From Playing Soccer to Consulting in Real Estate: Eran Biton always has a Goal in Mind

Selling and buying a property is a major process, and therefore it is important that its conducted with integrity, professionalism and reliability. Meet Eran Biton – the real estate consultant and concessionaire of the Anglo Saxon real estate chain in Kfar Yonah, Pardesiya and the moshavim

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ערן ביטון אנגלו סכסון
From Playing Soccer to Consulting in Real Estate: Eran Biton always has a Goal in MindCredit: Bar Finkelstein
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Published on April 29, 2021

Eran Biton, senior real estate consultant: “Always stay updated” Photograph: Bar Finkelstein

In the developing communities in the Sharon county there is a former soccer player who has become very well-informed and involved in the local real estate market: Eran Biton is a senor real estate consultant who serves as a concessionaire of Israel’s leading real estate agency, Anglo-Saxon, which specializes in the purchase, sale and rental of all kinds of properties. Eran manages the chain’s branch in Kfar Yonah, Pardesiya and the surrounding moshavim with a skilled and professional team of agents whose work is based on principles of integrity, reliability, high quality service and uncompromising professionalism.

Eran has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of business entrepreneurship, and as he says of himself, he has never stopped learning and enriching his professional knowledge in the field of real estate and other areas. Eran is a graduate of a TAMA 38 course for contractors of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the Israel Builders Association, a graduate of a real estate career course under the auspices of Anglo-Saxon and has a real estate agent’s license from the Ministry of Justice. Like Eran, the firm’s team of agents also all have agent’s licenses and suitable training in the field. “I am very fastidious about maintaining the firm’s professional and human capital. Every week, we conduct a variety of training in a range of different fields that advance our professional work” says Eran.

Thanks to this professionalism, in 2017 the firm was chosen by the CEO of Anglo-Saxon as its outstanding branch – a significant award earned only by the best of the company’s 86 branches, which attests to the branch’s precise and professional work.

Anglo-Saxon is the oldest real estate agency in Israel, and has been active for 56 years. The chain has a unique marketing method with proven success over the years, advanced management software and a professional website, as well as a large pool of clients from Israel and abroad, which grows daily. The chain, which was chosen as a leading brand in consumer surveys, continues to accumulate experience and update its work methods according to changes in the field, as it did during the COVID-19 period when it continued to create successful deals using virtual tours and other methods that clarified the buying process for the benefit of clients.

Putting the client first

During the entire interview, Eran repeatedly emphasizes the principle that guides his work and that of the entire team – the good of the client comes first. “As a real estate consultant, I see before me a person and a whole family, who are part of a unique and complex picture, and therefore first of all I advise them as to what is best for them. Only after comprehensive consulting can we make a decision together on whether and how to sell, even if the decision is against my interest as an agent,” Eran emphasizes.

That’s what happened in the case of a family who contacted Eran a few years ago. Following a recommendation, they wanted to sell their house and move to a new one. “After an investigation I conducted, I concluded that the family would not receive a mortgage for the house they wanted and I advised them to examine the subject and wait,” he says. “The client was surprised that I did not push them to buy, but I explained to him that it is important to me to be thorough and professional and to act for their benefit. The clients indeed did not receive a mortgage from the bank at that stage, but later another property was found for them, their mortgage was approved and the process ended with a successful sale and purchase. This example shows the importance of working with a professional who sees the client as a human being and not as an opportunity to make a profit.”

“Reaching first place is hard, but keeping it is even harder.” Eran Biton Credit: Bar Finkelstein

Extensive marketing and professional consulting

A sales process begins with a comprehensive professional survey conducted by the branch’s team in and around the property, in order to evaluate it correctly. “Nearly every day I receive phone calls from assessors, who consult me professionally, for the purpose of assessing the value of properties in the area” says Eran. It is important to me to reflect the situation openly to the seller and to coordinate expectations, in order to prevent surprises during the process.”

After coordinating expectations, the property goes on the market with more than 12 different marketing activities carried out in all kinds of media. In addition, they make use of the  company’s large and comprehensive client database, which covers clients throughout Israel and abroad.

One of the unique marketing methods that Eran introduced to the branch he manages is the open house method, in which the firm carries out open events in properties for sale. Each such event includes personal invitations and extensive prior advertising that creates opportunities for additional target groups. This method has been extremely successful, following which Eran was invited to lecture to other agents in the chain on his professional work method.

“After finding the potential buyer, it is important to know how to conduct professional negotiations and bridge the gaps between parties,” says Eran. “It is important that a real estate consultant operates professionally and objectively and gives both sides peace of mind that the property and the transaction are in good hands.”

Extensive service support package

Anglo-Saxon’s Kfar Yonah, Pardesiya and moshavim branch gives its clients an extensive service support package. “When a client wants to sell or buy, they need additional professionals who will help the transaction succeed, such as an interior designer, lawyer or mortgage consultant,” explains Eran. “We work in full collaboration with professionals from a variety of fields, who we choose carefully, and also with the banks, which helps our clients. We also look after very small matters, such as a broken key in a rented apartment or an air conditioner that has broken down, and we’ll send a service provider to solve the problem for no financial profit.”

Another service that the branch provides for its clients is a property management service, which is particularly suitable for property owners who live abroad or in another part of Israel. The service includes ongoing maintenance of the property, finding suitable tenants, accounting and everything the property owners need in order to be calm, wherever they are, and to receive their money in the best way.

“This is the time to move to Pardesiya and Kfar Yonah”

“What guides me and the branch’s team is a path of integrity, reliability and professionalism.” Eran Biton Credit: Bar Finkelstein

Pardesiya and Kfar Yonah are both developing communities that are seeing a constant rise in prices. According to Eran “The development that we have seen in recent years in Pardesiya and Kfar Yonah attracts many residents and therefore this is the time to move here and buy a property.

“Pardesiya has a new neighborhood, Mechir Lemishtaken (Buyer's Price) projects, a unique country club, a high-quality residential environment and wonderful education. In Kfar Yona, which was declared a city in 2014, there is an extensive wave of construction with neighborhoods that are planned to be built, commercial centers and an industrial area that will significantly increase jobs in the area.
 Kfar Yona was declared the forthcoming pearl of the Sharon region, not without reason. Route 562, which connects Kfar Yona and Pardesiya to Kadima-Tzoran and Tel Mond and the exit to Route 4 and the proximity to Route 6 are additional reasons to settle in this area.”

Second generation of clients

Eran Biton, a former soccer player, knows well what hard work means, and even more so – how important it is to maintain your achievements. “Being market leaders and maintaining the stability of our success is what we do. Clients who reach us by word of mouth or who return after successful deals are the best testimony of this,” says Eran.

“Only yesterday a client rang me who reminded me that I visited his home five years ago, to sell an apartment, says Eran. “Now the client wants to sell his daughter’s apartment.” I asked him why he returned to me. According to him, the reliable and professional advice and personal attention I gave him are the reason he returned to me and wanted to benefit from my services. Like him, we have other clients for whom we have become their go-to agent and we help all of their family members with real estate transactions: parents, children and friends.

“Another example of our professional work is a client who won lots in a tender but was unable to finance the transaction and had to sell the lots in just two days. Within two minutes I phoned a developer I know who is looking for this kind of property. The developer came to the office quickly and in a short time the deal was signed.”

Eran learns and develops every day. “A day doesn’t go by without my learning something new: I read a new article on real estate, learn new and future laws in the field or see new information about real estate and related subjects,” Eran says and emphasizes, “Up-to-date knowledge is very important for my everyday activity and is an integral part of my ability to give clients high level professional service.”

Eran Biton sums up: “What guides me and the branch’s team is a path of integrity, reliability and professionalism. Being loyal to this path enables us to know that we have given the best, most professional personal attention to the end client, that we have done the best we can and in the most professional way, for the seller or buyer. When both parties are satisfied, we know that we’ve made a good deal.”

Eran Biton, senior real estate consultant
Anglo-Saxon – Kfar Yonah, Pardesiya and moshavim branch
Address: Kfar Yona Mall, 6 Sharet St.
Tel: 052-659058509-8992060