IBM Bluemix Toolbox Expands With PHP Solutions

Great news for the web development community: PHP solutions are now available on IBM Bluemix

It is now easier than ever to develop breakthrough ideas: Whether it's a game-changing mobile app, an internet community, or connecting every possible object to the net - all the options are available for rapid development with cloud tools. These last ones shorten the way from development to the users extensively.

Developers who wish to exploit the market's advantages only need to use the appropriate platform to deploy their ideas on it. Developers who wish to focus on development rather than system configuration and management, embrace the cloud solutions.

With the significant benefits of saving time and costs during the development phases, it is no wonder to witness the rise of "Platform as a Service" (PaaS) these days.

IBM identified the need for an efficient development platform and launched Bluemix, a cloud-based platform. The platform is flexible to manage and run a wide range of application, such as mobile, web, big data, and even the hottest trend of the “Internet of Things”.

With the new collaboration with Zend, the leading PHP development company, PHP solutions are now also available on IBM Bluemix. Over a third of the world's websites today are written in PHP. And when it is so common to use the language for development, effective support solutions are also required.

A Development Environment in One Line of Code

Boaz Ziniman, Zend’s Cloud Infrastructure and Technology Manager, and experienced developer of over 15 years, comments about the cloud-based platform: “In order to establish a fully independent development environment, a considerable amount of time and knowledge is required. The bottom line – costs will also be higher. When using Zend and IBM’s solutions, the developer gets in one line of code a full development environment that runs on Bluemix. Even an inexperienced developer without knowledge in system management can configure a work environment in a moment’s time on a computer or lab.”


The IBM Bluemix development platform is built on Cloud Foundry with Open Stack standards. Now, with the collaboration with Zend, the companies invite a new approach for future developments which combines the PHP development environment with the variety of Bluemix applications. What can be done with this mix solution? Well, the sky is the limit. Now, you can take the PHP development environment and run the existing Bluemix services on it, whether it is databases, semantic analysis engines, artificial intelligence applications or any other service that one can image.

Utilizing Information Wisely

Along with the fast rate of development today, the opportunities to optimize products for the end-user rise. One of the growing routes for researching and customizing products is analyzing the data generated along the process, whether it comes directly from the end-user or by the application performance itself.

The vast amounts of processes that the servers run generate a tremendous amount of information. Now, the developer needs to realize and utilize the full potential of the data.

Compared with the common analytics services, which feature primarily data that derived from what the end-user is exposed to, the more advanced solutions available in Zend products examine also the data within the servers' processes and provide more in-depth data-analysis. Thus, along with an examination of the site load-time and most popular pages, you can also know which pages are the fastest to load, how many resources they use, and the performance time of various server applications, memory utilization and additional handy data.

The useful information offers a deep understanding of the development process, optimization opportunities, bugs tracking and getting a lot more out of the development environment.

Utilizing the Platform for anything you Want

One of the most exciting trends in the technology world today is the “Internet of Things”. Connecting the real world with internet offers the opportunity to analyze new data or perform actions that weren't possible before. This progression is on the verge of a major breakthrough today.

Ziniman shares a story from one of the company’s meetings with developers, where a simple application was built with a temperature sensor and the information was saved in a database. The sensor was constantly connected and broadcasted the data to an active online webpage. The possibilities that stem from this simple demonstration are endless. The low effort to connect sensors that receive information from theopen space to a smart system which runs applications and analyzes the data, emphasizes the infinite opportunities for developers today.

A sneak peek at the variety of Bluemix services shows that the development options lie right in front of the developers, from Wordpress applications for the freelance developer, to customized solutions for Enterprise organizations.

Solutions for the Open-Source Community

The open-source environment is appealing to large companies, who wish to provide a comprehensive solution for as many developers as possible. PHP has an immense open-source community. The number of PHP developers in the world is estimated by over 5 million people, who comprise an active and highly involved community.

Developing in a language with such a diverse community offers the freedom to write a code without having to reinvent the wheel. A programmer who wishes to build a new application can use an already written code by the community and gain a significant head start for the project. Additionally, the community is loaded with information sources, forums, and a wide breadth of knowledge that allow the developers to quickly find solutions for their problems.

“Be open, that's the game today”, says Dror Pearl, Director of the Global Technology Unit (GTU) at IBM Israel. Pearl is in charge of providing solutions for Israeli software companies. These companies have a unique ability to start their R&D locally and then quickly turn to sales and marketing worldwide. Therefore, they require scalable solutions that fit their needs.
Pearl: “As the standards broaden and platforms become more open than ever, more developers grow interest in them. As a large organization we adapt ourselves to the community's needs. We want to be a part of the open-source community and provide it with the right solutions. The vast majority of entrepreneurs and developers today go for cloud services as their first step. They look for a quick available solution that will allow them to run forward with their ideas.”


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More Information about Zend’s solution on Bluemix is availible on GitHub