Kusto Group’s Tambour emerges as a pioneering force in Israel’s green industrial revolution

Tambour, Israel’s leading producer of paint products and construction materials, announced the launch of its eco2 line of ecological paint and will soon inaugurate a new modern green manufacturing facility in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon

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Kusto Group’s Tambour emerges as a pioneering force in Israel’s green industrial revolution
Kusto Group’s Tambour emerges as a pioneering force in Israel’s green industrial revolution
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Taking another step forward in the environmental revolution it has initiated in Israel’s manufacturing and construction sector, Tambour, a division of the international multi-sector Kusto Group founded by Yerkin Tatishev, has debuted a unique Israeli innovation: a durable, antibacterial and anti-allergenic paint for painting indoor walls formulated to enhance air quality.

“Protecting the environment is a duty we all share,” says Max Sartiyev, Chairman of the Tambour Group. “Like every Kusto Group company, Tambour is committed to growing sustainably by investing in green technology and seeking to reduce our environmental impact.”

Tambour’s new eco2 paint enhances air quality

Indoor environments can lack proper ventilation, allowing for the development and growth of mold, bacteria, mildew, fungi, and other pollutants. This can result in significantly lower air quality, which can have detrimental effects for most people who spend a considerable amount of time indoors whether at home, work or school.

Tambour's new eco2 paint lineup is manufactured in Israeli facilities and formulated with natural substances and free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pollutants, preservatives, and microplastic particles, which can be damaging to human health.

This unique composition allows walls painted with eco2 paint to breathe, enabling air and moisture to pass through them with ease, curbing the growth of dangerous mold and fungi and preventing the development of bad odors. The paint has been proven to enhance indoor air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air, scoring an A+ in the European standard for indoor air quality.

Eco2 is the only natural based paint that is both antibacterial and antiallergenic available in Israel. Certified to eliminate bacteria at a rate of 99.9%, it makes it a preferred choice for use in homes with babies and those who suffer from allergies, asthma, skin and respiratory conditions, or with other health concerns. Tambour's new lineup has been awarded the Sensitive Choice badge, a quality certification of antiallergenic products, for its bacteria-free properties.

Tambour and Kusto’s comprehensive commitment to the environment

Tambour’s eco2’s outstanding green properties are a result of a technological breakthrough ingredient called graphene. This innovative raw material granted it's two scientists Nobel Prize for Physics for their groundbreaking discovery. Graphene is the hardest substance in nature (even more than diamond). The outstanding elasticity and thinness of graphene help make eco2 highly durable as well as achieving a uniform paint coat and prevents cracks and peeling of the paint.

The paint is sold in packages that are completely recyclable and made of at least 25% recycled materials as part of the company’s comprehensive approach to environmentally friendly practices. The eco2 paint line will feature a newly designed Tambour logo that will be used on the company’s construction products division.

Tambour's new environmentally conscious manufacturing facility in Ashkelon is set to open in the coming months.

New green production facility to open in Ashkelon

Tambour's eco2 paint is part of the company and Kusto Group's growing commitment to environmentally conscious products and initiatives, which also includes the construction of a new green production facility.

In the continued expansion of its production capabilities, the company broke ground last year on the construction of a new 3,300 square meter manufacturing facility in Ashkelon which is expected to be inaugurated in the coming months and will employ 50 people.

The construction of the ILS 100 million new plant, which will rank among the most advanced industrial manufacturing facilities in Israel, was accomplished through environmentally friendly construction practices.

Improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption through design

The facility’s unique vertical structure enables it to leverage gravity to reduce its power consumption from an energy source supplied completely by natural gas. The factory will recycle raw materials used in production and no pollutants or black water will be emitted into the sewage systems. Additionally, an advanced system has been installed to suction dust generated in the manufacturing process.

Air shutters in the production space have been designed to create wind tunnels enabling the work areas to be properly ventilated while saving on cooling energy. In total, these innovative systems will save 30% in energy consumption.

Tambour and Kusto Group seek to lead an industrial environmental revolution

“Tambour’s strategic plan includes a clear roadmap with goals leading to 2030,” says Micha Scharir, CEO of Tambour. “We want to ensure we improve the living environments that we impact. The inauguration of the Ashkelon facility and the launch of ecological products under a new logo mark the opening signal of our new philosophy. We are proud to introduce a new consumer and environmental perception and lead the Israeli industry in this beneficial direction.”

For Tambour, the future is green and full of opportunities as the company prepares to significantly increase its overseas operations. The launch of eco2 and the design of its new industrial facility are part of Tambour’s strategic plan to lead the environmental revolution in the local and global industry, increase awareness of the importance of green construction, and grapple with local and global challenges.