E.M. Ovadia Service Center: an Auto Repair Shop with Strong Professional Backing

Benefiting from his affiliation with the Bosch Car Service chain, and inspired by a love of people and cars, Eran Ovadia insists on providing nothing less than a European standard of service

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E.M. Ovadia Service Center
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"The fact that we're affiliated with the Bosch Car Service chain allows us to offer professional automotive service at a very high standard", says Eran Ovadia, owner of the E.M. Ovadia Service Center, an auto repair shop located in Herzliya Pituah.

Eran embarked on his automotive career after his discharge from the IDF, when he started working with his father in tire repair. For Eran, who had been interested in cars from an early age, the decision to become an automotive professional was a natural and obvious one. He underwent training in tire repair and began working the field, later deciding to open a repair shop for all types of vehicles. At the same time, he continued gaining skills and professional knowhow; over the years he participated in a wide range of courses and certification programs, spanning such topics as hybrid vehicles, garage management, body repair and painting, and more.

Strong backing provided by Bosch Car Service

E.M. Ovadia belongs to the Bosch Car Service auto repair shop chain, a leading service provider that employs state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and offers professional solutions for all vehicle types. The chain has over 17 thousand branches in 150 countries around the world. Bosch Car Service has 35 Israeli branches, and is represented in Israel by Ledico.

Bosch's major upside is that is one of the world's biggest manufacturers of replacement parts and electronic and mechanical systems, supplying its products to most of today's auto manufacturers. This is in addition to the company's extensive experience and investment in research and development.

cameras are mounted in the shop so that the work being done by the professional staff can be viewed in real timeCredit: E.M. Ovadia Service Center

The chain also serves as a knowledge hub in the field, providing the professionals employed in its repair shops with full certification and in-service training at its training center in Israel and its global service center in Germany. All of this ensures professional, high-quality service at Bosch auto repair shops.

Ovadia first encountered Bosch Car Service in 2012, at an exhibition in Dusseldorf. "I'd heard good things about the chain and its first few branches in Israel before that, and I decided I had to find out for myself," he explains.

Eran visited one of the chain's auto repair shops in Germany, and relates that he was amazed by the quality of service he received, and by the professionalism of the staff. On returning to Israel he contacted the chain, and in 2014, after a testing and screening process, he joined Bosch Car Service as one of its auto repair shops.

All types of auto repair and maintenance under one roof

E.M. Ovadia Service Center provides all types of automotive service and repair under one roof: body work and painting, preparation and transport to vehicle licensing tests, including vehicle pickup and return to the owner, computerized diagnostics, mechanical and electronic repair/maintenance, routine maintenance, tire changing, car air conditioner repair, interior and exterior cleaning, nano coating, and more.

Additionally, when component or part replacements are necessary, E.M. Ovadia Service Center staff make use of original parts or spare parts from Bosch, which currently supplies parts to most European auto companies.

Quality service provided by experienced professionals

E.M. Ovadia Service Center is committed to providing European-quality service, in accordance with the strict requirements and criteria to which Bosch Car Service branches are held. The emphasis on high-caliber customer service is clearly visible in the shop's spacious waiting room, access for people with disabilities, and more. The service center team includes mechanics, diagnostic professionals, and paint and bodywork specialists. And because E.M. Ovadia Service Center is a family operation with a veteran, permanent, and experienced staff, the shop is able to offer all forms of professional automotive service, with courteous and personal attention to each customer.

The staff also works according to a set protocol: vehicle identification numbers and engine types are recorded so as to ensure that the parts and components needed are an exact match.

Maximum transparency

"Our primary goal and objective is customer satisfaction with regard to service, professionalism, and price", Eran says. "When customers leave our shop with smiles on their faces, I know we've achieved our goal".

Eran adds that customers sometimes come with doubts and concerns based on unpleasant experiences with other auto repair shops. It is important to Eran that such customers emerge with a different kind of experience, based on fair, effective, and professional service that leaves them with a positive feeling.

"Our primary goal and objective is customer satisfaction with regard to service, professionalism, and price"Credit: E.M. Ovadia Service Center

The service process starts with initial diagnostic work based on questioning the customer about the existing problem. Afterward, the team employs state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to identify the cause of the problem. The customer is updated on the results of the diagnostic test, and is given detailed information and explanations about the necessary repair work.

The high degree of transparency practiced by E.M. Ovadia Service Center is also reflected in its detailed price quotes for planned service. Only after customer authorization has been received does the shop team begin its work. And to allay any concerns and keep customers updated, cameras are mounted in the shop so that the work being done by the professional staff can be viewed in real time. When work on a vehicle has been completed, a test drive is carried out to make sure the problems have been solved, and the customer is notified accordingly.

Ongoing training to ensure professionalism

Decades of operation in the industry have given Bosch a tremendous knowledge base. To ensure high service quality and the professionalism of its auto repair shops, Bosch Car Service provides continuous personnel training, enabling service center staff to learn, professionalize, and stay up-to-date on innovations in the automotive sector. 

E.M. Ovadia Service Center has earned a stellar reputation over the years, building up a large base of customers who have chosen it as their regular service provider and who come back again and again for ongoing maintenance.

E.M. Ovadia Service Center
Phone: 053-4505917
Address: 31 HaSadna'ot Street, Herzliya
Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday, 07:30-16:00