Lobbying for Justice, Equality & Prosperity: Israel’s Charitable Pioneers

“Whoever saves a life of Israel, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.” (Talmud, Sanhedrin, 37a)

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2018 was nothing if not the year of social justice activism. From #metoo to petitions for extended paid maternity leave, equality among genders, orientations and ethnicities, the Israeli public has made its voice loud and clear. To honor Israel’s 70 years of Independence, Haaretz Labels is highlighting the country’s greatest non-profit champions of social rights, those angel benefactors who raise awareness, lobby and aid social and societal groups who would otherwise fall through the cracks. Some cater to minority olim and elderly victims of life’s greatest atrocities. Others seek to pull people of lesser means out of the scourge that is relentless debt and provide solutions for a more promising and sustainable future. Yet, these organizations share something most powerful in common: A love for Israel and its inhabitants and a desire to see them prosper. 

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With much blood, sweat and tears these organizations do great good for Israeli society as a whole, and individual minority groups in particular. To continue promoting a better, more conscientious Israeli society, with no gain to the organizations themselves, charitable funding is desperately needed. This Giving Tuesday, contribute to a charity that advocates for a more just, equal and sustainable Israel. 

The Association of Ethiopian Jews

The Association of Ethiopian Jews (AEJ) is Israel’s premier non-profit organization for advocating for an equal and just society for Israelis of Ethiopian descent. Founded in 1993 by Rabbi Micha Odenheimer, AEJ’s activities take the form of a multi-dimensional platform based on research, community-involvement and advocacy with decision-makers and the media. AEJ’s dedicated volunteers champion the lobbying for equitable policies to close gaps between Ethiopians of Israeli descent and Israelis from other ethnic backgrounds. The organization also strives to change prevailing attitudes about Israel’s Ethiopian community and improve their quality of life of every possible level. AEJ regularly engages and communicates with community, municipal and state decision-makers, as well as with the media and members of the country’s greater civil society. 

Donate Now to The Association of Ethiopian Jews


The arrival of the Ethiopian community in Israel is an important milestone in Israel's history but the journey towards full integration is an ongoing challenge.  The Fidel Association has been meeting the challenge since 1997.  

The word 'fidel' in Amharic means alpha-bet. Our belief is that education, both formal and informal, is the key to the success of the community. Fidel's vision is of a socially and economically integrated community, proud of its unique identity, sharing its strengths with Israeli society and partaking in its leadership.

Fidel provides high-impact programs nation-wide for more than 9,000 Ethiopian-Israeli children, teens, and parents each year.  FIDEL is led by Executive Director Michal (Tawkalech) Avera Samuel - a leader within the Ethiopian-Israeli community together with Chairman of the Board Amos Yadlin (Major General, res.). 

Donate Now to Fidel

עמותת פידל - לוגו

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel is a non–profit, non-governmental organization supported by national and international foundations and public support. The grassroots activist organization works to influence elected Israeli officials to create public, sustainable, environmental and social policy that prevent government authorities, private corporations and the public from harming Israel’s precious, natural resources. Committed to the highest ethical standards, including fairness and transparency, the organization employs public activities and lobbying techniques to create publicity and ‘buzz’ around chosen projects. These include: 

  • Working to promote and reinforce social and environmental regulations.
  • Encouraging decision makers to create a clean, sustainable economy.
  • Lobbying for an efficient, sustainable, fast and reliable public transportation system.
  • Ensuring state natural resources are managed for maximum efficiency, without squandering them for future use.
  • Ensuring care for long-term impacts for future generations in any planning process.
  • Advocating for a more equal distribution of resources within society.
  • Supporting an open, democratic governmental culture.

Green Course is 100 percent staffed by hundreds of volunteer activists, most of whom are passionate, dedicated students. The organization is not affiliated with any political party; its efforts and raison d’etre focuses on what is best environmentally and socially for Israel, understood through painstaking efforts geared towards identifying the needs of the country’s many and diverse communities.

Donate Now to The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel

Aviv for Holocaust Survivors

All holocaust survivors should live with dignity and welfare. Yet, of the approximately 200,000 elderly holocaust survivors currently living in Israel, roughly 25 percent live below the poverty line. And though they are entitled to many social rights and benefits, granted to them by law or through various generous programs, thousands take no advantage of them, opting to instead live in devastating conditions. Aviv for Holocaust Survivors is a non-profit organization established in 2007 to ensure holocaust survivors successfully navigate through Israel’s bureaucratic maze and receive what they are rightfully entitled to, 100 percent free of any cost.

Headed by Adv. Aviva Silberman, a champion of holocaust survivor rights, Aviv for Holocaust Survivors’ team of volunteers work together to make relevant information accessible and understood, thereby assisting survivors improve their financial status at 18 Entitlement Centers across the country. Volunteers also pay home visits and provide personal consulting sessions to housebound survivors. In the past 11 years, Aviv has helped over 60,000 holocaust survivors receive rights and benefits worth over 350 NIS ($100 million USD). Since Aviv’s services are provided to the survivors completely free of charge ,the organization relies on external contributions to provide vital services to Israel’s holocaust survivor community. Donate to Aviv and help holocaust survivors live their lives with the dignity and comfort they deserve.

Donate Now to Aviv for Holocaust Survivors


Paamonim is Israel’s leading NGO for promoting financial education and responsibility. The nationwide volunteer organization is dedicated to helping families and individuals improve their household financials situations, teaching balance, responsibility and integrity, and thereby strengthening Israel’s economic and social fabric. Operating according to the principles of proper management, the organization’s documents and financial reports are published on this website and are available to all.

Aiming to provide assistance to everyone, everywhere, Paamonim’s financial stability programs include one-on-one financial life coaching, group workshops & lectures, professional consultation with employment counselors & lawyers and targeted financial education projects across Israel. These programs are provided to families and individuals who meet eligibility criteria, free of charge, by a team of over 2,900 qualified volunteers. The organization believes that running a social organization based on volunteerism helps promote the development of mutual responsibility between individual and within the greater socio-economic community. In order to keep Paamonim’s services readily available and adapted to the constantly changing financial conditions within the fabric of Israeli society, private contributions are requested. Help Paamonim continue to empower thousands of families and individuals across the country to emerge from situations of financial hardship and start experiencing financial stability and independence, today.

Donate Now to Paamonim

Inspired to contribute to a more equal and just Israeli society? Donate now and make Giving Tuesday a day of promise for a better tomorrow.