Serenus.AI – Innovative AI-based Technology for Improved Medical Treatment Decisions

"Serenus.AI allows patients and medical professionals to make informed decisions before medical treatments" Prof. Elidan, Serenus.AI's Chief Medical Officer

Recent research has revealed that an alarmingly high percentage of medical procedures are unnecessary, risking patients’ lives and wasting valuable resources. This problem rapidly attains extreme proportions during extraordinary morbidities such as the novel corona virus (Sars-CoV-2) pandemic, which is putting a huge burden on overstretched medical professionals, impacting patients unnecessarily hospitalized and wasting valuable resources that can be directed where they are most needed.

Prof. Elidan, Serenus.AI's Chief Medical Officer
Prof. Elidan, Serenus.AI's Chief Medical Officer

With two patents pending, Serenus.AI Ltd. has met this challenge head on with a novel AI-based solution that assists patients, medical professionals, health systems and insurers in making better medical treatment decisions, saving lives and valuable resources.

This innovative Cloud-based platform uses unique algorithms that replicate the objective decision-making process of top physicians. This is achieved by combining the best, most up to date medical practice guidance, experienced professionals’ knowledge and machine learning technologies. The result is a unique value proposition that benefits patients, physicians, and insurers by implementing a uniform objective medical standard across entire health systems.

According to Prof. Joseph Elidan, Serenus.AI’s Chief Medical Officer, "Serenus.AI allows patients and medical professionals to make informed decisions before medical treatments, taking into consideration all the necessary factors and their impact, while continuously implementing prospective learning on anonymized patient data to improve healthcare delivery".

Serenus.AI has recently established a strategic partnership with HealthTrio to launch a cutting-edge “AI Prior-Auth Connect” solution. HealthTrio already supplies a high-volume platform that is currently in use by top-rated health plans across the US, with over 2 million provider users and over 10 million healthcare patients.

The “AI Prior-Auth Connect” project will implement machine learning technology empower and simplify medical pre-authorization clinical decision making. This will deliver a rapid, objective, and transparent process within health insurance plans that will enhance efficiency while reducing crucial medical errors and improving patient outcomes.

Serenus.AI has already developed modules for 30 of the most common and costly elective procedures, which are shown to be most at risk of being unnecessary. This reduces Serenus.AI customers’ medical and administrative costs, boosting satisfaction across the board, and advancing the quality of care and effectiveness.

The Serenus.AI team includes renowned physicians from various medical fields and machine learning specialists. Serenus.AI has been validated in practice and the company is now active in Israel, the USA, and the UK. The company has won several prestigious awards and government grants for its innovative technology.