“The Bad Guys Are Using AI, and We Have to Be One Step Ahead”

Leading cyber expert and former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, warns against cyber attacks during IMPROVATE's Homeland Security and Cyber conference


Global experts, government officials, and leading Israeli technology companies took part in IMPROVATE’s Homeland Security and Cyber conference where participants discussed multiple threat scenarios and presented technological solutions to combat them.

Representatives from several countries including Bulgaria, Greece and Romania took part in the conference. 

Leading Israeli technology companies participated in the conference: IAI -Elta, Cyabra, Sightec, Bluebird Aero Systems, General Robotics, FirstPoint Mobile Guard, Capture Systems, Oddetect, Magal Security, Infinidome, Smart Shooter, Accubeat, Terafence, EMG.  

Former world chess champion and leading artificial intelligence expert Garry Kasparov, the keynote speaker at the conference, and a member of the IMPROVATE advisory board, said: “There are so many threats out there that I don’t know how we can counter them unless we use AI”

“AI is being used by bad guys; you cannot stop the proliferation and to fight that we have to find a way to utilize AI and build our layers of defense, It’s the responsibility of the free world to make sure that tech is working for us not against us. But it’s always a battle; it’s like the sword and the shield. We have to be one step ahead of those using AI in a malicious way.” 

Mr. Garry Kasparov. Improvate Conference - HLS and CYBER INNOVATION 2021
Mr. Garry Kasparov. Improvate Conference - HLS and CYBER INNOVATION 2021

IMPROVATE founder Irina Nevzlin said: “We live in a world of deep fake, where a country can bully its neighbors and suppress its citizens using digital technology, we live in a very difficult time for democracy. In Israel, which by necessity has become a world leader in HLS and cyber, we are in a situation to bring solutions to these problems where they are needed.” 

Mrs IRINA NEVZLIN Improvate Conference - HLS and CYBER INNOVATION 2021
Mrs IRINA NEVZLIN Improvate Conference - HLS and CYBER INNOVATION 2021

David Rokach, Managing Partner at SOSA HLS Tech Innovation Hub, described Israel as “unfortunately the best operational lab in the world.”

Rokach said Israel has “a unique solution for every kind of attack that we are suffering here.”

IMPROVATE advisory board member and former Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev said that Israel’s success is down to its mechanism of cooperation and that the EU wished to learn from Israel: “The magic word for Israeli success is an ecosystem – you have everyone in a network of cooperation, between government and private industry, between big companies and startups, and that ecosystem brings amazing results. What we heard today is that there is no way to solve all our pressing issues unless we cooperate, and the European Union is open to cooperation.”

IMPROVATE board member Maj. Gen (ret) Amos Gilead, Executive Director of the Institute for Policy and Strategy at IDC Herzliya, said that unlike in the past when the military was the pioneer, the private sector has become the locomotive of technological security advancements. “Israel needs to be able to exhaust the potential of both the military and the private sector to be able to carry out future strategic missions,” he said. 

Andreana Atanasova, Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications of the Republic of Bulgaria said: “All EU governments and stakeholders must cooperate on the issue of the security of 5G networks. Joint efforts and close cooperation with strategic partners such as Israel, which is a leader in cyber security, would also be particularly useful to predict and deal with cyber risks and guarantee the cybersecurity of 5G networks.”

IMPROVATE Co-founder and CEO Ronit Hasin-Hochman said the conference showed how Israel was both an innovation lab and testing ground for cutting edge HLS and cyber solutions. “Israeli HLS and cyber companies are highly sought after throughout the world, and IMPROVATE can help them reach new markets.” 

Mrs Ronit Hasin-Hochman and Mr Yair Maor - Improvate Conference - HLS and CYBER INNOVATION 2021
Mrs Ronit Hasin-Hochman and Mr Yair Maor - Improvate Conference - HLS and CYBER INNOVATION 2021

Yair Maor, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at IAI-ELTA Systems, a leading technology company developing and providing innovative Defense, Cyber and Homeland Security solutions said: “our systems are not only tested in the lab, but are field proven in a combat environment.”

Bluebird Aero Systems, a dominant player in the Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) industry, specializes in the design, development and production of Mini & Tactical UAS and delivers exceptional, unprecedented HTOL & VTOL field-proven solutions to meet the challenges of the Military, HLS and civilian UAS markets.

Bluebird founder and CEO Ronen Nadir said: “Good protection against terrorism and other threats starts with efficient tactical information gathering, and that is the main role of UAVs in HLS.”

Arnon Bram, General Manager of Magal Integrated Solutions Division, part of Magal Security Systems Group, a leading international provider of solutions, services and products for security, safety and site management, said Magal has vast experience providing HLS solutions in key verticals all over the world in the HLS market: borders, airports, seaports, oil and gas.

“We have a unique position in the sense that on the one hand we are an OEM and we manufacture sensors, products, technology, and on the other hand we are a system integrator, which means that we are in direct contact with our customer on a continuous basis, understanding their issues and their problems and trying to implement them into our systems.” 

Improvate Conference - HLS and CYBER INNOVATION 2021
Improvate Conference - HLS and CYBER INNOVATION 2021

Omer Sharar, co-founder and CEO of InfiniDome, which develops GPS protection solutions tailored to defend drones and other unmanned systems, vehicle fleets and other defense applications from GPS jamming said it deploys the same kind of electronic warfare principles as military solutions but in a much smaller box making them a lot more applicable to smaller applications. 

“We plan to bring the same kind of protection level to any critical GNSS, GPS application out there,” he said.

Smart Shooter is a world-class designer, developer, and manufacturer of innovative fire control systems that significantly increase the accuracy and lethality of small arms.

Sharone Aloni, VP R&D at Smart Shooter said: “We provide what we call a one shot one hit capability based on highly sophisticated computer algorithms as an add-on to a rifle, without any changes.”

Shay Geva, founder and CEO of Capture Systems specializes in design, development and production of advanced modular multi-axial positioners that can be used for a wide range of fields and applications, said: “We have a solution for every vertical, this is the idea behind Capture Systems.” 

Oddetect is an innovator in the video analytics world enabling CCTV operators to monitor unlimited amounts of videos in real time. Gaining actionable Intelligence for real time decision making.

 “The human factor is limited so Oddetect is a tool to assist decision makers in real time,” said Maj. Gen. (Ret) David Tsur, a member of the Oddetect Advisory Board. A former member of the Israeli Parliament, former police commander of the Tel Aviv District and the former commander of the Israeli police counter terrorism unit ("Yamam")

“Oddetect discovers unusual and suspicious behavior by leveraging cutting edge technology. It turns every camera into a smart incident detector,” added Jonathan Ben Dov, VP Sales & Marketing.

Cyabra is a pioneering startup in the field of Truth-Tech. Dan Brahmy, CEO and Co-founder, said: “Cyabra creates a filtering mechanism both for the enterprise sector, brands and financial services companies, and the public sector and homeland security agencies. We create an authenticity lens for those organizations to better understand what is out there without any interruptions or bad or fake authors involved. 

AccuBeat is a leading manufacturer of highly accurate frequency and timing solutions used in Defense, Home Land Security, Critical Infrastructures, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Space Exploration and many other industries.

David Fagelston, Vice President International Sales, said: “We have a patented plug and play solution that protects timing networks and doesn’t require replacement of legacy equipment.”

Terafence changes the “rules of the game” by connecting IoT / IIoT to the Internet/cloud with security military grade level at the simplest and most cost-effective way.

Pini Huber, SVP Global Sales, said: “Critical infrastructure is an issue of major concern with thousands of attempts against it. We are now targeting Industry 4.0, smart factories, which by definition have to be monitored online all the time in order to send information to the secure cloud.”

FirstPoint Mobile Guard, seamlessly and unobtrusively secures any mobile, IoT, or IIoT device anywhere against cellular-network specific attacks,

FirstPoint Mobile Guard delivers a holistic cellular security solution, providing organizations with comprehensive protection for any mobile, IoT, or IIoT device. Completely unobtrusive, seamless, and frictionless, it creates a secure, robust gateway between the cellular network and the devices, protecting against all kinds of mobile threats. 

FirstPoint CEO Prof. Dror Fixler said: “We can protect all cellular devices independent of their operational systems with the most powerful solution that exists today and for enterprises we provide CSOs with a sophisticated dashboard to provide full control for the entire organization.”

General Robotics develops and provides advanced robotics systems for special forces. Its Systems are operational in over a dozen countries and with over 30 special forces units worldwide 

CEO Shahar Gal said: “Special forces often lack situational awareness – understanding what’s happening within the danger zone so we decided to focus on that – to bring them situational awareness information that is often not available before forces engage. Our systems can be sent into the most dangerous areas and transmit information in real time allowing special forces to see then danger zone as if they are there. We also give them the possibility to engage remotely.”

Sightec is a computer vision & AI startup company that develops real-time vision software for autonomous flights, unleashing the full potential of Beyond Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone missions, by automating the aerial unmanned missions and making them safer. 

CEO Roy Shmuel said: “Drones and autonomous missions provide an eye in the sky that enables actionable insights on the scene and can help in security, first responder and civilian missions. By bringing advanced machine vision for autonomous flights Sightec creates vast opportunities both in the delivery market and in HLS”

E.M.G Electronic Management Group specializes in consulting, planning, supervision and integration of a wide range of Extra Low Voltage systems and OT systems cyber protection for large and complex projects for customers in Israel and abroad.

Father and son team Eli Peltz, founder and CEO, and Lior Peltz, CTO, discussed Integrating cyber protection in the world of HLS and OT systems. 

Lior Peltz explained: EMG is a consult engineering group. We do not represent a product, but the client and have built up a multidisciplinary team with experts in industrial control systems, security systems and cyber security systems. Together we build a holistic and comprehensive solution that fits the client. Our strategic advantage is that we know how to create a tailor-made solution for the client and for the project.” 

Bank Hapoalim is Israel’s leading financial institution with a global presence, operating in over 20 countries throughout the world. Mr. Oren Cohen, Head of Structured Credit Finance at the Corporate Banking division of Bank Hapoalim, discussed the financing of exports to developing countries. “The challenge in exporting to developing countries is primarily a financing challenge. Developing countries suffer from a chronic shortage of foreign currency and therefore require long-term financing solutions in order to invest in large-scale infrastructure projects. Cohen explained that there are a number of financing solutions that the bank can offer in order to enable exporters to receive immediate remuneration for their goods and services. “Financing solutions for export deals to developing countries are based on the following principle: The bank takes upon itself the finance for the country purchasing the project and on the other hand insures its credit exposure to that country,” Cohen said. He went on to explain that a typical finance deal works in the following fashion: The bank extends a loan to the developing country in order for it to be able to purchase a project from an Israeli exporter, who will then supply the goods or services and receive immediate payment from the loan funds. The developing country will then repay the loan over a long period (10 years or more) with the default risk insured primarily by ASHRA – The Israeli Foreign Trade Risks Insurance Corporation.” Cohen went on to explain that other ways of financing such deals are invoice discounting and discount notes. In these kinds of deals, the exporter provides the state purchasing the project with a long-term payment option (usually 3-5 years) and upon supplying the project with sell to the bank their right to future payment and will thus receive immediate payment. 


About IMPROVATE: IMPROVATE is a platform that makes technology and innovation accessible to countries around the world, with an emphasis on advancing Israeli technologies. Launched in September 2020, IMPROVATE operates out of London and Tel Aviv and serves as a platform to connect leaders and decision makers, and companies and investors with technology and innovation companies. IMPROVATE works through international conferences and business delegations and promotes deals between governments, organizations and investors with technology and innovation companies. Among IMPROVATE’s Board members are former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, President Rosen Plevneliev – President of Bulgaria from 2010-2017, and IDF Major Gen. (Ret.) Amos Gilad.