"We Aren't Agents – We're Partners in the Real Estate Journey"

Under the leadership of Kobi Ben Atiya, Bayit Ve'Nekhes - real estate agency from Ness Ziona - provides buyer and seller services, carefully guiding clients step by step through the entire process – from finding the property through closing the deal

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The real estate agency staff stands together
Bayit Ve'Nekhes – Ness Ziona realtyCredit: Yossi Vaknin
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Anyone who's looked for a property in Ness Ziona these last few years is probably familiar with the Bayit Ve'Nekhes real estate agency. Bayit Ve'Nekhes's listings include the most beautiful and attractive homes that have been on the Ness Ziona market over the past decade and a half. The firm is proud of the fact that it transacts more sales, year after year, than any other realty in the city. Koby Ben Atiya, the agency's owner and CEO, says that, "with the help of our realtor team, we're making client's dreams come true – whether they're looking for a new residential property, seeking a home upgrade, or selling a property".

Home sales and purchases are very expensive, multi-element transactions. The process can be complicated. That's why professional guidance at every stage by a reliable and experienced real estate firm can end up saving you time and money.

Bayit Ve'Nekhes has been active in Ness Ziona since 2006 and is known as a dedicated and trustworthy real estate service provider. The agency team, under the management of Ben Atiya, consists of diligent and devoted realtors who have been representing the firm for many years. Patience, attentiveness, understanding of client needs, and a strong familiarity with the local housing market equip Bayit Ve'Nekhes agents to find the best possible solutions for the agency's clients.

Koby AtiyaCredit: Yossi Vaknin

Koby Ben Atiya came to the field with extensive prior experience as an investor involved in home sales and purchases throughout Israel. In the course of his activities, he fell in love with one city in particular. "I arrived in Ness Ziona by chance," he relates. "A good friend of mine lives here, and whenever I wanted to decompress after a hectic work period, I'd come and have coffee with him. The tranquility and overall atmosphere made me fall in love with the city, and I soon discovered its potential. In 2006 I founded the agency in Ness Ziona and put my investment and realty experience to work managing the firm".

Who are the real estate agents who work with you?

I regard my team of agents as partners and members of the Bayit Ve'Nekhes family. The firm's three agents are among Ness Ziona's most veteran and experienced realtors, and they've been with the agency for over a decade. Transparency, trustworthiness, and professionalism are in the company's DNA, and our highly-skilled team meets those criteria".

"Our team includes Shai Yadgar, who's been responsible for several unprecedented transactions in the Valley-Tirat Shalom neighborhood, providing professional, dedicated guidance to his clients; Yahaloma Treves, who's been helping her clients buy and sell properties for the past decade with sensitivity and warmth; and Eran Avisar, an expert on Ness Ziona's single-family construction market who helps his clients find lots and guides them through the building process", Ben Atiya adds.

Eran AvisarCredit: Yossi Vaknin

"We provide services mainly to the private market – young couples and people seeking housing upgrades. The agency's services include property sale and purchase, professional and effective property marketing, guiding young couples through the home buying process, and connecting with relevant professionals such as mortgage consultants and attorneys, in accordance with the nature of the client and the transaction".

How does your firm handle property marketing?

"First of all, we have a database of hundreds of clients seeking properties in Ness Ziona, and whenever a new listing comes in our clients are directly and immediately notified. Often, we don't even need to market the property elsewhere; it's sold through our database.

"Properties are marketed via major real estate websites, ongoing direct mail, the firm's website and, of course social media. Our property marketing services include professional property photography, videos and drone photography. All information about the property, along with images and videos, are posted on our Facebook page and reach thousands of customers on average. Something we're very proud of is the number of transactions we do. We produce the largest number of transactions in Ness Ziona, and once a year we put out a catalogue with all the homes we've sold".

Yahaloma TrevesCredit: Yossi Vaknin

What kind of service do you provide to homebuyers?

"As part of our service, we meet with buyers and go over everything they need from the transaction. A lot of people who come to us are "sold in advance" on a certain type of property or a specific part of town, but after we find out what their true needs are, we take them to the place that's just right for them. There have been cases where clients came and wanted a garden apartment, but ultimately bought land for construction. There were clients who wanted a five-room apartment and we sold them garden apartments in Malibu, or ones who wanted a certain neighborhood and we introduced them to a different neighborhood. In every process, we make sure to show our clients additional options, matching the client's desires and needs to appropriate homes.

"When the client wants to sell a property, we first ask him what his budget is for a new residence. Sometimes we determine, together with the client, that it might be a mistake to move now, and the client defers his purchase. Our motto is not to make a deal at any price, and to always have our client's best interest at heart, out of an understanding that that's what works out best for everyone in the long term".

Shai YadgarCredit: Yossi Vaknin

"We guide our clients through the process from beginning to end, explaining step by step how we start looking for a property, how a deal takes shape, and also how to approach the bank. When clients are ready to make an offer, we perform an analysis and advise them; our services range from preparing amortization schedules to connecting clients with regional bank managers who can provide them with better service and terms. We help with the process of obtaining permits, hiring lawyers, and doing whatever's necessary for the transaction to proceed optimally, and to ensure our clients' peace of mind".

"As far as we're concerned, the means are no less important than the ends. In many instances, we've passed up large sums of money just for the sake of our reputation and our reliability, and we've worked for the good of our client – who, of course, comes first".

Can you offer some key insights about Ness Ziona?

"Ness Ziona is highly developed but still growing, with a high socio-economic level. It's still a city with the heart of a moshava, an Ottoman-era Jewish settlement. Most longtime Ness Ziona residents know each other, many of them are our clients, and we work with them on the basis of word-of-mouth recommendation".

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