Bank of Israel releases first coin in the "Views of Israel" Series, dedicated to the Coral Reef of Eilat

The first coin in a new series of commemorative coins entitled "Views of Israel", featuring the beautiful views of Israel, was released this week by the Bank of Israel.

The coin comes in three versions - a gold/917 proof quality coin with a 10 New Sheqalim face value and maximum mintage of 555, a silver/925 proof coin with a 2 New Sheqalim face value and maximum mintage of 2,800 and a silver/925 prooflike quality coin with a maximum mintage of 1,800.

The picturesque coral reefs off the shores of Eilat, among the most spectacular in the world, were chosen to grace the first coin in this new series. Protected as a nature reserve, the Coral Reef stretches over about 1.2 km, parallel to the coast of Eilat.

The harmonious designs of both sides of the coins, created by Galia Erez, present the natural splendor of the Coral Reef in Eilat with its exotic corals, fishes and water life.

The designs of the face value coin obverses differ from each other, creating movement and evoking the rich, enchanting underwater world.

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