GemmaCert: The Gold Standard for Cannabis Diagnostics and Data

A small Israeli company with a big idea is creating an innovative solution for the emerging cannabis industry

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GemmaCert has developed the world’s first patented solution for quick, accurate analysis of cannabis composition and potency by non-destructive means. Hundreds of GemmaCert units are already operated by paying customers in North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Australasia. All these diagnostic units are connected via the GemmaCert Cloud, creating a unique and valuable source of Big Data across the global cannabis industry from seed to sale.

Since its establishment, GemmaCert has been guided by the business logic best expressed by Mark Twain: “during the gold rush it’s a good time to be in the pick and shovel business.” The future profitability of the cannabis industry is not in growing cannabis, which is a commodity just like many other mainstream agricultural products, but rather in the development of technologies and the accumulation of data which will drive industry growth.

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Today’s cannabis products are mostly supported by unreliable anecdotal evidence. Consequently, the industry suffers from a widespread trust problem. This situation is unsustainable in the long term as it will stall long-term growth.

The medical community cannot endorse new cannabis products with claims which are not supported by comprehensive clinical trials. Regulatory bodies will demand scientific evidence to back new products before granting approval to go to market.

Ultimately, customers will only trust brands which can back their products with science. Therefore, the need for evidence-based products, for medical treatment and also for safe recreational use, will only increase during the coming years.

GemmaCert is positioning itself to play a leading role in future of the data-driven cannabis industry. With the deployment of thousands of units during the coming years, the network of connected GemmaCert devices will create millions of valuable data records.

Gemmacert system
Gemmacert systemKfir Ziv

Cannabis players of all sizes, including Big Pharma, Big Agro, Big Food and Beverage, and Big Tobacco will pay for access to the organized data, insights and recommendations which GemmaCert will provide. This data will answer important questions across the supply chain, such as what to grow, when to harvest, what varieties sell best, what dosage is safe and what dosage is effective for each specific health indication.

GemmaCert’s growing customer base includes cannabis growers, producers, and retailers. In just a few months, for example, GemmaCert has taken a 20% share of the Amsterdam coffeeshop market. GemmaCert can accelerate medical cannabis research, save costs, facilitate safe and effective cannabis use, enable smart pricing and marketing, and contribute to regulatory risk mitigation.

The data GemmaCert collects, organizes and analyzes from diverse sources will support medical cannabis research and provide meaningful business and scientific recommendations for industry professionals.

Small device - big impact

One of the most valuable pieces of data which GemmaCert collects is the unique spectral fingerprint for each cannabis product. With this data, GemmaCert will be able to correlate between cannabis composition and specific health indications without having to wait for the results of years of clinical research, while potentially saving billions of dollars in the effort to understand the role and effect of each active compound in the cannabis flower.

Each device, which is assembled in Ra’anana, is sold for US$ 4,000. The proprietary technology combines into a hybrid solution for analyzing cannabis based on spectroscopy, image analysis, and motion mechanics.

The raw data is then analyzed in the cloud by applying machine learning tools based on advanced mathematical and statistical models. Therefore, operation requires a connection to the GemmaCert Cloud. This service comes at a monthly subscription of US$ 100 and, as a result, customers benefit from optimal analytical performance, online customer service and software upgrades. The ongoing collection of data and the application of machine learning models enable continual improvement to analytical capabilities and performance.

GemmaCert was co-founded in 2015 by Prof. Oded Shoseyov, Dr. Guy Setton (CEO) and Dr. Dana Yarden, in close collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Since then, GemmaCert has been backed by Israeli and foreign investors, including professional and institutional funds.

The development of the first GemmaCert device took almost three years of intensive R&D. The company benefits from a multi-disciplinary team with relevant business and technology experience. GemmaCert’s analytical laboratory is ISO 17025 certified which is a testament to its professional testing, sampling, and calibration capabilities, resulting in the repeatable production of reliable results.

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