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Millions of tourists and guests have visited Israel, which has resulted in an international audience of people who have fallen in love with its wide range of topographical and naturally preserved sites. While cities like Acre, Jaffa and Tiberias are remembered for their contrasting views of ancient historical buildings alongside modern structures, there is no city in all of Israel that can match the glory and magnificence of Jerusalem. 

For centuries pilgrims, tourists and residents of Jerusalem have been emotionally touched by the citys physical stature and spiritual presence.  Although imaginative artists have portrayed scenes of Jerusalem through centuries past, the magic of modern Jerusalem has been captured by many talented who are influenced by the astonishing contrast of colors displayed on its ancient walls and surrounding hills and valleys. The city projects majestic hues of gold, orange and purple along with other natural colors which have inspired local artists many of whom successfully recreate natures own palette of colors on their canvases.

The Windmill an portrays one of Jerusalems most notable landmarks, the Montefiore Windmill situated in Jerusalems Mishkenot Shananim neighborhood. The Windmill captures the contrasting colors of tall trees and the roofs of the homes near the Windmill. The ancient walls of the old city may be viewed in the background.

The Wall, an oil painting from , depicts the stark and massive stone blocks which make up the revered Western Wall.  The wall is visited by religious and non- religious people alike who stand in its shadows to offer personal prayers.  It is the last remaining wall of those that once enclosed the site of the Holy Temple of the Jewish People.

The old city of Jerusalem is contained within a surrounding wall with 43 surveillance towers and seven gates which are presently open. The internal area of the old city is divided into four individual quarters: Armenian, Jewish, Christian and Muslim. each quarter provides a different perspective on the history of the old city and the diversity of its inhabitants and their religious motivation. The Jewish and Muslim quarters are the most active quarters supporting teeming markets and stores as well as historical sites. 

The 8 Gates of Jerusalem is an artistic depiction of the active gates leading into the old city of Jerusalem, as well as Robinsons arch. The contrast in colors that makes Jerusalem special as a city is accented by its close proximity to the hills and sands of the Judean desert.  The Desert meets Jerusalem an original watercolor from , offers a colorful rendition of the magic of the city and its surroundings. The arches of the gates to the old city are contrasted with the domes and varied architecture of its historical buildings as well as the peaceful aura surrounding its parks and flora.

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