Step into the light of “One Family” as it upholds the Torch of Peace and let it illuminate our effort to consciously work together toward an improvement in our relationships with Conflict Reduction App “Outcome Genii”

Prayer for Peace
Jonathan Schiesel

The drawing “One Family” is offered as a symbolic representation of Our People - Jews, Christians and Muslims that may provide a Visualization of the hope and dream of our healing of the trauma resulting from our long history of conflict. This may be achieved through seeking a living Reconciliation between us, the children of The One G-d’s Family. Too long has our family been undermined by our sibling rivalry to be the only one, the best loved. Over the centuries this has resulted in the misguided and misinformed perspective that each of our religions is unique and completely differentiated from the other two. To really please The One G-d we together must choose to correct this by remembering that our religions were created with the same intent that we would eventually mature sufficiently so that we find value in our sharing equally in the encompassing love of The One G-d.

Would not choosing to allow Peace to Reign be an inspiring role model? If so, step into the light of “One Family” as it upholds the Torch of Peace and let it illuminate our effort to consciously work together toward an improvement in our relationships.  Essentially “One Family” shares with us the presence of the inter-connecting spiritual essence experienced in the advent of our religions. We honor this through our acceptance and respect for the continuing progression of our prophets Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad who work together in their effort to provide our Family with the support and guidance that promotes a healthy, vibrant and collaborative life.

One Family
One FamilyJonathan Schiesel

In the top of the vertical perspective of “One Family” is the Star of David, the recognizable symbol of Judaism. By being in the upper portion it represents the time in which The One G-d sought a people who would be open and faithful to the teachings. Abram, later known as Abraham is the father of such a people. From Abraham’s line passing through his second son Isaac’s offspring and down through time came the call to Moses from The One G-d to provide Our ancestors with an exodus from slavery. In such an effort, The One G-d having succeeded then again through Moses provided our people with both the Ten Commandments and the Torah, both sacred to our three religions. Through the years with numerous episodes of subjugation of our people there came the need again to provide a renewal of commitment and so came Jesus from the line of King David. From the strength of his ministry eventually came the advent of Christianity. So in the middle portion is the Cross, the symbol of Christianity. Due to further repeated conquests both the Jews and the Christians were forced away from the Promised Land. In order to return the teachings to our homeland The One G-d sent an angel to Muhammad, a descendent in the line of Ishmael, Abraham’s first son, to bring into being the advent of Islam. Thus, Islam being on the lower portion is presented symbolically through the Crescent Moon and Star, which rises over the horizon of the Holy Land, our land from which we all originated.

Each religion being a creation of The One G-d is an unparalleled treasure. For us, the People, to experience this in its fullness we must acknowledge that we are siblings, children of our One G-d’s Family. We must actively remember this so that we are motivated to engage ourselves as a unified people. In doing so, we acknowledge that we can only have peace and love by choosing to live respectively together, all of us being of One Family. The drawing, “One Family” symbolizes this Awakening Memory. For the future of our children, grandchildren and future generations may it provide us guidance as a light in our mission to live it in our lives.

“One Family” is in partnership with “Outcome Genii”, our Conflict Reduction App. By opening “Outcome Genii” it carries the “One Family” drawing into our personal, family and community lives as it is designed to provide guidance and support for The Freedom of Choice to reduce conflict while it also opens us up to empathetic avenues of communication. We also invite you to our website, to explore perspectives, alternatives and the skills that take the Vision of “One Family” into Practical Application and Integration.

soul's lament
soul's lamentJonathan Schiesel

It is in our shared love that we experience the full embrace of The One G-d’s Family,

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