"In Real Estate I Combine My Two Loves: People and Homes"

Real estate agent Liat Inbar, who was born and grew up in Kfar Saba, has extensive contacts, experience in organizational consultation and understanding in everything to do with service experience

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Liat Inbar: "When a customer trusts me, as far as I’m concerned, we are partners and work as a team" Credit: Courtesy of RE/MAX One
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With an impressive career of 15 years in the field of organizational consultancy behind her, during which she led large and small organizations to improve their management, service and sales processes, Liat Inbar decided the time had come for a change in her life. The knowledge and understanding that she accumulated in processes of change and in working with people, together with high standards of service and reliability, led her to choose a branch in which she provides her customers with a different experience.

Today Liat is a real estate agent in RE/MAX One estate agency in Kfar Saba, and is regarded as an expert in property sales and purchases in and around the city. "I believe in values of partnership and I see the customer as a partner. In this way we work as a team", explains Liat. "When a customer trusts me to sell their home, as far as I’m concerned, we are partners and work together. This is also my work method: to be fully transparent and to let the customer know as far as possible where the deal stands, even when the customer does not always want to hear everything I have to say".

Can you give an example?

"For example, if a customer has received price offers they weren't expecting to hear, then it’s important to me to make clear to the customer what the state of the market is. I give regular feedback to the seller on what the market says and what the buyers say, what price offers have been received and where we stand. The goal is to create the best deal for the customer, and so I work in collaboration with other agents, including in other agencies. It’s very difficult to achieve deals without collaboration".

Liat is very good at connecting people and leading each one to the place where they need and want to be. In 2020 she was named "promise of the year" in RE/MAX and has also received certificates for the collaborations she creates. RE/MAX, as an international real estate chain with some 1,000 agents in Israel, assesses workers on the basis of their collaborations – and Liat is excellent at this.

"For my customers this means that I know how to connect the dots of the transaction, whether the customer is selling or buying", Liat explains, "For the seller, it’s as if they have a shop and I’m helping them to bring as many customers as possible to the shop. From the point of view of the buyer it’s as if they’re going on a shopping spree, and I lead them between the different shops until they find what they like. I use all my negotiating abilities so that the customer will receive the best possible deal. I have a pool of buyers who can suit a variety of properties and I know how to match them up".

Liat Inbar: "I know how to connect the dots of the transaction, whether the customer is selling or buying" Credit: Gabi Danon

"All this happens a lot due to my circle of connections", Liat continues to explain her unique abilities, "I was born in Kfar Saba, I grew up here and my family is here. I come to every transaction with my set of connections. I also benefit from the backing that an agency such as RE/MAX is able to give its agents such as branding, guidance, tutoring, professional advice, excellent training that I received and other things that contribute to my success".

Can you tell us more about how you build the collaborations?

"There are some 1,000 agents in RE/MAX and some 40 in RE/MAX One, and I also make contacts with agents outside the company. I invite each agent to bring customers to properties where I have exclusivity. I also work with professionals who provide a complete support package for my customers, such as architects, interior designers, contractors, mortgage consultants and more. They receive everything they need from me".

Giving added value

As an organizational consultant Liat accompanied various employees at points of change in their lives. Now, after the change she has undergone herself, she guides private people at similar junctions. "I’m fascinated by being there for my customers, to work with people instead of with an organization or department", Liat admits. "I’m now combining my two loves: people and homes".

"A person wants to sell their home at a point of transition in their life", she continues, "whether it’s a family that has grown and the house is too small for them, or older children who have left home and the place is now too big. There are couples who divorce or apartments that are inherited. This is a point where I have added value compared to others. I have experience that enables me to know how to behave in this situation".

Liat believes in high standards of communication and service, among other things also as a judge of competition in the field at national level. "I know what experience of service is. My vision is to create a different experience for my clients – a good experience", she says.

What values have you brought with you from the world of organizational consultancy to the world of real estate?

"Excellent ability to create interpersonal communication. I believe that there is a story behind every door, and not everything is always walls and numbers. In addition, I am thorough, professional and I know Kfar Saba well. I was born here and I grew up here. I have a high level of sales capability together with negotiating ability. I combine everything in my work and I don’t look at things technically. I do business with people, that’s my motto. I know how to work consistently and stably, patiently and professionally. And when I need to bargain, I bargain. It’s sometimes necessary to fight for my customers and I’m not afraid to do so".

Finding a groom for the bride

Today many of Liat’s customers come to her through recommendations, thanks to her good reputation that travels by word of mouth from other customers’ experiences. This happens a lot, thanks to Liat’s unique work methods, beginning first of all with continuous and in-depth learning of all the data.

"As soon as a person gives me their trust and places the sale of their property in my hands, I learn it well", says Liat, "I prepare the place for sale and for visits from buyers, advertise it professionally and manage the entire sales process. I’m looking for a suitable groom for the bride and she needs to be at her best. I also filter buyers so that there won’t be a ‘parade,’ and only people who I think have a high chance of buying come to view the property. I interview buyers and bring only those who are most suitable for the deal. The seller has a minimum headache on the way to closing the best deal that I create for them".

Liat Inbar: "I’m fascinated by being there for my customers"Credit: Courtesy of RE/MAX One

When necessary Liat also holds an ‘open house,’ declares special offers, uses customer databases or invites other agents whom she collaborates with. She does this as well for buyers who contact her. For them she does the work of searching and filtering thanks to her in-depth knowledge of the market.

"I have many letters of recommendation from customers who describe me as very consistent, loyal and uncompromising", admits Liat, "They feel that they have someone with them in the battle who does not leave them on their own. They feel they have a partner. I also don’t waste time, but work quickly and efficiently. When I need to tell people that this is the time to go ahead with a good deal and not miss it, I do so. Part of my job is to make sure that opportunities are not missed".

In addition to all this, Liat is highly available, her service is efficient and quick, and with an international chain behind her with distribution throughout Israel and the world, everyone can see the properties that she looks after. Thus, with a support package of contacts that is aimed at providing customer service, Liat can offer transactions and opportunities and also connections, which produce good results for her customers. Or – as Liat herself defines it – "I see my work as matchmaking, and making a good match is a mitzva".

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