Stand 9: The Heart of Tel Aviv's Center

Although it would appear that all the possibilities for luxury living in the White City in the heart of Tel Aviv have been exhausted, the Stand 9 residential project offers a rare opportunity to purchase an apartment in a building of only 5 stories, in a simply perfect location in the heart of central Tel Aviv

Renanan Mor
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Shtand 9: The Heart of Tel Aviv's Center
Renanan Mor
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The decision to turn quarter number 3 - 'Rova 3', also called “the White City,” into an area for conservation and low-rise building only, has turned it into one of – if not the most – in-demand neighborhoods in Tel Aviv. The fact that someone who purchases a property in 'Rova 3' will never have to contend with a tower block being constructed opposite their window is an immense advantage in a city that is in a wave of never-ending construction, particularly of high-rise buildings. The neighborhood in which the Stand 9 project is located is characterized by an atmosphere of “Old Tel Aviv” with architectural gems of spectacular buildings that have undergone renovation and conservation dotted throughout the neighborhood. This special neighborhood preserves the vision of the Tel Aviv’s founders, who planned and built low-rise buildings with much character and thoughtful architecture that is identified throughout the world with the White City. Considering the proximity to the seafront and the promenade, the popular cafes and leading cultural and artistic institutions, you can definitely understand why everyone wants to live in this neighborhood – but not everyone can.

Pastoral calm in the heart of Tel Aviv’s center                                   

While many people are suited to the trend for living in tower blocks, it is not for everyone. Many buyers who want and can afford to live in luxury apartments seek an alternative to the ivory towers detached from the surrounding neighborhood, and that is exactly what an apartment in the Stand 9 project offers them. In contrast to the giant towers that are being constructed throughout the city, planned for maximum separation between the building and the street, the Stand 9 project was built with an approach that blends in with the neighborhood in which it is located and offers maximum integration with the city’s streets, while maintaining quiet and a pleasant, calm atmosphere inside the apartment. Although Stand Street is in the heart of the neighborhood, the street is very quiet and the only traffic is that of the street’s residents. On the other hand, you are only a few minutes' walk from the heart of the action, where you can become part of old Tel Aviv’s wonderful pace.

calm atmosphere inside the apartment

The advantage of living in the heart of the city has become even clearer during the past year of COVID-19, and one of the consequences has been a trend of increasing demand for apartments in city centers. The pandemic showed Israelis that if they are forced to be isolated, it is preferable to be in a central location, near to all services such as supermarkets and close to a community that can help and support when needed. The Stand 9 project fits in well with this trend, and offers both immediate proximity to everything and spacious living areas which are pleasant to live in as individuals or as a family. “In the past month, three apartments in our project were purchased by one buyer who connected them and created an amazing roof duplex,” says Yair Krinski of Krinski Shiran Smart Real Estate Investments, which specializes in real estate investment development and management and is responsible for the Stand 9 project. “As far as he was concerned, the most important thing is to live in the real, quiet Tel Aviv, which is connected to everywhere, and the intimate building that is connected to the street. Therefore, although he could have found a bigger property in one of the luxurious tower blocks in the city, he preferred living on Stand Street.”

The project is backed financially by Bank Mizrahi Tefahot, and its legal advisors are Baum Hanegbi & Co.

Enjoying the best of all worlds

The Stand 9 projects consists of 5 stories and a penthouse, with only 10 apartments, including a beautiful garden apartment with two parking spaces and a storeroom, and four-room apartments each of which has a spacious balcony, parking space and storeroom. The designer-planned garden apartment offers a rural experience in the heart of the city: during the day you can enjoy the pastoral garden and at night you can enjoy plays at Habima Theater.

The building’s state-of-the-art architectural design has the unique fingerprint of Gal Peleg architects, specialists in special residential projects such as buildings for conservation, new buildings in historical areas and private homes. “The choice of Gal Peleg was natural, as we wanted to build a project that would fit into the existing surroundings combined with an individual and more modern statement,” says Krinski. Meticulous attention to every detail in the technical specifications and high standard is intended to meet the needs of the developers’ target audience. An underground parking lot designed for high cars such as Land Cruisers, a luxuriously-designed lobby and environmental development, two-star level green construction – all these and more testify to painstakingly detailed planning at luxury residential standards.

Entrepreneurship that focuses on quality

The project developers, Yair Krinski, a lawyer with an MBA from Tel Aviv University with entrepreneurial experience in real estate projects, and Amos Shiran, a civil engineer with a master’s degree from the Technion, have operated since 2006 in the field of real estate investment development and management in areas of high demand and particularly in Tel Aviv, focusing on projects of complex boutique buildings, including buildings slated for conservation. They have developed many successful projects in the city, including buildings for conservation at 27 Harav Kook Street and 123 Nahalat Binyamin Street, and projects at 72 Hahashmonaim Street, 40 Herzl Street, Simta Almonit and many others.  

Krinski Shiran have eight other projects throughout the city, which preserve the special character of the real Tel  Aviv, and also many other apartments in projects in Rehovot and Kfar Saba.

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