"Being a real estate agent means you get to fulfill people’s greatest dream"

Shai Arieli, real estate consultant in RE/MAX One, embodies everything needed for talent in the field: a dedicated agent with a successful reputation, outstanding negotiating skills and a genuine aspiration to create the best deal for his customers

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Shai Arieli
Shai Arieli, real estate consultant Credit: Nofar Chen
Daniel Dotan, Promoted Content
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The real estate market is intensive and complex, and can be very unclear or even stressful for people who lack the experience. Many people dream for years of a new apartment, but don’t manage to realize their dream due to the great anxiety that accompanies the process. The fears are many: from encountering unreliable sellers, through the work of unprofessional agents, and dealing with large sums of money.

Agent Shai Arieli knows these fears up close. Arieli, 41, is a real estate consultant and agent in RE/MAX One, Kfar Saba. He entered the field a decade ago after a successful career as an events manager. During his years as an agent, one of his major aspirations was to change the image of agents in Israel.

"As a real estate agent, I realize that I’m not just dealing with real estate, but working with people", says Arieli, "Therefore a high level of service awareness and full attention to all the needs and requests of my customers are my main priorities".

During his years of work, Arieli has garnered considerable experience and he is considered an expert in the real estate sector. The fact that is that he is a member of the RE/MAX global chain’s prestigious Chairman’s Club attests to this. In addition, in 2018 he received a special award by the CEO of the chain for his contribution to the community as part of the chain’s years-long collaboration with Larger than Life, an NGO for children with cancer. "I donate a certain percentage of my fee from each transaction", says Arieli, "and my customers receive a personal certificate of appreciation from the NGO".

Professionalism combined with service

As a professional and dedicated real estate agent, Arieli makes maximum efforts to create an exceptional and unique customer experience. He is aware that the process of selling and buying a property is not simple and sometimes creates anxiety and stress, and so he takes care to go hand in hand with the customer throughout the transaction from beginning to end and to provide exceptional and professional personal service in order to clarify the situation to the customer at every stage and minimize anxiety as far as possible.

"As a Real Estate Agent I Realize that I’m Not Just Dealing With Real Estate". Shai ArieliCredit: Nofar Chen

After many years of working in the real estate sector, Arieli is equipped with valuable knowledge and experience in buying, selling and renting real estate for residential purposes, particularly in Kfar Saba. He knows the city well and is well-informed about the changes and current and future trends. This asset is added to the list of values that he provides when a customer is seeking a place to live and a property that matches his individual needs and wishes. Arieli knows how to locate good opportunities, when to buy and when to sell, and at an optimal price. His customers benefit from his experience and the effective insights that are part of his real estate consulting package.

He has built his career on foundations of trust and transparency, hard work and evident investment. These foundations serve as guidelines in his everyday work and are the basis for his excellent connections with both agents and customers.

Arieli’s impressive professional level gives him a significant advantage over his competitors, and is evident when working with him. His extensive knowledge enables Arieli to find quick solutions for his customers: "More than once I’ve showed customers one property and they’ve decided to buy it", says Arieli and adds that "This happens mainly due to professionalism, knowing the customer and what’s available on the market, and ability to match the right property to the customer".

Along with his high professional level, Arieli considers it important to emphasize the human aspect of the work. He believes in a high level of service, personal attention and full availability. He goes out "into the field" and forms personal connections with his customers, and this also helps him to optimally match a property to them. "In each real estate transaction, I make it a priority to get to know the customer and their personal needs, including the financial aspect, their personal situation, including long-term thinking about future changes such as a growing family, children leaving home, accessibility in old age and more", he says.

“In each real estate transaction, I make it a priority to get to know the customer". Shai ArieliCredit: Nofar chen

"Being a real estate agent", says Arieli, "means you get to fulfill people’s greatest dream: finding their ideal home for them. When you are on such an amazing mission, you have to remember that what’s good for the customer is good for you and vice versa. I understand that in order to find a match between the property and the customers you have to form a personal relationship and a connection, because this is extremely important to the success of every deal".

Finally, Arieli says that an integral part of his success as a real estate agent and consultant is working as part of RE/MAX. The firm’s strength is its very large workforce of agents, who help one another to find the right properties for their various customers.

Shai Arieli, RE/MAX One
Address: 14 HaTa'as, Kfar Saba
Telephone: 054-7537573