Wedding Planners in Israel: Making Your Dreams Come True

Looking to plan an event in Israel from abroad? We have you covered with our list of top wedding planners in Israel who rise to every occasion

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Tel Aviv skyline
Start planning your next event with the help of wedding planners in IsraelCredit: Shai Pal
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Today’s Special Moments are Tomorrow’s Cherished Event Memories, with JESS+972

If you dare to dream big and strive to be unique, JESS+972 is the event production company you must seek for your memorable moments. From stylish weddings, unique bar/bat mitzvahs, to one-of-a-kind corporate events and other special occasions. At JESS+972 there is a high attention to detail in order to create stunning and flawless events that meet your vision, your style and your budget every time.

Cultivating magnificent memories

Established in 2014, JESS+972 is the labor of love of the one-and-only Jessica Lasky. She draws upon her multicultural background and stellar education at the hotel management school “Les Roches” in Switzerland and years of experience in the hospitality industry in Israel and abroad in order to provide each customer with special memories to last a lifetime. Jessica is fluent in four languages, detail oriented, organized, passionate, creative and in pursuit of excellence in order to make sure all your dreams come true.

Unique + Creative + Memorable = JESS+972

Coordinating an event that simultaneously stands out as well planned, well-executed and unlike anything anyone has ever seen before, is no small task. JESS+972’s exceptional value and wide appeal stem from the personalized attention Jessica pays to each client and their vision for their event. She is ever available, and always calm and professional. This, while continuing to meet and exceed the highest standards of service.

From stylish weddings, unique bar/bat mitzvahs, to one-of-a-kind corporate events and other special occasionsCredit: El Marco Rojo

Jessica believes that the client’s event is their story. As such, a tailored plan is conceived for each occasion. She takes great care to listen to every request and maintains open communication throughout the planning and execution process, she is flexible and keeps calm even when under pressure. She will take care of every detail from décor, entertainment, menu selection, guest favors, photographer, transportation, tours, etc…

One for the memory books

Imagine the following scenario: a birthday party at a five-star hotel in Tel Aviv. The decoration is spectacular; the floral backdrop jaw-dropping, a three-tier cake is the piece-de-resistance following a scrumptious and luxurious meal and the music is in perfect harmony with the symphony of colors inside the lavish hall. All the details of this 50th birthday bash were planned to perfection and the event itself, monumental - for the birthday girl, a woman visiting the Holy Land from Africa, as well as for Jessica.

Jessica pays to each client and their vision for their eventCredit: El Marco Rojo

“I will never forget her words,” Jessica recounts as if it were yesterday. “She said, ‘I feel rich, I feel rich because I have you all in my life... I am thankful for having you as my brothers and sisters and will never forget this evening.’” These feelings, Jessica explains, inspire her work, and are her work’s greatest reward.

For an outstandingly crafted event, contact:


Phone: +972 54 525 2725






R&S Eventime: Your Special Event Planners in Israel

Hosting your Big Day in the Holy Land is often a dream for many newly engaged couples living outside of IsraelCredit: R&S Eventime

Hosting your Big Day in the Holy Land is often a dream for many newly engaged couples living outside of Israel. However this dream is a difficult one to realize. Language, culture, time difference are just some of the challenges standing in the way. R&S Eventime is a dream team able to help overcome these challenges and ready to plan and execute your special event, without a hitch. With over 15 years of experience in the event coordination field and 8 years working together and planning seamless and stunning events in Israel for people from all over the world, Ravit Messas -Gilmart  and the team  are uniquely attuned to their foreign customers’ needs and have assembled the best possible team to realize their exact vision.

Global vision, local execution

Despite planning events in Israel, Ravit has spent the past five years living in Miami. Living abroad has enabled R&S Eventime to expand its offering to include US business hours, catering to the needs of the majority of the company’s client base, during their waking hours and enabling customers to visit the Miami office in person. This special added touch allows Ravit to become better acquainted with new customers on a more personal level so that she can consult with Sophie, determine the perfect venue, catering company, designers, photographers, musicians, and stylists, and create the most memorable, stress-free environment possible.

Your Big Day, on your terms

From intimate gatherings to lavish to-dos, there is no event that is too big or too small for R&S EventimeCredit: Idan Hasson

From intimate gatherings to lavish to-dos, there is no event that is too big or too small for R&S Eventime. The R&S team takes immense pride in handling every little event coordination detail from start to finish. There isn’t a vendor they have yet to hear of, and they’re always sure to take you straight to the best vendor that meets your event needs and, in the language, you prefer - French, English, or Hebrew.

And when the Big Day at last arrives, R&S Eventime orchestrates everything from behind-the-scenes, so that all tailor-made events run on time and are sure to create unforgettable memories.

From Poland, with love

Although many of the couples that R&S Eventime are assisting come from the USA, the company has also created a solid client base in many other countries. Very recently, R&S Eventime have, for example, planned a wedding for a Polish couple looking to tie the knot in the Holy Land. Despite having no family in Israel, the couple had fallen in love with the country and had vowed to say their wedding vows on Israeli soil. The R&S team created a magical event, starting off at Saint Peter’s Church in Jaffa, and culminating at Otzarin, a stunning, intimate venue that exuded love and intimacy - exactly what the couple had envisioned.

To book your special event in Israel, contact:

R&S Eventime


Address: Me'ir Ya'ari St 28, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6148002, Israel,

3330 NE 190 St Miami 33180, USA

Phone Numbers:

US: +1-305-333-1849

ISR: +972-54-753-5145



Experience the Excellence of Planning with Yonina Events

Meet the event producer who will change the way you plan events in Israel! Yonina Events’ signature style of luxurious and stress-free event production brings a new level of personalization and possibility to your next event.

highest-rated suppliers and venues, each client is provided with a unique & personalized list of exquisite vendors to choose fromCredit: Shmuel Cohen Photoagency

Understanding YOUR vision and dreams

An increasingly sought-after figure in Israel’s event industry, Yonina Spiegelman (CEO), and her team provide full service planning and production for local and international clients, ranging from weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and private gatherings to corporate galas and conferences. Yonina’s priority is creating memories that are true reflections of the occasions’ hosts, paying close attention to the expectations they have in mind and their desired level of involvement. A client-oriented company since its inception 5 years ago, Spiegelman’s team gets to know each and every client like a trusted new friend, ensuring that the entire process is simplified, timely, and expertly navigated with precision and meticulous attention to detail. Every special event is different, but you can count on Yonina Events to actualize your wildest hopes and dreams!

Meticulous Planning & Production

As a boutique company with a selective lineup of Anglo-Israeli event producers, Yonina Events is known for securing some of Israel’s most beautiful and sought-after locations. Partnering with the country's highest-rated suppliers and venues, each client is provided with a unique & personalized list of exquisite vendors to choose from; including hotels, tours, live entertainment, photographers, hair and makeup artists and so much more - all with the utmost attention to cultural preferences, timeline, and cost expectations. Travel and transportation arrangement options are also available for clients or delegations seeking event-production services from abroad, and Yonina Events is always ready and waiting to help streamline the process with eloquence and efficiency.

Credit: Aleksey Malev

A Luxury Experience. Every time.

When a young couple from Florida contracted Yonina Events to plan their upcoming wedding in Israel, they expressed their dream to be married in the holy city of Jerusalem. Nonetheless, they were brimming with hesitation about being absent from the planning process and the challenges of planning in a foreign destination. Determined to make their vision come alive, Yonina personally ensured the highest-end accommodations and experience for each and every guest, successfully executing a stunning rehearsal dinner followed by a breathtaking 60-person marriage ceremony overlooking the Old City walls. The newlyweds were blown away, saying thereafter that “The best decision we made during our entire wedding process was hiring Yonina Events - our incredible wedding would not have occurred without Yonina’s hard work, attention to detail, and genuine passion. We will always be grateful to you and your team!”

Start building your next dream and book a preliminary consultation with Yonina Events:





Mobile: +972.54.210.9997


Inspired Event Planning, from A to Z

Adena Mark Kapon combines life experience with high-caliber expertise to plan your ultimate event in Israel

A to Z Events Israel is exactly the event production company it claims to be. Established and headed by Adena Mark Kapon, a former New Yorker now residing in the Holy Land, A to Z Events Israel provides complete, premier event planning and execution services in Israel, for clients from around the world, from wherever it is they choose to call “home.” Leveraging years of industry experience in upscale US markets, Adena and her team of talented professionals produce sophisticated, meaningful and unique events in Israel that are as elegant, classy and beautiful as those produced anywhere else in the world.

A to Z Events IsraelCredit: Photography: Levi Dovid Photography

New life, same mentality

Adena’s personal and professional life are inextricably intertwined. A to Z Events Israel was born out of a desire to start afresh following her aliyah and subsequent divorce, while still enjoying, and providing her clients with the standards and luxuries her former life afforded.

“I saw the need for elegant, international-standard event planners that cater to clients from abroad looking to plan events in Israel,” she explains. “ I want the world to see Israel as a safe and beautiful location, to be inspired by the unique venues for events, to enjoy the exceptional cuisine, and to gasp for air when they see the exquisite décor and floral designs we create.”

“My life and work experience including two marriages, six children, two bonus children, involvement in social and organizational events in two countries, two businesses, a bi-coastal personality, proficiency in multiple languages and an obsession with my business and my profession make ME a unique asset when planning an event in Israel from abroad.”

Extraordinary Events in Israel from A to ZCredit: A to Z Events Israel

The tenacity to find a way to make it – whatever it is – happen for you

Whether you’re a client who has no idea what kind of an event you want, or you know exactly what kind of event you want (or fall somewhere in between), Adena and the A to Z team will brainstorm, conceive and coordinate the most stunning and unique event that meets your needs. Adena’s attentive and empathic nature ensures that every event is planned with great sensitivity to detail, taking into account the client’s family, culture, religious backgrounds, dynamics and interests. She strives to create tension-free environments, in which creativity can blossom, and all parties enjoy their party to the maximum.

Bridging Western values with Israeli traditions for the win
Whether it’s having a client’s favorite caviar flown in from the US for their son’s bar mitzvah, finding a multi-lingual translator for a bride’s Japanese family, or bringing estranged relatives together in the world’s holiest city, Adena and the A to Z team work to ensure that each client’s event is intensely emotional and ever memorable. Their efforts are so sublime that one 82-year-old woman was so inspired while visiting Israel for the first time to attend her grandson’s bar mitzvah, that she decided to make aliyah and call Israel home herself!

To book A to Z Events Israel for your special occasion, contact:
Adena Mark Capon
IL: 050-902-1234
US: 516-232-8894