Irina Nevzlin and Ronit Hasin Hochman Announce the Establishment of IMPROVATE as a Platform for Making Innovation Accessible to the World

Irina Nevzlin, founder and chairman of IMPROVATE: “Especially now, when the world is looking for ways to emerge from the most difficult crisis of recent decades, technology companies and innovation leaders have a significant role to play in creating practical solutions. We will be among those who help make it happen. “

Irina Nevzlin and Ronit Hasin Hochman announce 
the establishment of IMPROVATE as a platform for making innovation accessible to the world
Yanay Yehiel

Tel Aviv & London: Today (Wednesday, September 9th), entrepreneur Irina Nevzlin, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Museum of the Jewish People and President of the Nadav Foundation, announced the establishment of IMPROVATE, together with Ronit Hasin Hochman, who serves as co-founder and CEO. The company’s vision is to make innovation accessible to all. IMPROVATE will serve as a platform for exposing innovative companies to the world, with an emphasis on promoting Israeli technology companies to the world.

The company operates out of London and Tel Aviv and will serve as a platform for meetings between leaders, decision-makers, companies, and investors, through international conferences, business delegations, and transactions between governments and companies.

Ronit Hasin Hochman, co-founder and CEO of the company: “Israeli technology is always ahead of the world in solving current problems and looking to the future. IMPROVATE’s mission is to bring technology and innovation to the world, and as we are the ‘country of innovation’ – with many excellent companies here – the emphasis will be on Israeli companies. The vision is to support Israeli companies and grow them into the international arena, especially in this difficult period of global health and economic crisis.”

Tony Blair
Tony BlairTBI

As part of the company launch, IMPROVATE will hold its first conference “Food Security” on September 29th, which will be opened by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Participants will include Israeli Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Alon Schuster, Israeli Science and Technology Minister Yizhar Shai, and senior ministers from African countries, including Mr. Jonathan Bialosuka Wata, The Minister of Fisheries and Livestock, The Democratic Republic of Congo; Mr. Jean Joseph Kasonga Mukuta, Minister of Agriculture, The Democratic Republic of Congo; Mr. Augustin Kibassa Maliba, Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and New Information and Communication Technologies - The Democratic Republic of Congo; Mr. Joshua Mwangemi Member of National Governing Council, The Republic of Kenya; and Prof. Hamadi Iddi Boga, Permanent Secretary of the State Department for Crop Development &  Agricultural Research from The Republic of Kenya

and representatives of leading Israeli companies with technological solutions. African companies will also attend the online business conference, with the purpose of creating business cooperation with Israeli companies.

IMPROVATE will facilitate additional meetings between ministers and members of local governments from around the world and Israeli technology companies in the coming months. Those meetings will be focused on topics such as agriculture, energy, fintech, tourism, and more.