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Daniel Dotan
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Daniel Dotan
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Nir Erez, founder and CEO of TRIAL-IN Pharma Ltd. has a vision – to break the barrier, change the statistics and increase the chances of curing cancer patients with stage four metastatic cancers and brain cancer. He has developed a model to locate groundbreaking cancer clinical trials and advanced treatments throughout the world, personally suited to the patient’s medical condition and background and make them accessible to those patients.

Last September, the World Health Organization published a forecast predicting that 9.6 million patients throughout the world will die of cancer in 2018. This is a significant increase in the number of cases compared to 2012, when there were 8.2 million deaths from cancer.  In Israel, there has also been a drastic increase in deaths from cancer. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, in 2015 approximately 11,000 cancer patients died in Israel, compared to 12,000 who are expected to die during 2018.

According to Nir Erez, CEO and owner of TRIAL-IN Pharma, "90% of the deaths from cancer are as a consequence of metastases." Erez founded TRIAL-IN Pharma in 2016, with the aim of bringing tomorrow's cancer treatments and making them accessible to metastatic cancer patients today as well as for patients with advanced brain tumors, such as Glioblastoma, GBM. Erez wants to break the barrier, change the statistics and increase these patients' chances of cure.

TRIAL-IN Pharma has access to the most up-to-date databases in the field of cancer, in leading cancer sources throughout the world. Senior oncologists in the company's team locate advanced trials and innovative treatments throughout the world suited personally to the patient's particular medical condition. The company then accompanies the patient professionally in the process of entering the trials and receiving advanced treatments, even those not yet approved.

“The standard treatments today often do not provide a satisfactory solution or hope for cancer patients with metastatic cancer or advanced brain tumors and it is therefore necessary to change the treatment strategy and consider trials of innovative treatments, before starting any series of treatments. Some of the treatments being tested will in a few years become standard and it is unthinkable that cancer patients will miss the opportunity to benefit from them, as happened when my late mother became ill with cancer. We therefore feel it is our mission to try to obtain these drugs for patients in the early stages of their development.  People want to live and families want their dear ones to continue living,” says Erez, and he adds, “Clinical trials are the real progress in treating cancer, by providing patients with potentially better treatments than currently available. They focus on the patient, they are intended for the patient and their aim is to offer patients better treatments than whatever he or she is receiving today. Behind every cancer drug are cancer patients who have benefited from it years before everyone else, as the process of approving a medicine for the general population takes a long time.

Nir Erez

"The NCCN consists of 27 leading cancer centers has guided that the preferred first line treatment for metastatic pancreatic cancer is treatment in the framework of clinical trials, not the standard treatment. In addition, a study that took place in 2016 which compared pancreatic cancer patients who took part in trials with those who did not found that pancreatic cancer patients who participated in trials lived significantly longer than ‘real-world’ patients.”

What is different about the service you provide?

“We provide the patient and the treating oncologist with a list of personalized innovative treatments and after they choose the most suitable treatment from the list, we then professionally accompany the process necessary to approve the patient's participation in the trial or obtain a new drug on a compassionate basis. We work with the relevant medical entities around the globe: medical centers, research teams, principle investigators and pharmaceutical companies. All this is completely transparent and takes place in collaboration with the patient’s oncologist.”

How do you analyze the most up-to-date information about all the cancer clinical trials and advanced treatments in the field?

“The model we have developed is based on the vast experience I accumulated during years of work in oncology field and in medical research in the field. On our team are senior oncologists who study the patient’s unique clinical background in detail, gather information about suitable cancer trials available throughout the world, review the latest professional literature and collect up-to-date information about new drugs and potential path breaking treatments in the field. After analyzing all this information, the potential list is tailored to the patient’s specific situation and a final list of treatment options is generated from which the patient and Oncologist can choose.

"We have recently begun development of an innovative digital health technology that will enable us to help many more cancer patients in Israel and throughout the world. This technology will advance us to the next level in fulfilling our mission of helping stage four cancer patients receive the treatments of the future and increase their chances of winning the battle for life.