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Israel’s Agri-tech sector is renowned worldwide and IMPROVATE recently led a business delegation of Israeli tech companies in the sector to meet with senior industry executives and decision-makers. In four days, IMPROVATE’s team managed to compress two years’ worth of business development into four value-packed days

Eran Yoran
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IMPROVATE - Agtech delegation to Bulgaria
IMPROVATE - Agtech delegation to Bulgaria Credit: Aviv Jasman
Eran Yoran
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IMPROVATE is an International company based in Tel Aviv and London, that specializes in business development and creating business connections between Israeli technology companies and companies and governments around the world. The company’s co-founders and directors Irina Nevzlin and Ronit Hasin-Hochman bring with them rich experience in the business world and strong global connections. IMPROVATE has three main divisions: Conferences, Business delegations and Business development, all working together in close cooperation.

Over the past two months, following up on the conference of Smart Agriculture and on Water and Food Security, IMPROVATE’s business development division has been working on a unique business delegation to Bulgaria, this time focusing on Agri-tech. Select Israeli technology companies were carefully chosen to join the delegation and the business development division worked on specifications of the local Bulgarian and wider Balkan markets. IMPROVATE set up a local team headed by former Bulgarian President Mr. Rosen Plevneliev and worked with him to connect needs and solutions prior to the arrival of the Israeli delegation.

A Business Delegation With Clearly Defined Business Goals

The business delegation departed Israel with clearly defined business goals aimed at making sure all of the participating companies returned to Israel with concrete opportunities to advance deals in the immediate future. During four highly focused days, the delegation met with local agriculture industry leaders, senior government officials relevant to the sector, European Union fund managers responsible for allocation of EU funds for agricultural technologies, distributors, agricultural organizations, and decision makers. Normally foreign companies would not be able to create such a large number of quality meetings in such a short time, but this is where IMPROVATE comes in with its unique connections and business partners at the highest levels. “Two years of business development packed into four days” is not just a marketing slogan, it is the concrete result of extensive work with the right partners. Here we would like to thank President Plevneliev for the time he devoted to the delegation and for the many doors he opened up.

President Rosen Plevneliev and Ronit Hasin-HochmanCredit: Aviv Jasman

Rosen Plevneliev – President of Bulgaria 2012-2017

“In my role as former president of the Republic of Bulgaria and as a big friend of Israel, it is an honor and a pleasure for me to be a part of the IMPROVATE advisory board and work with top professionals. IMPROVATE is an ambitious and innovative platform to promote Israeli businesses with the goal of maximizing their global potential. I was very happy with the outstanding visit of the Israeli delegation to Bulgaria. The successful meetings held with government officials and senior agriculture industry representatives laid the foundations for future cooperation with the Bulgarian agriculture sector. I believe that the ideas presented, the common vision and the potential for collaboration will strongly position Israeli companies in the Balkan market. IMPROVATE is a unique partner in achieving this common goal.”

Financing Israeli projects in Bulgaria

The high-level meetings began immediately after the Israeli delegation arrived in Bulgaria. The IMPROVATE AGTECH delegation met with the head of the Bulgarian fund that manages and allocates EU funds for the Bulgarian agricultural sector. The fund invests millions of euros a year to bring in new technologies that create smarter and more productive agriculture. The Israeli delegation met with senior executives at the fund and received personal guidance on how to work with the fund and gain Bulgarian funding for projects initiated by Israeli companies,

The delegation meets with the CEO of the EU fundCredit: Aviv Jasman

Opening Up Distribution Channels Across The Balkans

The delegation met with the CEO of the largest agricultural technology distributor in the Balkans. The company works across Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Italy, distributing a huge range of agricultural technology and equipment, and representing corporations from around the world. Thanks to IMPROVATE, the company opened up for the delegation members a unique marketing and distribution channel that reaches thousands of farmers. The distributor will continue to promote the companies represented by IMPROVATE and will help assimilate Israeli technologies throughout the Balkans.  

Credit: Aviv Jasman
Credit: Aviv Jasman

The business delegation was also hosted by the Bulgarian corporation MEGATRON which distributes industrial machinery, and represents, among others: Bobcat and John Deere. MEGATRON also signed a distribution deal with the companies represented by IMPROVATE and will open doors to a direct connection to thousands of farmers that it works with. 

Dr. Itay Myara, founder and CEO of GrofitCredit: Aviv Jasman

Dr. Itay Myara, founder and CEO of Grofit:

"IMPROVATE’s ability, together with President Plevneliev, to generate meetings with business people and key persons at the highest levels, contributed greatly to the success of the visit".

Getting farmers excited is challenging, but we managed!

IMPROVATE’s AGTECH delegation also met with members of the Bulgarian growers’ association, an umbrella organization that brings together thousands of farmers from around the country.  Dozens of farmers attended the meeting and showed enormous interest in Israeli technological developments that provide solutions to the challenges they face. Following a fascinating meeting, attendants and delegation participants continued to a cocktail and social meeting, where the farmers continued to show great interest and down-to-earth as farmers are, it was straight down to business. Requests to collaborate and receive demonstrations in the field were made on the spot and have continued to arrive.

Credit: Aviv Jasman
Credit: Aviv Jasman

A Visit From Israel’s Ambassador To Bulgaria

The delegation met with Israel’s ambassador to Bulgaria, His Excellency Yoram Eitan. Ambassador Eitan is well acquainted with the Agri-tech sector and expressed his willingness to help the delegation wherever possible. A special thanks to Ambassador Eitan for taking the time to meet with us and for opening high-level doors for the delegation.

Credit: Aviv Jasman
The delegation meets with President Plevneliev and Ambassador Eitan. Credit: Aviv Jasman
A meeting with Bulgaria’s former Minister of Agriculture who currently serves as head of the Bulgarian Growers’ Association. Credit: Aviv Jasman

Dor Moran – CEO AgriGreen

“The delegation was extremely professional and very well organized down to the finest detail. We met with companies and officials at the highest decision-making level who were able to open doors and help make deals. For me, the delegation was a unique experience in a country I was unfamiliar with".

IMPROVATE Helps Harvest The Fruits Of Success

The agricultural market in Bulgaria and the Balkans contains enormous opportunities and this is where IMPROVATE comes into the picture with the right people and the right connections, accompanying the members of the delegation until the fruits of the visit ripen. The senior executives and decision makers with whom the delegation met showed great interest in the Israeli technologies presented to them, and in assimilating them into the local markets for the benefit of farmers. The delegation managers to turn the professional meetings into business opportunities, and follow-up meetings and demonstrations were scheduled.

CEO Dor Moran presents AgriGreen. Credit: Aviv Jasman

The Delegation May Have Returned – But That’s Just The Beginning

IMPROVATE operates in several sectors, including cyber, HLS, med-tech and Agri-tech.

Credit: Aviv Jasman


IMPROVATE is a platform that makes technology and innovation accessible to countries around the world, with an emphasis on advancing Israeli technologies. Launched in September 2020, IMPROVATE operates out of London and Tel Aviv and serves as a platform to connect leaders and decision makers, and companies and investors with technology and innovation companies. IMPROVATE works through international conferences and business delegations and promotes deals between governments, organizations and investors with technology and innovation companies. Among IMPROVATE’s Board members are former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, President Rosen Plevneliev – President of Bulgaria from 2010-2017, and IDF Major Gen. (Ret.) Amos Gilad.