Valigara - Successful Jewelry E-Commerce Start-Up or Daily Yoga Practice?

What do Yoga, the Himalayas, and a billion-dollar business have in common? At first glance, not much! That’s because you haven’t met Igor Nusinovich, the CEO of Valigara Online Jewelry Manager – the world-leading E-Commerce management platform in the Jewelry and Diamond industry. What started as a family business 11 years ago, evolved into more than 800 stores and a $1.3 billion jewelry inventory under Valigara's management

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Igor Nusinovich
Igor NusinovichCredit: Valigara
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Igor’s business management style is influence by the teachings of yoga and mindfulness, which he’s practiced for 20+ years. Yogic monastery life in the Himalayans shaped his approach to life, teaching him focus, persistence, and care for others.

He refuses to take off his Kanthi Mala beads, the symbol of spiritual initiation, even if it doesn’t match the business suit.

Igor brought a piece of that spirituality into the workplace, allowing meditation time for his employees during work hours, decorating offices with gemstones (he is in the jewelry business after all!), and offering free yoga lessons.

Whether during the army, while being the CEO of a software company, or when opening his business, this spiritual side kept Igor grounded and growing.

While grateful for the success of his company, he believes his biggest achievement lies in his team never having to work overtime. When he thinks of a substantial recent investment that Valigara acquired, Igor’s pride lies in how quickly and pleasantly the deal was closed (a 2hrs meeting). Such a short turnaround at a negotiation table is unheard of, but that was due to Igor’s caring attitude. “Valigara speaks for itself,” as he remarked. And it truly does!

Valigara helps jewelers bring growth and harmony to their businesses by providing the right tools, and easily expanding online. The company provides world-leading technology, tailored for the jewelry industry only.

Valigara’s clients are retailers and manufacturers, managing hundreds of online jewelry stores in Israel, the US, and the UK, some of the Top10 sellers on eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.

One of their success stories is a multimillion-dollar jewelry business that had been operating for over 25 years without any digital solutions. Running operations for a business of that magnitude by hand was beyond torture. With Valigara’s help, their processes were fully digitized within a few months and the team was finally able to breathe.

But Igor mostly appreciates the moment when another client, who grew his online business from scratch with Valigara, called to say: “Hi, Igor, this is the first call I’m making from my new house. You’ve built it. Thank you.”

The company doesn’t plan to stop here! Some of their future plans are to add new services, serve new niches, and reach new geo regions.

Igor openly working with investment requests, to move faster in the direction of those plans. As he says, “the path of a business is in establishing the right partnerships - sources of inspiration and wisdom, to propel the company towards the new horizons.”

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