SugarDance: Dancers for More Joyful Events

Including undercover dancers in events is gaining popularity in Israel and around the world, and manages to bring the Israeli spirit to every dance floor. Avi Sukar, owner of SugarDance, explains the secret that makes an event unforgettable

Shahar Amano, presented by SugarDance
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רקדנים ברחבת ריקודים
SugarDance: "We provide an insurance policy that guarantees the event’s success"Credit: Avi Sukar
Shahar Amano, presented by SugarDance
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Joy, enthusiasm and people dancing are the most important component of any event. This is the essence of a real celebration that everyone remembers, more than the food or the location. This experience is provided in full force in Israel and the world by SugarDance’s dancers – a unique Israeli attraction. The dancers bring the guests onto the dance floor, infect them with enthusiasm and create a celebration that no one can remain indifferent to. And so, the worry shared by many people who plan family events, weddings or corporate events and prestigious events that the dance floor will remain empty or lacking in spirit, is dispelled in a single moment.

SugarDance- connecting, enriching and uplifting the events atmosphere, call +972 523249081Credit: Sugardance רקדנים סמויים לאירועים

The experience is so powerful that Jews from abroad who want to celebrate a wedding, bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah in Jerusalem or in other parts of Israel sometimes include SugarDance’s dancers in the event in order to create a genuine Israeli simcha. In other cases, the dancers fly to various destinations abroad and bring the Israeli spirit and energy with them to any event anywhere.

SugarDance- connecting, enriching and uplifting the events atmosphere, call +972 523249081Credit: Sugardance רקדנים סמויים לאירועים

The man behind this unique project is Avi Sukar. He has managed to unlock the secret to the magic of the chemistry and explosive energy in events of all kinds, including events with a Jewish concept. According to Avi, his dancers have taken part in hundreds of events in Israel and abroad so far, and in each one of them the enthusiasm, the joy and the atmosphere that SugarDance’s dancers bring was maintained. “We provide an insurance policy that guarantees the event’s success and enables the organizers to be sure of the most important aspect – the participants’ enjoyment of the heart of the event. Our dancers turn the occasion into an experience that is remembered for years,” says Avi. “They create the right vibe and provide an experience that draws in the guests who flood the dance floor and become part of the event’s energy.”

The party makers of every event

The SugarDance dancers who are invited to an event are sometimes undercover and are presented as part of the guests, and sometimes act openly. Either way, they are party makers for different audiences from all sectors. One of the reasons that the dancers are called “undercover” is that they are careful not to stand out and steal the show. Their clothes match the character of the event, including tuxedos and evening dresses for events with a formal dress code, which enables them to blend in and spark the evening creatively and cleverly, to enthuse the guests and spread happiness in the room. “The undercover dancer arrives at the wedding in the role of the best friend, happy, fun and lively, we are like the best men of the event,” says Avi. “It’s easier for the guests to connect to people who look like they do, so that we are the glue that connects people, create enthusiasm and bring together groups who didn’t know one another beforehand. The dance floor becomes very happy and lively and the whole occasion is upgraded several levels.”

רקדנים סמויים לאירועים, 0523249081, Hidden DancersCredit: Sugardance רקדנים סמויים לאירועים

What makes people connect to the dancers?
“It’s important that the dancers are charismatic and have a presence that enables them to enthuse the guests, not forcefully or aggressively, but through ‘contagious happiness,” after listening to and watching the audience’s body language. This enables the guests to loosen up and feel the energy on the dance floor. Many people cooperate and are excited when a dancer approaches them with a smile, reaches out and galvanizes them to join the dance floor. Our dancers need to have interpersonal skills, joy and enthusiasm and not just be able to dance.”

SugarDance abroad too

It is difficult to describe in words the concept of an “Israeli simcha,” but Avi and the dancers manage to bring it to every event: weddings, bar mitzvahs or bat mitzvas. They also do corporate teambuilding events – and what connects people or helps with teambuilding more than dancing together on the dance floor? “People want a happy event and spontaneous Israeli joyfulness in general, and SugarDance in particular has acquired a good name worldwide, and we export and bring it everywhere,” explains Avi. “People want an unforgettable event, and this is where we come in, with what we give to every event in Israel and abroad –a joyfulness that excites even the most restrained people.”

SugarDance: "People want an unforgettable event, and this is where we come in"Credit: Avi Sukar

Avi says that many Jews who live in the Diaspora and celebrate significant events in Jerusalem and throughout Israel or in their homes abroad have discovered the magic that SugarDance’s dancers provide, and through them want to provide this to their guests. 

A vibe for an event that the guests will remember

Experience has taught Avi and his dancers that every event has its unique characteristics and different types of guests. The dances and joy are the glue, but every time it is presented differently in order not to create a forced or artificial connection, but to motivate the guests from within and cause them to want to loosen up. “We have been to hundreds of events where we made each guest feel that they were important to the event’s success, and this made it easy for them to join the dance floor and increase the happy feeling, including motivating others who came with them,” Avi says.

SugarDance רקדנים סמויים בבר מצווה של נוח מלוס אנג'לס SugarDance 0523249081Credit: Sugardance רקדנים סמויים לאירועים

He adds that at bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs the challenge is greater, but the dancers manage to connect a young audience to the adults to create a family atmosphere. When it comes to corporate events the challenge is also not simple. At these events a lot of money is invested to have employees enjoy themselves and in teambuilding. The dancers’ main task is to connect employees and provide them with a teambuilding experience, which will also affect the dynamics after the event. Corporate events sometimes need the right energy in order to break the ice between people who are used to being together in more formal surroundings. Also, sometimes guests from abroad attend corporate events and we serve as ambassadors of the Israeli spirit and joy and provide them with an fun experience that they will remember for a long time.”

SugarDance- connecting, enriching and uplifting the events atmosphere, call +972 523249081Credit: Sugardance רקדנים סמויים לאירועים

The audience is different from one event to the next, how do you bridge the gap and adapt to each kind of event?
“We map each event and know who is expected to attend. Thus, for example, in events with an audience that needs more activating, we act as party makers responsible for creating an atmosphere that is actually the heart of every event of any kind. We bring our passion to making the event a success. Professionalism and the ability to make the right adjustments are major tools we use both in Israel and abroad, to events organized by Jews or non-Jews, and the most important thing is that everyone talks afterwards about the event and its good vibes.”

SugarDance- connecting, enriching and uplifting the events atmosphere, call +972 523249081Credit: Sugardance רקדנים סמויים לאירועים

What characterizes SugarDance’s team of dancers?
“The dancers know how to combine being super charismatic with an ability to characterize the guests and act assertively and sensitively in order to lead to the event's success. A good undercover dancer knows how to read the audience quickly, and to choose the right way to act in order to bring them onto the dance floor. My team is professional and experienced; they know how to adapt themselves to events of all kinds, in Israel and abroad. Wherever we go we bring our special energy and great spirit to create a good and enthusiastic vibe for an unforgettable event.”

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