The Company Leading the Data Revolution in the Cannabis World

Hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs have recently entered the cannabis market, a trend that shows no signs of slowing down, racing to the next big exit. Thanks to the Cannytix technology, the market will reach that point while significantly improving its risk management, business insights and decision-making abilities


The Israeli patients treated with cannabis have been going through hell. Only recently it seems that things are getting better. However, there is still a long road ahead, replete with obstacles at almost every step of the way. Starting from the farmer who grows the cannabis without real awareness and knowledge of patients' needs and market demands, all the way to the physicians and pharmacists. Their knowledge and ability to see the bigger picture and to provide an optimal solution are partial at best. The ramification is that they cannot always prescribe an optimal solution to the patient.

Take for instance, 42-year-old Nurit from Tel Aviv, who goes to a pharmacy once a month to pick up her cannabis prescription. She can use her cannabis medicine to alleviate chronic pain, thanks to the revolution enacted by Health Minister Yaakov Litzman. It appears to be the perfect solution, but at the current state of affairs, it is far from it. Today the pharmacists provide patients with strains they have in stock, because of acute lack of experience and knowledge related to medicinal cannabis. There is a dire need for more and better data, information, and mainly knowledge in this fast emerging field. “Imagine a holistic information system, with bidirectional data flow, helping pharmacists to better understand which specific medicinal cannabis product can improve the patient’s condition based on the patient’s personalized profile and accumulated data,” Says Alon Kushnir, Cannytix CEO. “Everyone is talking about the cannabis revolution, but this fast evolving industry is only at its very beginning; there is a lot more that can be done and learned in this field. As of today, there is a very low probability for an optimal match between the patients and their needs, which at time can be critical. This is exactly where Cannytix enters and leads the cannabis data revolution”.

This sounds great, we might have resolved the pharmacists’ challenges. However, this is just a one link in a very long chain within the cannabis ecosystem.

“There are so many parts to this revolution. We are going through all the different elements in the cannabis value chain, starting from the farmers, whose future strategy will be based on analytical methods, providing an accurate view and insights into the status of their processes, accompanied by predictive analysis.

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Cannytix is transforming the cannabis industry Dreamstime

For instance, using data and analytics we can answer questions such as what is the most cost-effective strain to grow. This is a fantastic piece of information a grower or those who nurture the strain can leverage.

Our technology helps all players in the cannabis world, farmers, doctors, pharmacists and eventually, the patients”.

Data from All Directions

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established company in the cannabis market, health services provider, a pharmacy staff member, potential investor, or a patient treated with the green leaf – you should check out Cannytix. If until recently most of the market operated by trial and error, Cannytix is transforming the cannabis industry by using predictive models, analytical insights, and organized datasets. The methodology developed by Cannytix is comprised of a four-tiered architecture of insights: monitoring, diagnostics, prognostics and perspectives.

The company is led by four highly experienced entrepreneurs, from the fields of Data Science, Finance and Food-tech, in association with Prof. Ron Kenett, a world-renowned expert. The core of the innovative technology they have developed is an analytical engine, that collects and processes data from various market components, converts it into insights and delivers those insights to the clients, so they can make informed and intelligent decisions. “Data is the engine that drives the world forward”, Kushnir says. “On the one hand, evidence-based insights are critical for the decision-making process in situations where there is uncertainty, while providing forecasts with improved certainty. We have recognized a high need in this relatively new and emerging industry, to connect the dots by using analytical insights, from the early growing stage all the way to retail activity. We understand the role of data which is at the core of the fourth industrial revolution, and we believe in our ability to lead it in the field of cannabis”.

As expected from an innovative company, accessing their system is straight forward; It is cloud-based, user friendly and easy to operate. The platform collects information from computerized systems and sensors placed on plants, alongside sales and consumer behavior data. “The environment is dynamic and we constantly collect data, online and offline,” explains Ramon Einav, Cannytix Chief Innovation Officer. “The business is monitored in real time and we have a strong ability to control it. The models that process the data are able to map out present risk factors, prevent mistakes and provide a forecast for the future. The idea is not only to look at the current state, but also to prevent or stop errors from occurring, errors that might prove critical and costly for a business”.

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