"A Realtor Will Succeed Only Through Fieldwork, The Right Preparation, and Faith in His Work."

Introducing the realtor who is in love with Tel Aviv, the city where she's lived her entire life and raised her own family: Orly Koranda, owner of Orly Properties, reveals the secrets behind successful real estate closings

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Tel Avivian View
Orly Koranda – Orly Properties Real Estate: What's the secret of a realtor's success?
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Orly Koranda, born 58 years ago in Tel Aviv, owns Orly Properties, the successful real estate agency she founded in 1997, and specializes in finding housing solutions in Tel Aviv's old north, Kikar Hamedina, and central Tel Aviv.

"My journey in the real estate world began at a time of life when I was ready to start something new," Orly says. "After years of working on a self-employed basis and as a salaried employee in another sector, with life experience and maturity as the mother of two adult daughters, I entered the real estate field with the desire for a career change."

Orly's journey in the field began when a friend asked for her help in renting out her mother-in-law's apartment; afterward another friend sought her assistance in selling an apartment she owned. Orly undertook to help both friends free of charge, and to find the right tenants and buyers. She did it effectively, professionally, and enjoyed every minute of interaction with the people involved. And that's how she took her first step toward the change she was seeking.

"Those friends told me that, without my intervention, they wouldn't have managed to find their buyers," Orly recalls, "and after another few cases where I helped acquaintances find apartments to rent or buy in Tel Aviv, they told me they wouldn't have had the chance to live in their apartments without my help and negotiation. I realized that I had potential and an ability to take two parties whose needs and desires might differ, and get them to be happy and satisfied at the end of the process."

What's your work method?

"As part of my work process, I try to be as professionally knowledgeable as possible when analyzing the market I'm handling, to get to know the clients who, often enough, are repeat clients, and above all to really understand the seller and the landlord, their desires and requirements versus the wishes of the buyer or the prospective tenant."

In addition, Orly performs an assessment of each of her listings before she enters the market. "I believe that a realtor will succeed only if he does maximum fieldwork, along with the right preparation and faith in his work – that's the correct, holy trinity," Orly says. "Agents need to understand that, however simple or complex a real estate transaction, there are three variables that aren't at all easy to bring together: the seller's desire to have all his requests met, the buyer's desire to have all his needs met, and the right apartment. I believe that only if you've done all the background work on all three variables, and laid the best foundation you could as a realtor, the variables will intersect. Actually, that's not certain either."

A successful career that started with a close friendship. Orly KorandaCredit: Courtesy of Orly Properties

Orly Properties specializes in the new north-southern part, the old north, Kikar Hamedina and central Tel Aviv. The firm hopes to gain familiarity with more and more areas with the potential to grow their client base. And since we're talking about clients: at Orly Properties every client is managed via an orderly file containing full details about his needs and history with the firm.

Orly Properties assembles a profile on each client containing his specific characteristics, and stores it in the agency's contacts and computer systems. "I really believe in retaining my clients and in having warm personal relationships with them," Orly emphasizes. "For us, customer service comes first. That's why quite a few people I've worked with over the past few years have come back to me and will come back again, whether for a property purchase done through me, or for another purchase in the future."

From housing upgraders to investors

The Tel Aviv real estate market came to a standstill for a while this past year, the coronavirus year, for several reasons: fear of what lay ahead, the mandatory social distancing, and objective difficulties such as lockdowns, as well as the fear of change in a time of crisis. But as with all other crises from which we emerge stronger than before, the buyer and renter populations are starting to return to the city that never sleeps.

Orly's clientele currently encompasses a wide variety of housing upgraders, investors, and families seeking to live in the neighborhoods she specializes in. And which of these neighborhoods is the one she likes best? That's not an easy question to answer.

"As a lifelong Tel Aviv resident, there are quite a few areas in the city that I like, especially those with sentimental value for me, that bring back happy and meaningful memories from my personal life," Orly notes. "Geula Street (downtown Tel Aviv), Ben Yehuda and Gordon (Tel Aviv's old north) where I spent my childhood, and Arlozorov and David HaMelech (new north), where I've made my home with my husband, my daughters and grandchildren."

Orly Properties, 55 Sderot David HaMelech, Tel Aviv