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The Connected Box

From vehicles and containers to pallets and all the way down to the box level, ERM uses IoT technology to monitor mobile assets


In recent years, we have been witnessing a perceptual change in the way we handle and transfer merchandise. Business owners and managers want to get real time information about their entire operation, in order to make sure every cargo and every box safely reaches its final destination.

The need has become increasingly greater as the use of storage warehouses is getting more and more common. It’s not only the corporate giants like Amazon and Ikea that operate warehouses, but also local supermarket chains or beverage companies that deliver via warehouses. When each transport includes a few different vehicles, drivers and locations, there is the possibility of merchandise getting lost in the shuffle or damaged in the process. 


ERM Advanced Telematics offers a sensing solution called IoTLink to remotely track and monitor assets, from vehicles and containers to pallets and even down to the box level. This makes it possible for fleet managers or large organizations to determine not only the location of their drivers and vehicles, but also gain critical insight into the condition of their assets at any time.

"We offer businesses around the world the opportunity to monitor the conditions of their assets at all times, from the moment of packing for shipment and up until arrival at the final destination," says Eitan Kirshenboim, CMO at ERM Advanced Telematics. "Using IoT technology enables us to provide the fleet manager or delivery manager the ability to monitor the state of their vehicles and the cargo during transport and after delivery. So, if a package is missing or damaged at any stage, they know exactly when and where it happened and even get real-time notifications.

Real time Indication

ERM's IoTLink sensor can monitor multiple conditions such as temperature, humidity, different types of motion like tilting, bumping and falling, opening and closing of the package, and light to know if the asset was exposed to direct sun. By using the IoTLink kit, that includes sensors and gateways, a message is sent indicating the time and location of any breach in the event of a deviation from any of the predefined terms occurs during the transportation process. This way managers and business owners can be confident that all their assets are accounted for, before, during and after transport.

"The need is even more crucial when it comes to food or beverages that need to be stored under very specific environmental conditions," Kirshenboim explains. "If a food crate, requiring a specific temperature goes bad, it is crucial to know about it in real time.  This provides an option to know where and when along the route the conditions were not suitable from the actual manufacturing process and up to and including the sale in the supermarket.

The technology behind ERM's IoT solution does not require installation and can operate for years without recharging. The IoTLink products communicate between themselves using BLE (Bluetooth low energy). The solution is fully adjustable, so it enables users to define any set of parameters in order to get only the relevant information they require. 

When using the IoTLink, the manager is able to tell if a driver went too fast on a bumper, if he or she had an accident, or if a shipment was laying in the sun for too long. Managers are even capable of knowing if a container or a package was opened, and prevent attempts of theft. 

The ability of the IoTLink to generate customized and automated alerts is transforming this technology into a meaningful tool and a source for knowledge that can serve a number of sectors such as fleet management, agriculture, logistics, food and beverages, infrastructure, and assist in making quick decisions and implementing the proper response.

Smart solution, simple Implementation

While tracking mobile assets has been a primary application of this technology, attaching sensors to stationary assets can be beneficial as well. Food chains can monitor the temperature of  refrigerators in their branches; banks can track their ATMs and get an alert if one has been tampered with; electrical and communications companies can monitor their poles located in fields and receive notification in the event of damage of any kind and in general companies can monitor a whole range of assets including server rooms, archives, machinery, and the number of options is endless.

Through the combination of experience in designing telematics solutions and the understanding of the rapidly changing fleet-management market, ERM is capable of offering a smart solution that can be easily implemented and can also serve a variety of applications in different sectors. ERM's IoT based asset monitoring system provide an accurate, cost-effective, and customizable monitoring solution.

About ERM Advanced Telematics

ERM Advanced Telematics is an international technology company focused on automotive and IoT solutions. The company’s products and technologies are currently installed in more than 5 million vehicles worldwide. ERM Advanced Telematics, founded in 1985, is headquartered in Israel and operates in over 65 countries through the partner channels of its dedicated service providers. The company's solutions are based on a range of wireless technologies, including all available cellular generations, RF, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. ERM offers a wide range of modular solutions that improve the protection, management and diagnostics of vehicles, vehicle fleets, and valuable assets, reducing operating costs for both the service provider and the end customer.

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