KMS Lighthouse: Shining a Light on the Power of Knowledge

To streamline business operations and provide winning customer experience, it is of crucial importance that organizations have access to relevant and accurate information, at all times. KMS Lighthouse takes knowledge management for businesses to the next level, with SaaS, AI-based and cloud systems, for easy, seamless access

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KMS Lighthouse: Shining a Light on the Power of Knowledge
KMS Lighthouse: Shining a Light on the Power of KnowledgeCredit: Shutterstock
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Knowledge is power. With it, businesses and organizations can make smart, informed decisions. Without it, those very same decisions run the risk of missing the mark with those same organizations’ target audiences, or worse - turning potential clients away from their offering, and into the hands of the competition.

Imagine the following scenario: an innovative tech startup calls a bank seeking information about financing ahead of an imminent and time-constrained financial opportunity or wants to determine how to freeze their mortgage in light of the Covid-19-induced recession. The bank employee listens to the startup’s representative and then utters the following ten words, “Let me look into that and get back to you,” before putting the caller on hold and searching for the answer to their question. Or worse - the bank employee simply answers the question off the top of their head based on a faint memory of hearing about the subject in passing, without taking a moment to verify the answer’s accuracy. In either case, the result will more than likely be the startup missing out on the financial opportunity or spiraling into financial ruin.

While frustrating and unfortunate, this scenario replays itself time and time again in businesses and organizations of all fields and industries. Charged with scores of information on their place of work’s operations, practices, and processes, employees often face themselves spending much time, effort, and resources, combing through large amounts of data in order to perform their jobs and effectively respond to consumer needs and queries.

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KMS Lighthouse, a subsidiary of Aman Group, a leading IT company in Israel, seeks to resolve the time and accuracy lag associated with identifying and applying the right knowledge to relevant scenarios, with its groundbreaking knowledge management solutions. The company’s advanced SaaS knowledge management system assists employees and customers in finding the information they need and integrates into applications including CRM, ticketing, chatbot, and IVR. The result: complete centralization of an organization’s data, and easy and convenient access to the information, at all times.

One second to knowledge

Knowledge management isn’t only relegated to call center employees; it comes part and parcel with everyday operational activities on every level of every business, internally and customer-facing. And since company information constantly needs updating, and employee turnover is a very real and prevalent occurrence in the current work climate, businesses and organizations simply cannot rely on periodic briefings or training sessions to give over critical information.

To take on this mission, KMS Lighthouse takes an innovative approach to build knowledge management solutions that any organization’s employees can easily navigate in their natural language, and adopt it effortlessly without a long onboarding process and with regular training, since Lighthouse can assist the employee in finding the right answer within seconds.

KMS Lighthouse’s system leverages an artificial intelligence algorithm to understand which searches are most common within an organization and present the most relevant information whenever these searches are enacted, in just one second. The system’s AI capabilities additionally enable it to understand the context of any search query, and adapt the generated responses, accordingly. And additional innovative features, such as the ability for organization employees to create and update documents within the system further promote greater efficiency and faster resolution time, without any single employee having to memorize information ever again.

Sagi, Managing DirectorCredit: NIr Alon

Connecting the distributed

With over 90,000 employees and 60,000 users in their system, VTB Bank is Russia’s second-largest bank, which previously had four disparate knowledge systems for their various departments, creating a system overload and inhibiting easy information retrieval. Partnering with KMS Lighthouse, the bank was able to combine and synchronize all data on all banking products, branches, and services, leading to faster and more effective customer service within the one KMS Lighthouse platform.

When Leumi Bank sought to get all their employees at all their branches on the same page regarding their constantly updating information on mortgage eligibility and plans, they turned to KMS Lighthouse as well. As did Mizrahi Tefahot with respect to utilizing call centers for improved customer experience and upselling, leading to a 15 percent increase in customer satisfaction.

And companies with employees working from remote locations such as the Tidhar Construction and Yes Satellite companies turned to KMS Lighthouse to enable informed decision making from any location, creating empowered, distributed workforces connected by the data informing their every move. The KMS Lighthouse portal enables organizations, such as Tidhar and others to broadcast daily updates and messages to its employees, with measures in place to ensure the employees read the memos and update the management on those who fail to comply.

Reducing onboarding by at least 50 percent

KMS Lighthouse is the recipient of Gartner’s Cool Vendor award for its unique technology, proven to reduce the onboarding processes by a minimum of 50 percent. This was evidenced by the leading digital distributor of insurance and household financial services, BGL Group. When simultaneously tasked with recruiting new teams and shifting to a primarily work-from-home model, BGL Group turned to KMS Lighthouse for its fully virtual knowledge management services. Doing so enabled all employees being recruited to the new teams to instantly gain access to all relevant information, speeding up the onboarding process, while ensuring all organizational data was accurately and wholly shared. Similar successes were shared by other leading insurance companies: Clal, Ayalon, and AIG.

It’s no wonder KMS Lighthouse has also received international recognition by leading global research organizations and has been ranked as an industry leader by Israeli research company STKI for its revolutionary knowledge management portal.

360-degree visibility, 24/7/365

The financial sector isn’t the only industry to leverage KMS Lighthouse for its benefit. Travel and logistics companies, such as ZIM, Fattal, DHL and Qantas, harness the company’s knowledge management solutions to streamline procedures such as shipping fulfillment tracking, employee vacation processes, frequent flyer programs, and more.

And leading healthcare organizations, such as GE Healthcare, turned to KMS Lighthouse for decision flow and troubleshooting support for their large and information-heavy systems. The result: a 50 percent improvement in training and onboarding times, a reduction in employees’ response error rate to just 00.11% percent, and an expedited time to resolution.

In the words of GE Healthcare’s Senior Contact Center Manager, “This is the best knowledge management tool I have ever seen.” That being said, according to Burg Hughes,  “The true success of our Lighthouse implementation is not about agents reaching AHT goals more quickly or lower error rate numbers announced on a bulletin board; it is about how those numbers impact our customers and their patients.”

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