The Meaning of Giving

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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תמונה של ניצול שואה
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Caring for the poor and needy is a rewarding job. Even though it often takes time until an evident change is notable, and funders usually opt out from the long run, getting a smile, a look of recognition, knowing that you helped people in need and driven change the world, is worth everything. At Latet we found true partners in the Israeli society and the Jewish Community.

After witnessing the darkest period of the last century, thousands of Holocaust survivors are now entering the final phases of their lives. They are becoming more vulnerable and in need of our help. 23% of Holocaust survivors live in poverty in Israel. Some have to decide between much needed medicine and their next meal.

Latet's Humanitarian Aid is doing everything possible to change that by providing hundreds of monthly food packages.

Alex, was only five years old during the Holocaust and watched his mother and brothers being shot before his eyes. Today he is 78 years old, a recent widower and fights to get by on a daily basis.

Watch Alexs Story here>>

Alongside with providing immediate assistance to the impoverished population, Latet strives for change in priorities at the national level. Every year, Latet launches nationwide campaign raising awareness on the reality of poverty in Israel. Whether through memorable displays on Rabin Square, or live TV shows with Master Chef, Latet has always found creative avenues to move the Israeli public and call the national leadership to take responsibility. With 13,000 volunteers' mobilized every year and over 400,000 Israeli donors 93% of its donations raised among the Israel public, and a strong presence in the public debate Latet has succeeded at becoming a game changer in the field of poverty.

While much has been accomplished, much more needs to be done. Reducing poverty is not an easy mission but done together, we can make it a reality.

To quote Socrates, "The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new." Poverty may seem like an old problem, but each story, each struggle is unique. Providing people with hope never gets old.

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