SOC for all: Solving the cyber challenge for small and large businesses alike

Having developed the first interactive SOC platform, CYREBRO has made it accessible to small businesses who find it difficult to operate and manage their security network efficiently. Today it is used successfully by companies of all sizes

Assaf Levanon
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CYREBRO management team
CYREBRO management team Credit: Doron Letzter
Assaf Levanon
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The vast selection of complex and advanced information security systems poses a serious challenge for all companies. Moreover, not everyone has the tools or professional human resources required to operate such systems well. The SOC is a complex security system in which hundreds of thousands (even millions) of security-related events pass through daily. If it was once enough to install an antivirus and choose what to do when a suspicious file alert is received, it is clear that today there is no human way to deal with the huge number of alerts received from all defense systems that even a small company gets. A professional network manager may find the handling of a security operations as one that takes a substantial amount of time as it must constantly be updated.

CYREBRO has solved this challenge. Having developed the first SOC platform, which has been recognized as one of the top professional tools in the cybersecurity world, the founders realized that this can help small and medium-sized businesses who cannot independently maintain a proactive defense approach and have great difficulty operating numerous information security systems. While enterprise companies often try to own the operation of their security network with the help of multiple resources, smaller companies, some of which do not even have IT or security departments, simply cannot do so.

"We realized that their inability to manage and operate their security operations in the same way as 'the big ones' who might already own a SOC is the root of the problem," says Nadav Arbel, co-founder and CEO of CYREBRO. The vision of the product is to take a field that was 100% service-oriented and turn it into an online and interactive platform that is a compatible infrastructure for any type of business, its size, and technologies. The platform is designed to answer small and medium-sized companies security needs, but suitable for all. We simplified cybersecurity and security operations a lot, especially in relation to what is currently common practice in the industry. You can say it's our 'secret sauce'. Where a company thinks: 'SOC is too big for me' - it can change its mindset to use CYREBRO to “Plug & Play".

How It Works?

Clients determine the notifications that are and are not important for them to receive. This is how each client chooses their right level of interaction while knowing they are protected 24/7/365.

High speed growth

CYREBRO has 150 employees in its offices in Tel Aviv, New York and Toronto. The company also has teams in Costa Rica and Ukraine and is proud that women make up 40% of its team and 50% of its executive. Among employees are some of the top global cybersecurity experts in the various cybersecurity domains: strategic monitoring, incident response, SIEM optimization, threat intelligence, threat hunting, and forensic investigation. 

"A SOC is made up of the people behind it, the brain, the technologies and the research," Arbel explains. "A security tool is like a rifle. It is not enough to buy it - you have to know how to operate it. For many, it is complex and difficult so they prefer to work with experts like us to do it more efficiently for them. Today our clients are from all sectors: software/technology, pharma, retailers, casinos and even small offices, and low-tech companies. In addition to making the platform accessible to end-customers of all sizes and sectors, CYREBRO is actually the infrastructure for MS(S)P’s that wish to provide a SOC to their customers. They understand that instead of building and maintaining a SOC that can cost millions, it is better to leverage an advanced infrastructure that is among the top five in the world with the full visibility that the platform provides. We currently serve companies ranging from 12 employees to 175,000 employees, all of whom have the platform optimally suited to their needs. Since COVID-19 started, CYREBRO has seen an increase of almost 400% in sales and number of customers. From a company of a few dozen customers, we became a company of hundreds of customers within 18 months, and that does not surprise us: we developed a platform that allows business to gain clarity of their cybersecurity in a chaotic world. As cyber takes on a more critical role, SOC’s will become even more prominent and continue to be the fastest growing field in the industry.”

The platform