Northward Bound

Real estate agent Mimi Goldblatt Rywkind is sure that the demand for luxury apartments will grow, and she points to lively traffic in all of Tel Aviv, particularly from the heart of the city and the northern neighborhoods on both sides of the Yarkon

Shahar Amano
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Northward BoundCredit: Shutterstock
Shahar Amano
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Along with the sharp rise in prices in the real estate market of about 10 percent in the past year, there has also been a jump in the prices of luxury apartments in the entire Tel Aviv area. Real estate agent Mimi Goldblatt Rywkind, who operates in all of Tel Aviv, feels the increasing demand on the ground for luxury apartments, including at prices of more than 20 million shekels.  

“The market for luxury apartments includes quite a few buyers from Tel Aviv, but also customers from abroad, mainly from England and France, and Israelis who are selling their apartments and houses and moving from Herzliya Pituach and Kfar Shmaryahu to Tel Aviv,” says Goldblatt Rywkind, owner of Mimi Nechasim real estate agency. She says that she also has many customers who have seen success with a business exit and prefer to come to live in Tel Aviv.  

Mimi Goldblatt Rywkind began working in the field of real estate in Anglo-Saxon many years ago. Her firm, Mimi Nechasim handles all kinds of apartments and properties from the heart of Tel Aviv northwards and beyond the Yarkon, and she specializes in luxury apartments. According to Mimi, many new customers come to her following personal recommendations, along with a considerable number of returning customers who want to upgrade their housing.

380 meters for 30 million shekels

Mimi Goldblatt Rywkind, who knows the real estate market in Tel Aviv at close hand, points to lively traffic throughout Tel Aviv.

Mimi Goldblatt RivkindCredit: Goli Cohen

“The area west of the Yarkon is in very high demand, but today the change can be felt from the heart of the city to the northern neighborhoods. In the new areas beyond the Yarkon you can find apartments of sizes and privacy that are difficult to find in Tel Aviv,” she says. “But of course, there are also luxury apartments in Rothschild or in North Tel Aviv. I sold a 220-meter apartment in this area for 20 million shekels.” Large apartments that also provide privacy compared to the center and north of Tel Aviv can be found in the new projects in Remez, where a luxury 30-story building has been built that Goldblatt Rywkind markets together with Arlozorov and Soutine-Nehardea. According to her, the building style made the place attractive, where the price of a 172-meter apartment can reach approximately 12.5 million shekels. “In Remez there are floors with two apartments each, and there are floors with one apartment built on 380 net meters on a floor of 500 gross meters, at a price of nearly 30 million shekels. In addition, you can also find 400-meter apartments on an area of 500 meters gross, with high ceilings and a 40-meter balcony,” she says. 

Goldblatt Rywkind predicts that the trend is expected to continue, and explains that the most important rule in real estate is location. “Everything begins with the location. For someone who can afford a centrally located property that is two minutes from everywhere, the price is less important than their quality of life,” she says.

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