Shumacher Real Estate: Brokerage with a Smile and Good Vibes

Throughout his years in real estate, Zeev Shumacher has always put people first and strives to create a stress-free process. That's what makes his agency a standout in Israel's real estate sector

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The office of Shumacher Real Estate
An office that's also a pub. Shumacher Real EstateCredit: Tal Nisim
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Modi'in residents, who know the local and regional real estate market and are acquainted with Zeev Shumacher, describe Shumacher as cheerful, well-liked, and "someone who's just fun to be around." This fun-loving attitude guides Shumacher's activity both personally and professionally: he's all about people, life, and real estate.

The "people" orientation is what positions his firm, Shumacher Real Estate, as Modi'in's leading real estate agency, and it embodies the worldview that Shumacher instills in the agents and realtors who work with him.

Zeev's motto is that a good realtor always puts the client's needs above his own personal benefit. Zeev also believes that the real estate field isn't about walls and stones, brick and mortar – but rather about people, their desires, aspirations, and dreams.

In constant motion

Since its founding 15 years ago, Shumacher Real Estate has been involved in providing housing solutions for the residents of Modi'in and its environs. Two years ago the firm moved beyond Modi'in and began specializing in real estate in other Israeli cities and localities.

But it all started 21 years ago, when a recently-discharged IDF serviceman named Zeev Shumacher was looking for a place where he and his partner could live. "We chose Modi'in because of its strategic location," Zeev recalls. "We went around with a few agents, looking for a suitable apartment, until one day I simply told my partner that I could do a better job than those agents. That was the beginning of my career in real estate."

In constant motionCredit: Shumacher Real Estate

At first Zeev worked as an independent agent in the office of a large company. After working and gaining experience for two and a half years, he purchased a franchise, moving on within two years to an independent agency bearing his name. Since then, he's founded the Modi'in Realtors Bureau and served as its chair. He's also moved beyond Modi'in to serve as a board member of Israel's National Association of Real Estate Agents, participating in national panels and representing hundreds of realtors in Modi'in and the surrounding area.

What's so attractive about the real estate industry?

"I don't sit around all day but am in constant motion. Each day is different, there's no real routine. There's always a new challenge, new people to meet, something to learn. It keeps me on my toes, always ready and always prepared."

This restlessness, and the desire to continually seek out new worlds, led Zeev to his second love after real estate: extreme jeep tours – preferably combined with a hearty meaty meal. His love for four-wheel-drive vehicles has manifested in volunteer activity with the Israel Border Police's jeep unit and the HaShomer HaChadash Modi'in branch.

"Six years ago I bought a small jeep, and a guy I was working with, who volunteered for the police, suggested that I join. Elad, our agency's real-estate coach, also volunteers with the unit, and so we became a little gang of good guys giving back to the community," Zeev relates.

An office that's also a pub

Giving back to the community is something Zeev's been doing for many years; he's held numerous public posts such as member of the Modi'in Municipality's immigrant absorption committee, founder of the local Realtors Bureau in 2016, and chair of the Bureau from its founding until 2020. He's also earned the unofficial title of "Father of the Modi'in Real Estate Industry."

Zeev has participated in many real estate training programs over the years, held by international real estate firms, the Israel Construction Center, and other organizations. He's also completed a directors' course and has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the real estate industry, encompassing both new and second-hand properties, residential and commercial real estate, contractor and developer apartments and apartments build by private-acquisition and developer's-acquisition groups.

Thanks to his broad network of contacts both in Modi'in and outside it, his contacts in Jewish communities around the world, and his many years of experience, Shumacher has become a leading figure in Modi'in's real estate industry and a trusted source on all aspects of residential, business, and commercial real estate, for veteran Israelis, new and longtime immigrants, future immigrants, and investors.

Zeev believes that a smile and a good joke can resolve almost any issue. This positive outlook often makes things easier for clients during the complicated process of moving a family to a new home. For Zeev, family comes first, and he's always happy when Shumacher professionals successfully guide families toward their new residences.

"My agents are seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience," Zeev emphasizes. "We don't recruit just anyone. We've turned down lots of people who didn't fit with our company DNA. Only good people come to us, the kind who'll sit and drink coffee with their workmates and hang out with them even during off hours. The kind that make a family."

That's why even your office is built in a way that's out of the ordinary?

"Our office is designed like a pub, or a kind of café. The entire design projects a sense of fun. You can find 15 different kinds of whiskey here; I guess it'd be hard to click with us if you don't drink alcohol. We also have a refrigerator full of canned beverages, and a quality coffee machine. The whole purpose is to create a user experience for the agents themselves, not just for the clients. Our clients will anyway get this experience from the agents. The vision is for our agents to come to the office willingly, so when they present their workplace to family and friends, they'll convey a sense of pride."

"If you want to have a good team you have to compensate people properly, so in addition to everything else, we've added a "real-estate coach" function to our agency, someone with a wealth of experience who helps agents in their work processes, and also goes to listing appointments with them. The whole purpose is to make them better and more professional".

Brokerage with a smile

Shumacher Real Estate is a household name in Modi'in, and a synonym for transparent, professional real estate marketing and brokerage, inspired by love for people and for the city of Modi'in. But not just Modi'in.

At Shumacher, people come first, and that's the foundation on which the group's agents and realtors base their work: tailoring homes to people; making people's dreams come true within their living space; finding homes that allow people to live their lives to the fullest; and discovering those places that make people smile as they enter, knowing that their new apartment will be a home in every sense of the word.

Shumacher Real Estate also specializes in new and second-hand properties, and in organizing and marketing private acquisition groups, developer's acquisition groups, and buyer's groups. In addition to offering professional services with a personal touch in the sale and purchase of existing homes, the agency has marketed, and continues to market, projects for developers and contractors in the new neighborhoods of Modi'in, having acquired extensive experience in organizing and marketing 11 private acquisition groups, developer's acquisition groups, and associations. Shumacher's professional guidance starts with the idea's conception and continues until the day the family moves into its new home.

Shumacher Real Estate has a nationwide subsidiary that specializes in overseeing private construction and providing varied solutions, from the stage of deciding whether to build a private house and up until construction is completed. In other words: from dream to handing over the key. The company takes care of all of the administrative aspects of the process, from obtaining permits to preparing and submitting plans, through supervision of construction and project completion – thereby ensuring client peace of mind as well as maximum professionalism – all done with a smile and good vibes.

Shumacher Real Estate
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