Hagalaxia: A world of printing textile that began from home

It began as a home business that became a small shop and expanded into a huge modern studio. Tzuk Ortiz and Tommy Marshal, two entrepreneurs who are young in spirit who founded Hagalaxia – silk screen and digital printing and embroidery, still make sure that in addition to working with companies and large organizations, private customers receive the best service and products

Michal Barko
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Hagalaxia – silk-screen and digital printing and embroideryCredit: Shutterstock
Michal Barko
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For more than a decade Hagalaxia has specialized in importing, marketing and printing textile products and sales promotions for private customers, businesses and some of the biggest organizations in Israel. Within three years, the company grew from a family business that began at home to a small shop in King George Street, together with a huge studio with advanced industrial equipment in Derech Hashalom in Tel Aviv.

The company is headed by Tzuk Ortiz and Tommy Marshal, childhood friends who like to dream big, think creatively and always be one step ahead of everyone. In recent years, due to the great demand, the company has begun working wholesale and serving corporate customers, but the private customer has always been their first priority. After all, they haven’t forgotten where they began. They have recently been developing website which will enable private customers to use innovative convenient software to design and print clothing, advertising materials and gifts. It is possible to upload pictures to the site, add text in a choice of fonts, prepare and design lists of names and numbers for groups and create a QR code.

In addition, the website offers ready-made products and designs for gifts, events, trips, the army and more. The ready-made designs can also be customized. This is a vanishing world that hardly exists in the print market, which Hagalaxia have chosen to promote. And so, customers receive an easy, accessible solution without compromising on courteous service, high quality raw materials and special prints.

“The events of the past year have spotlighted the importance of the digital change in the printing business,” say the company’s owners. “For this reason we have prioritized our desire to find an effective solution for our customers by building a do-it-yourself style studio for personal design during the COVID pandemic. We are glad to provide an online, innovative, user-friendly solution for design and printing on clothing, marketing items and gifts. We have no doubt that this will bring us nearer to our customers and help us to become a main source that provides all the solutions for them and meets all their needs.”

Various kinds of printing

Hagalaxia provides a complete and comprehensive solution in the field of printing, imprints and embroidery and does not compromise on the principles that have accompanied it since it was founded: professionalism, personal service, high quality products, attention to small details and competitive prices. The secret, they say, is an open mind. Going along with the customers’ requirements and inventing together with them the pattern that will turn every dream into reality. “There’s no such thing as ‘no’ or ‘impossible’,” explain the company’s owners who more than once have thought outside the box, examined feasibility, and carried out many experiments until in the end creating a final and unique product.

“We have prioritized our desire to find an effective solution for our customers”Credit: Tommy Marshal

Among the many possibilities offered is the oldest printing method that Hagalaxia specializes in – silkscreen printing. A perfect and particularly cost-effective solution for customers who want to print the same design on a large quantity of products. Another possibility is digital printing, which is intended for customers who want to print a colored design that requires color in small quantities. The choice of digital printing methods offered by the company meets all the customers’ needs. Another method the company specializes in is digital embroidery. This is a technique in which the logo of a company or institution can be imprinted on different textile products such as shirts, pants, hats, towels, neck warmers, knit caps, coats and more using digital sewing.

Hagalaxia’s tremendous success is thanks primarily to its approach, and to the people behind the phone or the screen. Experience of many years, listening to customers, adapting the raw materials to the needs that arise on the ground and utilizing all the company’s abilities to carry out work as best possible have made Hagalaxia unique in their field and synonymous with uncompromising quality. It is not surprising that Hagalaxia has received reviews in Google praising them and giving them an average of 4.7 out of 5.

Hagalaxia Marketing and printing: Clothing, gifts and promotional productsCredit: הגלקסיה הדפסה על חולצות

“It is important to us to stand by our word,” say the company’s owners. “We take responsibility for all of our work knowing that every product is the face of the company. The customer gains far more than money. Their most important event is the event that is most important for us too. We want to help and accommodate them, to give from our hearts and create for everyone personally. To leave no stone unturned and invest maximum effort so that the customer is satisfied.”

“There’s no such thing as ‘no’ or ‘impossible’”Credit: Tommy Marshal

The company’s hundreds of customers include startup and high-tech companies and large organizations such as EcoSupp, who develop and market vitamins and advanced food supplements, event organizer Shon Balaish, Ziv Kitchens that have existed for more than 40 years and number some 200 employees in seven branches, the startup company Tabnine (formerly Codota) that auto-completes code for software developers, and others.

The company’s reputation precedes it. This is a service-oriented field and personal attention is not something to be taken for granted. The area of Hagalaxia’s studio is 110 square meters; however, it does not feel like a factory, but like a home. Tzuk Ortiz and Tommy Marshal will help you to print almost anything, adapt the design to the nature of the print, show you a virtual image before execution and give you a finished high-quality product. The customer is always an inseparable part of the process and they are prepared to give of themselves, to aim high, reach far and never compromise on the path.

“We live in a very significant era in the consumer world. Not only are there many technological developments that give us, the entrepreneurs, tools to develop our ideas, but also logistical advances that accompany the technology hand in hand,” they say and are already thinking of the future. “First and foremost, we will witness the ability to feel and smell products without physically coming to the shop by means of virtual reality, and after purchasing, the logistics and shipping will be quick and efficient like the race for aerial shipping to the customer’s home. It will be interesting to see this happen and we plan to be an integral part of developments in the near future.”

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