An Israeli Startup – BWV (Bright Way Vison), Will Enable Safe Driving at Night and Under Difficult Visibility Conditions

Former Elbit employees developed a new technology toovercome problems when driving under poor visibility conditions.The solution willenablefuture autonomous vehicles to operate at night and under severe road conditions.

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Studies show that car accidents are 4 times more fatal under conditions of complete darkness, pouring rain, fog and snow.The laboratories of a leading German manufacturer were impressed by the technological development that provides excellent visibility capability at any hour and under harsh weather conditions. The system received a high score from the German company after it completed comprehensive laboratory tests and conducted acomparison to highly advanced technologies currently available in the automotive world, proving the unique advantage of the innovative system.

Studies show that car accidentscaused by difficult visibility conditions take 4 times more lives. A group of physicists, former Elbit employees, has workedon this problem in recent years, with funding from several investors: the Lubinski group, Elbit, a Chinese fund and others. The company, BWV (Brightway Visionׁ), a blue and white Israeli startup, invented a new vision technology with vision capabilities for operating under conditions in which other active safety systems installed in cars have currently failed. The company developed a laser and a sensor to enhance our driving at night, and under rain, snow and hail conditions. This is a smart eyes system for cars. The ability of vision systems and radars installed on advanced vehicles to reliably detect obstacles and pedestrians is one of the challenges facing the automotive industry. Here again BWV offers dramaticallyimproved detection capabilities under any conditions, day or night. In the autonomous car world this Israeli invention will facilitaterealization of the cars full artificial intelligence potential. Prototypes were sent to the laboratories of a leading German manufacturer and additional companies, and the reports received from these companies prove that this is currently the most advanced and quality development in the automotive world.

The Israeli company BWVnotes that: the Mobileye system will also benefit from this development as its system currently detects obstacles only up to the reach of the vehicles headlights, and underadverse weatherlimitations may not detect anything. Our development enables unprecedented visibility up to a distance of 250 meters. The camera operates by sending radar-like infrared rays that neutralize reflection from a fog cloud or non-reflection in darkness. The rays return to the sensor, generate a map, clean it and convert every factor on the road into a sharp picture. Combined with existing cameras installed in cars,this capability increases their reliability and the safety they provide. Our system provides new and significant information no other system can supplywhen driving in the dark or under adverse conditions. Precisely because the next generation of drivers will be less experienced than we are, systems must be able to continue to function at night or in harsh weather. In the age of the autonomous car, drivers will rely on the cars ability to navigate on its own, and will be less competentdrivers. Another feature suitable for category 3 level (out of 6) autonomous cars, and as Audi A8 recently demonstrated, an innovative technological patent will enable drivers to intervene perfectly when the car signals for help.

BWV has already registered 22 patents in its 6 years of activity, an amazing rate of 3 patents a year. In terms of its innovative system – it has sold 50 prototypes manufactured in the first round. The buyerswere leading Tier 1 world companies, including: Mercedes, Koito – the largest automotive lighting equipment company in the world, Continental, GM and others. A report received this morning from the German company that conducted comprehensive tests in its laboratories stated that: the system provides clear vision under difficult driving and visibility conditions and in the dark. Furthermore, the system preventsblinding by oncoming cars (anti-glare). Regarding acomparison to competing systems the report states that, regular car cameras have difficulty operating in harsh weather and therefore even those equipped with the most advanced algorithms for detecting objects - fail.

In autonomous cars the control system has several layers: sensors, a dynamic map, and now a layer of decisions that map the driving style, the destination entered into the GPS and more -all in a sophisticated and advanced algorithmic system.

Statisticsindicate that 1.25million individuals are killed every year in car accidents throughout the world,(,400 of them in Israel. Companies thatmanufacture components and various additional features for the 10 leading car manufacturers in the world have already expressed interest in meeting and discussing extensive purchases of the Israeli product.

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