Israel-Africa Agri-Tech conference hears of huge opportunities for Israeli tech companies on the continent

IMPROVATE’s Israel-Africa International Agri-Tech Conference focused on the challenges faced by African nations in developing their agricultural sectors, and the solutions Israeli technology and innovation companies have to offer. Minister of Agriculture of the Democratic Republic of Congo: “If Israel can succeed in agriculture without good land, just think what we can do together with Israeli technology”

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Irina Nevzlin Founder and Chair of IMPROVATE with DR. Alejandro Marabi Senior Manager, PepsicoCredit: Guy Waxman

Ministers, diplomats and senior business representatives from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Gabon and Kenya met with leading Israeli agri-tech companies at the conference held in Tel Aviv and online. Participants discussed the enormous potential of agriculture in Africa and how Israeli companies can help Africa improve yields and efficiency.

Mr. Joseph Antoine Kasonga Mukuta, Minister of Agriculture of the Democratic Republic of Congo said the DCR has plentiful arable land but could draw on Israel’s experience of creating successful agriculture in challenging conditions in order to improve yields. “If Israel can succeed in agriculture without good land, just think what we can do together with Israeli technology,” he said.

IMPROVATE Founder & Chair Irina Nevzlin: “As I mentioned during the conference, IMPROVATE has a lot to offer. We focus on finding practical solutions and not on problems, and there are a lot of innovative products being developed every minute. Our goal is to make sure that as many people as possible can enjoy their benefits.”

H.E. Mr. Reta Negu Alemu, Ambassador of Ethiopia to Israel told the conference that Africa is the future. “We are telling Israeli investors to come to Africa,” he said. “We have high agricultural potential, but low productivity and we seek fertilizers, seeds and technological imports. Our priority is in modernizing the agricultural sector and increasing productivity.”  

H.E. Job D. Masima, Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania said Africa has the world’s fastest growing economies and it is a future economic powerhouse. “We have to unlock the capacity of production,” he said.  “We have a lot of land, but low production. We need proper use of seeds, proper use of fertilization and of irrigation and we have to look at the issue of post-harvest loss.”

IMPROVATE Israel Africa international Agri Tech Conference - Full EventCredit: IMPROVATE

H.E Wol Mayar Ariec, Ambassador of the Republic of South Sudan in Israel said South Sudan presented huge potential for agricultural investment, in agriculture, livestock, fisheries and forestry. “We have huge water resources... we have issues of flooding, it is an area of opportunity to invest in water harvesting and irrigation,” he said.

Israeli technology companies presenting at the conference: Metzer, an innovative water management company that develops drip irrigation systems for any crop, soil type, water quality, or climate; Agrigo, an international leader in the design and construction of turnkey livestock, greenhouse and aquaculture  solutions; Keilot, a company that specializes in the assimilation and sale of technologies that provide clean and accessible electricity, water, heating, and energy to farmers and locals who live “off the grid”; Davik, a world leading adhesive solution provider, which has developed an adhesive solution for greenhouses to trap insects; Haifa Group, a pioneering developer of specialty fertilizers to provide balanced and precise plant nutrition; HomeBiogas develops and manufactures prefabricated biogas systems for households and small farms, providing access to clean, renewable energy around the globe; ISM – an consortium of companies that is mainly active in East Africa and supplies environmental solutions to the region, focusing on renewable energy and the establishment of green transportation and food and water security; Saffron-Tech specializes in technological innovation for agriculture. The Company can produce a range of crops, in a controlled, economical, and efficient manner, regardless of environmental conditions.

IMPROVATE CEO Ronit Hasin Hochman: “We are happy to see a great response from African governments who are joining our conferences with the intention to bring Israeli innovation to their countries in order to improve agricultural yields and to provide food security to the population of the continent. Israel companies have developed a diverse range of incredible and creative solutions that can help African countries overcome the challenges they face.”

Ronit Hasin Hochman with H.E JOB D. MASIMA Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania to Israel H.E. Reta Nega Alemu Ambassador of Ethiopia to IsraelCredit: Guy Waxman

The conference was also attended by business people and NGOs. Mr. Monsiapile Kajimbwa, Country Agribusiness Manager at the Clinton Development Initiative | Clinton Foundation, Tanzania said there is a lot that Israel can do to contribute to the African agricultural economy, especially in technology related to irrigation. Israeli companies can help improve the efficiency of water resources and to increase productivity per unit of land, and to improve utilization of water bodies to boost fishery capacity,” he said.

Ms. Hadija Jabiri, Founder and managing director, of GBRI business solutions (EATFRESH), Tanzania said Africa has the potential not only to feed itself, but also to export food to the rest of the world. “We are looking for all partners along the value chain from production to the market ... if we can solve challenges along the value chain we are more than happy to partner with those companies,” she said.



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