to a successful transaction. Noam tells us about a property for sale behind the Waldorf Astoria in Mamila, whose owner had already given up on realtors. After they started working on the sale, Noam Homes quickly found a buyer. "We won't let any property sit on the market and wither away," Noam adds.

Noam concludes: "Our client's interests and needs are what has driven our activity throughout the years. We maintain ongoing relationships with our clientele, providing help with everything they need and remaining available and at their service even after completing the transaction. The boutique professional service we provide makes it possible to fulfill successful transactions for special requests from clients in Israel and overseas, looking for interesting properties in Jerusalem."

Noam Homes
24 Even Sapir Road Jerusalem
Telephone: +972-52-8487391