LA teens finds the perfect Jewish education for free!

Rachel Gross
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Rachel Gross
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All around the world, parents and Jewish teens seek to balance the need for an affordable quality education and the desire for Jewish expression. Jewish parents look for ways to provide their children with a solid Jewish identity and a quality education. For many, the cost of fulltime Jewish education is prohibitive, yet a public school education comes at the expense of the social discomfort. For many families, Jewish education is relegated to bar/bat mitzvah lessons, with the need for a solid academic foundation taking priority.  To develop and maintain a strong sense of Jewish identity becomes a challenge for many teens and young adults.

Credit: R. Frank

Looking beyond the traditional options can hold the answer to all their needs.

For some 1600 Jewish students, the solution to this ever-common dilemma has an address. Though radical, these families have decided to invest in a non-traditional way, giving their children the adventure of a lifetime and sending them to high school boarding programs in Israel.

For Ryan Frank, of LA, and hundreds of his American peers enrolled in Naale Elite Academys 25 schools, they found the perfect fit. Naales programs provide both an affordable education and great Jewish atmosphere. The tracks offer independent teens in 9th through 12th grade a top-notch Jewish education with a full scholarship. 

Ryan Frank, 18 is having the adventure of a lifetime completing his high school education in the unique Naale Elite Academy program in Israel. While attending boarding school in Israel might seem like a radical approach at first, Frank explained that for his family it was the perfect solution to a common problem.

It can be hard for parents to send their children overseas but the benefits far outweigh the downsides. Frank said, My family obviously miss me but they are very happy that I got this chance in my life.  For his part, Frank was eager to come on the Naale program, I'd never been to Israel before. My mom is Israeli so I'd always wanted to come. It's a good education so it seems like a great idea.

Naale Elite Academy runs specialized tracks include secular and religious programs, an intensive level science and art programs, as well as separate groups for students from predominantly English, French, Spanish and Russian speaking backgrounds. While on the program, students are supported by a whole network of professional assistance, including dorm counselors, social workers, language specialists, psychologists and of course dedicated teachers.

Frank would be quick to recommend the experience to any Jewish teens looking to expand their horizons, saying This is the greatest thing that ever happened in my life. I can't recommend it enough.

Students take the internationally recognized Israeli high school matriculation exam, the Bagrut. While students are given assistance if they wish to make Aliyah after completing Naale, eventual Aliyah is not a requirement of the program. Although it is a 3 or 4 year course, completing all four years at Naale Elite Academy is not mandatory. Students are free to transfer back to their home countries at any point in time. The Naale full scholarship covers all tuition fees, full board in the on campus boarding school, health insurance, extracurricular activities, trips and excursions, and initial flight to Israel. (Limited registration and acceptance fees to do apply.)

Frank is overjoyed to be part of Naale Elite Academy program Mosenson. For him the social aspect is the highlight. He explained, There's always someone around. Living with your friends means that it's never dull.

The Naale program offers students many special memories. Each student grows individually. With many extracurricular activities on offer, students have the chance to develop interests outside of the classroom. Frank laughed when asked his favorite non-academic experience. Honestly? I lost weight. The food here is good but the gym is even better., he said.

To overcome the challenges of mounting tuition costs of Jewish schools, more and more Jewish teens are discovering that Naale Elite Academy is holds the solution to all their problems, with the added benefit of gaining meaningful lifelong experiences, independence and skills. In the meantime, hundreds of Jewish students, like Ryan Frank, are having the time of their lives!

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