Rotberg Insurance: Off-Road Vehicle and Luxury Car Insurance

Meir Rotberg, owner of the veteran Rotberg Insurance agency, offers a glimpse of the complex field in which he specializes – sports and luxury car insurance – and explains why he sees his work as a special calling

Lidor Yakov
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Rotberg Insurance: Off-Road Vehicle and Luxury Car Insurance
Lidor Yakov
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"I see my work as a calling. The ability to be a reliable resource for my clients, and to help them with whatever they need, when they need it, is the engine that drives me in my work," says Meir Rotberg, owner of Rotberg Insurance, a veteran agency that serves its clients in all insurance spheres while specializing in off-road vehicle, sports car and luxury car insurance.

Meir entered the field after completing his army service, starting out in a small insurance company. Within two years he'd become the firm's branch manager in Netanya. Over the course of four years, the company expanded and thrived under his leadership. In 1985 he decided to leave the position, and founded Rotberg Insurance.

Rotberg Insurance is now one of Israel's largest insurance agencies, a stable family business that is still growing; the family's younger generation is now taking its place within the firm. Each year the agency gains hundreds of new clients, while engaging in mergers and acquisitions with other insurance agencies.

One stop shop for all insurance needs

Rotberg Insurance is able to meet all of its clients' insurance needs – sports and luxury vehicle insurance, general insurance, life insurance for private clients and business owners, financial advisement, and more.

"Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible insurance solutions for them and their family, including the coverage that works best for them, at the best possible price," Meir explains.

"Our clients are part of our family. They know they can depend on us to be there for them," Meir Rotberg.Credit: Rotberg Insurance

In keeping with his desire to offer added value to his clients, Meir studies and stays up-to-date on different branches of the insurance industry, including taxation, financial planning, investment, and more. His background in these diverse spheres enables him to take a broad view and to assist his clients in various areas that intersect with the insurance world.

Sports and luxury car insurance

A distinctive feature of Rotberg Insurance is that it offers insurance for luxury cars. According to Meir, insuring sports and luxury cars is not a simple matter, and many insurance companies prefer not to offer such insurance, or provide it with very high copayments. "That's why it's so important for an insurance agent to know the field and be able to find the best possible policy for the client," Meir stresses.

The first step in matching the policy to the client is to learn as much as possible about the client. The agency team does this using a special questionnaire that sheds light on the client's character and indicates whether he has a history of accidents with the car. "Client characterization is important for assessing the client's compatibility with the agency, and this ultimately helps us obtain better policy terms for our clients, Meir notes.

He adds that the client accounts manager maps the various insurance possibilities and compares policy options at the press of a button. Coverage options are made accessible to the client in a transparent manner, with a recommendation about the best insurance path for them to take.

Full service from experts in the field

Meir's love for the automotive sphere is what led him to enter the car insurance world, and to offer his clients sports and luxury car insurance. "I've been personally involved in the field over the years, and have first-hand knowledge about car importers, race tracks, driving teachers, and more," he shares.

Meir adds that his deep familiarity with the sports and luxury car sector is what allows the agency to accurately assess client needs and to tailor insurance services and coverage for them.

Rotberg Insurance provides its clients with 360-degree service in the sports and luxury car sphere: connecting with leading importers, identifying advantageous car financing options, finding the best possible policy for the client, and providing guidance on car purchase and on sports car parts and accessories.

And what about car repair and maintenance?

"Where sports cars are concerned, the question isn't whether an accident will happen, but when. So Rotberg Insurance works with some of the best approved repairers, chosen personally by the agency based on our knowledge of the quality and level of service they provide. For all maintenance or repairs, the client receives a warranty from the insurance company on the work done at the repair shop, in addition to the warranty provided by the shop."

Maximizing pension benefits

Rotberg Insurance also offers salaried employees, freelancers, and business owners a service featuring pension portfolio assessment and improvement. The service, provided by Meir himself, includes assessment of the client's existing pension and provident funds, as well as advanced-study and mutual funds, savings, investment options, and more.

Also offers pension benefit maximization services and professional liability insurance. Meir Rotberg.Credit: Rotberg Insurance

The aim is to tailor the pension portfolio to best suit the client’s character and needs. As part of the process, Meir strives to lower the funds' management charges, which constitutes a huge financial savings that, over decades, can translate into hundreds of thousands of shekels.

For clients who are controlling shareholders, Meir works with the company accountant to determine the taxation options in the various investment avenues.

Professional liability insurance

Rotberg Insurance also offers professional liability insurance. This is an important form of insurance that provides coverage when a business is sued by a customer or an employee for damages caused by error or professional negligence.

Meir says that, unlike in the past, many insurance companies currently avoid providing clients with these kinds of policies, leaving businesses open to lawsuits. However, Rotberg Insurance's longtime, first-hand knowledge of the top insurance companies in the sector allows it to offer its clients professional liability insurance.

Being there for the client, day to day

The agency currently has eight account managers on staff; every client has their own account manager who knows their needs and insurance portfolio, and stays in contact with them.

Meir also notes that his clients are given at least two personal telephone numbers – his and an agency account manager's. "Our clients are part of our family. They know they can depend on us to be there for them and to provide them with professional and personal service at all times, whatever the need, even outside of office hours," Meir concludes.

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