From 0 To Over 100 Deals A Year: The Coach Who'll Guide You to Success in Real Estate

Ran Biderman, a broker who specializes in investment properties and apartment buildings in the New York metropolitan area and New Jersey, talks about his difficult start in a new country, rapid growth, and the successful business he started after hard and intensive work

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From 0 To Over 100 Deals A Year: the Coach Who'll Guide You to Success in Real EstateCredit: shutterstock
Sarit Livne Ashkenazi, Promoted content
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"Everything I teach my real estate trainees today, I learned myself. My coaching and training work is based on my extensive experience, and I share information, tips, and numerous insights with my trainees that will help them become successful real estate agents in the United States," says Ran Biderman, a broker who specializes in investment properties and apartment buildings in the New York metropolitan area and New Jersey. "My two decades of experience in the field have connected and networked me with over 17 thousand realtors and brokers around the world, so my next contribution lies in connecting my alumni with other agents (or brokerage owners), and opening up opportunities for lucrative, win-win collaborations."

Biderman is a true success story. He arrived in New York in 1996 with only 800 dollars to his name. Two years later he obtained a real estate license and went to work for an agency in midtown Manhattan, where he specialized in selling apartment buildings and investment properties. Later he moved to New Jersey and started working for the keller williams agency. "At that time I also completed a real estate coaching course with Mike Ferry, who was then considered the field's pioneer. I began working closely with a coach; over time I learned the tools of his system, put them into practice and advanced very quickly," Biderman explains.

"During my first year I sold 17 homes, the second year over 50, and the third year I passed the 80-home-per-year mark, repeating this every year. That's an almost meteoric rise. You have to remember that not everyone who likes the field, or is even fairly good at it, can close transactions at that pace. In order to succeed, you have to learn the entire process, from identifying the property to arranging a listing appointment, the sales call, negotiating with the seller, and signing the exclusive agreement. The system I teach specializes in taking exclusivity from buyers and sellers. Without exclusivity, the agent's wasting his time. Exclusivity is the name of the game."

"I share information, tips, and numerous insights with my trainees that will help them become successful real estate agents"Credit: Ran Biderman

In 2003 Biderman opened his first real estate group, employing two administrative assistants – and kept racking up the successes. Two years later he turned down a tempting offer from the keller williams agency to open a Jersey City office for them, and decided to focus on developing his group and training his agents. Biderman had always liked working alongside and with Israelis, and when the big real estate crisis hit in 2008, he was there to support and help Israeli investors cope with the situation, find good deals, sell buildings, remove "problematic" tenants, and bring new ones in their place.

"That year my business also reached a kind of turning point. It happened when some real estate agency owners asked me to coach their agents and hold a big coaching event," he relates. "I encountered the coaching world from a different angle, found out how good I am at it. That sparked a new passion, and I started coaching agents who wanted to increase their sales volume, and brokers interested in expanding their agencies. In 2010 I opened my own firm (with a partner) in New Jersey, and recruited and coached over 150 agents. At the same time I continued closing real estate transactions and coaching at other agencies. In 2015 I sold my share of the firm and moved to Italy, but my activity in the United States continues as before. I'm now a partner in agencies in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York."

Since the Covid-19 burst into our lives, most of us have become familiar with the idea of holding meetings and classes via webinar, but Biderman has been using that platform since 2015. Although he regularly flies from Italy to the United States, many of his training and coaching activities now take place via the Internet. "Unlike other coaches who've given their name to others and let them operate on behalf of the brand they built, I don't hand over my personal training activities. All the trainees study with me according to their chosen tracks," Biderman explains. "That's the reason I meticulously screen applicants, and select those who I feel have potential, the "hunger" needed for success, and tailor a correct, personality-appropriate learning method for them."

Ran BidermanCredit: Ran Biderman

According to Biderman, the coaching process essentially consists of three stages that harmoniously interact: mentoring – exercises for those taking their first steps in real estate and in need of close personal guidance from the outset; training – generally done in groups where exercises are assigned and participants study call scripts and how to implement them, how to go from stage to stage of the sales process, how to generate listing appointments, how to initiate phone calls and how to generate hot leads that will turn buyers or sellers into paying customers; coaching – personal guidance in one-on-one sessions, where the trainees undergo a kind of "life coaching," sharpening life skills, coping with the fear of success or, by contrast, the fear of failure, liberation from limiting beliefs, and the like. "I feel that in order for a business to grow, the individual himself first has to grow and develop personally. In order to break the barrier and get the maximum and obtain exclusivity for at least 50 real estate transactions a year, you need hard work and perseverance, and that's what I teach in my courses and in the one-on-one sessions."

One can get a taste of Biderman's method by viewing his YouTube channel, which features tips, insights, and mini-classes for realtors – both those just starting out, and those with experience in the field. One can also join his Foundation program, a video presentation of the 25 steps necessary to achieve a 6-figure income. "In my weekly meetings with the group, I choose a different segment each time from the 25 steps, and develop it into both a Q&A and a brainstorming session, to ensure that my trainees understand and internalize the method. Agents who work closely with a coach do, on average, 5-10 times more transactions than agents who don't. The cost of a coach is miniscule, so not hiring one is a mistake."

Biderman also explains that it's not enough just to watch the videos and webinars if you want to learn how to be a successful realtor; you have to analyze the system's tools and stages in depth, and perform simulations of various situations you're likely to encounter along the way. Biderman's experience indicates that, without personal guidance, 80% of agents will do nothing to move ahead. And of the remaining 20%, eighty percent won't go "all the way" with the system. His aim in personal guidance is to get his trainees to reach 25 transactions in their first year, and 50 or more per year thereafter. He also guides them in building their own teams; some trainees reach a point where they leave the team and create passive income for themselves.

"For the past two years I've been working more with people who are already in real estate and want to transition to the next stage that'll bring them to greater prosperity and success – to build a team of their own. As an Israeli, I'm happy to coach Israeli agency owners and agents, and not just because knowing Hebrew makes it easy. When you're an Israeli in the US, you also need to learn the nuances, the culture, and the unwritten rules if you want to maximize your success. When they succeed, I'm happy and successful, too," he concludes.

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