Sculpture of the Mundane, Sculpture of the Imaginary

A painter and a sculptor, an excellent draftsman and craftsman, the Israeli artist

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Irena Gordon
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Irena Gordon
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David Gerstein seeks to transcend the limits of two-dimensional painting through three-dimensional sculpture. In his oeuvre, he attempts to break down the existing barriers between the work of art and the spectator, by creating enchanting and direct visual expressions—from intimate, naive compositions to large scale, theatrically choreographed scenes. His easily discernible aesthetic lexicon developed gradually, symptomatic of his search for a hybrid language, which would simultaneously convey the mundane and the imaginary, the local and the universal, interwoven with autobiographical elements. His art exudes a conscious interplay between the unique hand-made work of art, as high art and the reproduced simulacrum, as low art.

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Gerstein creates vivacious images—full of movement and color, amplification and repetition—that evoke human characteristics and activities in a predominately urban landscape. Motifs such as bicycle riders and dancers constantly inhabit his works, alongside still-life compositions and memento mori, creating a dialogue with the history of art. Many of Gersteins themes in sculptures refer to the nature of painting itself, aiming to capture paint as physical matter coming out of the tube, echoing the rhythm and freedom of the drawn line in two-dimensional form, while attesting to its power of creation in the third dimension. His diverse body of works consists of multi-layered wall-sculptures, outdoor commissions, sculptures, paintings, prints, drawings, and designed objects including jewelry, all of which are exhibited in private and public spaces, in Israel and across the globe.

Happy Hours
United State
Band Of Olives
Sweet and sours
Summer in the Orchard
3 pigeons with capcake
Marathon Berlin

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