Top Design: New Website Featuring Elite Architects and Luxury Homes

Exciting news for the luxury housing world - a new website, showcases elite architects and realtors, and offers a glimpse of the most coveted properties in Israel's high-end market

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Michael Moshe Barzilay and Nitza Paz of 'In-House Luxury Homes' are jointly launching the website, that will act as a source of information on Israel's high-end architects, realtors, and properties.

Nitza and Michael are two prominent and esteemed real estate professionals, whose three decades of experience have given them an encyclopedic knowledge of Israel's luxury property market.

The site aims to place the architect, the realtor, and the property offerings center stage, while functioning as a display window for local high-end properties.

Michael Moshe Barzilay

"I'm pleased to announce the launch of a new website, the only one in Israel to provide comprehensive and vital information on the leading architects and realtors involved in the local luxury housing market", says Michael Barzilay, managing partner in the In-House Luxury Homes brokerage firm. "The website is another element of the unique service package we offer our clients, and will showcase the fascinating stories behind the special and beautiful homes displayed on the site".

Where did the idea originate to create an online database for information about top-tier architects?

"The idea arose from a need we identified – a website that would collect and make accessible, in one place, the information that luxury home buyers find most important and crucial. These are high-echelon people, who want their homes to look different and distinctive, and to reflect their world. Luxury properties are almost always custom-designed, and these projects are carried out by top-tier architects who specialize in designing high-end homes with a unique personal touch.

"These houses and estates are built in Israel's upscale areas: Herzliya Pituah, Arsuf, Kfar Shmaryahu, Tzahala, and Savyon, among others.

"We noticed that a lot of people seeking luxury homes don't always find what they are looking for, and we decided to serve this clientele by assembling everything of relevance to luxury real estate – not just the properties, but also the architects. These professionals are dedicated to the luxury housing field, and build homes that are unique and extraordinary.

"That way, our clients can choose the architect who is the best fit for them. The website provides information about the architectural firms and their unique portfolios, so they can get an initial idea".

Nitza Paz

Nitza Paz and Michael Barzilay jointly manage In-House Luxury Homes, a brokerage firm specializing in luxury properties. Paz founded and managed Dori Concept, U. Dori's innovative division for luxury apartment upgrades. She later served as CEO of Ofer Glazer-owned Hacker Luxury Kitchens. Paz specializes in marketing products and properties to Israel's elite, and is well acquainted with the country's "starchitects".

Barzilay began working with Israel's "top one percent" while managing the startup TOPROTA, which developed a search engine that reached 20 million US businesses and brought him into commercial and social contact with leading figures in the Israeli high-tech world.

On what basis are architects chosen for the site?

"We've chosen architects we want to work with based on their experience and knowledge of the field", says Barzilay. "Nitza worked with some of them and got to know them well, while others came to us by word of mouth. However, our website features only architects of distinction and extensive experience in the luxury sector, who give outstanding service to their clients. These architects are meticulously selected. Periodically we rotate those who are featured on the site, to make room for other architects.

"It's important to note that the architects on our website are responsible for the most beautiful and exclusive homes in Israel, the ones that show up on the front pages of magazines and create a major buzz. These architects understand their clients and the needs and desires of each and every one of them, and they're wonderfully adept at translating those desires. You can definitely say they're the crème de la crème of Israeli architecture".

Michael and Nitza, owners of In-House Luxury homes, are experts in the marketing of high-end properties, with a business network that positions them as authorities on the sale and purchase of Israeli luxury homes.

Their agency offers brokerage services with an emphasis on exclusivity and discretion, unique methods, and a broad network of contacts based on personal acquaintance with potential sellers/buyers and people of means seeking properties of exceptional quality.

What assets do each of you bring to the agency?

"Nitza and I have joined forces and each of us brings their own added value to the table. Nitza is well connected with elite architects, while I'm connected with the buyers. Together, we are able to make quality connections between clients, architects, and homes".

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