Repayment Lease-related Fines (City of Amsterdam)

Leaseholders and bank account holders (or their surviving relatives) may submit applications for repayment of lease-related fines and unclaimed Gemeentegiro deposits (World War II).


Amsterdam Stichting ITA

During the Second World War, fines were imposed on people who were unable to pay for their ground lease fees due to war-related circumstances. The City of Amsterdam regards this as unjust and has decided that these fines should be reimbursed to war victims or their surviving relatives. Investigations have also revealed that there are still deposits on some of the accounts of the then Gemeentegiro that have been there since World War Two, and which have never been claimed by the beneficiaries. This, too, should be repaid, believes the City of Amsterdam.

The City has set up an independent foundation, the Amsterdam Individual Repayments Foundation (Stichting Individuele Terugbetalingen Amsterdam, ITA), for the purpose of processing the applications for repayment.

Go to their website,, for information about how the foundation operates, for application forms, and contact information. The website also features a list of Gemeentegiro accounts and a list of persons who were given fines for non-payment of their ground rent fees.