Huge Banners and Billboards Throughout Jerusalem Welcome President Trump

When President Trump exits his helicopter after landing in Jerusalem and heads towards the capitals King David Hotel, he will be met by welcome banners celebrating his visit. The banners across from the President's Hotel and in other key locations are four stories high.

 Trump Make Israel Great", "Jerusalem Welcomes Trump" and Trump is a Friend of Zion are the campaign messages seen by city residents and tens of thousands of tourists visiting the city. The campaign has gone global and has been covered by major media outlets from all over the world.

שלטים לטראמפ

Dr. Mike Evans, Founder and Chairman of the Friends of Zion Heritage Center, member of the Trump Founding Faith Board initiated the campaign.   Donald Trump is the greatest President Israel ever had, Evans insists.

Evans believes that President Trumps trip to Israel is historic on many levels.  He says, Because of the moral clarity of both Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump Israel has a historic peace opportunity.

Evans is a Christian evangelical leader who supported the President early in his campaign.  Donald Trump won because of a historic evangelical voter turnout the largest in American history. Evangelicals do not tend to be monolithic except on two issues the Supreme Court and Israel.  President Trump promised us he would recognized Jerusalem and move the Embassy to Jerusalem we whole heartily believe that promise is non-negotiable and will happen will he is President.

 Anytime a President comes to Israel it is significant but we, the Christian community and all people of good will are especially grateful that President Trump is making this visit now and we anticipate a stronger-than-ever relationship between the United States and Israel.

In President Trumps world view Israel is attacked because its a Jewish state and America was and continues to be attacked because its a Christian nation. I have no doubt whatsoever that President Trump and Mike Pence, the most pro-Israel Vice President ever, understands, respects and loves the Jewish nation and will firmly stand by Israel as it faces its enemies near and far.