10 Video Game Bosses that will leave you in Awe

Boss fights are a staple in video gaming. From larger-than-life encounters to titans the size of a planet, bosses are anything but predictable

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10 Video Game Bosses that will leave you in AweCredit: shutterstock
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Whether it’s in terms of scale, abilities, design or personality, if you’ve always wondered why bosses are the most fascinating, you’re in the right place. Speaking of Bosses, did you know that Final Fantasy XIV has an almost endless roster of bosses to keep you entertained for 100s of hours? To prepare, it's best to check out Eldorado.gg, a gaming marketplace designed to make your experience super easy. You can get cheap FFXIV Gil and a lot of other gaming related stuff.

10. Mother Brain (Super Metroid)

Super Metroid is a game that is relentlessly terrifying. If you’re a fan of space horror, this will be right up your alley. You’ll enjoy exploring the terrors that lay in the darkness. During Samus’ perilous journey, you’ll have the unfortunate privilege of meeting Mother Brain. This boss captures that slow burn feeling of hopelessness that Super Metroid loves to give players. With a towering presence and a giant eyeball for a face, we can’t help but notice that Mother Brain is the worst-looking boss you’ll encounter.

9. Baldur (God of War)

The final fight in 2018’s God of War soft-reboot was a cinematic masterpiece to say the least. Couple that with the fact that the gameplay department was no slouch either, makes this boss encounter one for the books. Kratos and Atreus’ final encounter comes to a satisfying climax that brings the story full circle. Here, you’ll have a lot of stuff thrown at you, but you’ll also get to hit hard as well with Atreus’ arrows, Kratos’ shield parries, Leviathan Axe boomerang throws, and most importantly the Blades of Chaos. Baldur might have been a show stealer at the start, but he serves as a perfect final adversary to the dynamic father-son duo.

8. Gwyn (Dark Souls)

Whether you're committed to the broader story or not, Dark Souls' dramatic final battle succeeds in pulling you in. You must enter a realm of hubris to reignite (or extinguish) the first flame: the kiln of the first flame, a decaying attempt to retain some semblance of control in a world of darkness and chaos. As you enter the arena and are greeted by a surprising, mournful dirge instead of the typical grandiosity that accompanies most Dark Souls monster encounters, that hubris is underscored by a twinge of sadness. Whether you've studied Lordran's lore in depth or are merely trying to win every battle, the confrontation with Gwyn is immediately compelling.

In Soulsborne games, seeing a boss that's about human-sized is a big "uh oh," and Gwyn is a true test of whether you've learned how to roll, parry, and not get greedy with your blows. Gwyn's fight is not just one of the fiercest, but also one of the most fulfilling, in a series of teaching moments designed to help you defeat some tricky enemies.

One thing Dark Souls players enjoy is customizing their builds. If you’re one of those players, Final Fantasy XIV is right up your alley. To make your start much easier in comparison to other players, you can get cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil from Eldorado.gg.

7. Cronos (God of War 3)

Cronos, the huge Titan who was banished to the dark parts of the Underworld in the God of War games, epitomizes the term "large." Kratos approaches Tartarus to confront this colossal beast, only to be scooped up and thrown directly into Cronos' throat. What follows is an epic battle for the ages, as Kratos cuts his way out of Cronos' massive body from the inside out, acquiring the Omphalos Stone in the process. It would take a hundred TV screens to fit this massive boss into a single shot, demonstrating the PS3's processing capabilities at the time. A fitting design for the King of Titans.

6. Galactus (Marvel Vs. Capcom 3)

The Marvel vs. Capcom series is best recognized for fusing the worlds of two franchises under Capcom's umbrella fighting game engine. It's also one of the company's most outrageous entries, especially when it comes to the third in the series.

Gamers face off against the colossal figure known to comic book aficionados as Galactus. As he pours down pummeling fists and other strikes on the fighters, this world-devouring supervillain casts a pall over the others, forcing them to fight back with everything they've got. For a show known for its one-on-one brawls, this was a pleasant surprise.

5. Gongen Wyzen (Asura's Wrath)

It's unusual for gamers to confront a boss who is bigger than the entire globe, but Gongen Wyzen is an exception. It's also not an exaggeration. This deity expands in size after being knocked into space by Azura, to the point where he can physically hold the world in two hands. With revenge in his mind, he zeroes in on Asura and uses the point of his huge index finger to murder him.

Asura gathers all of his rage to administer a devastating blow on Wyzen's finger, arm, and entire body, causing him to burst from the inside out. Kratos, eat your heart out. Although Asura’s Wrath hasn’t made a new installment in a while, large scale bosses exist in other games to fight till you’re satisfied. Check out Final Fantasy XIV if you’re one to chase that feeling. Don’t forget to get a discount from Eldorado.gg on Final Fantasy XIV accounts, items and most importantly, FFXIV Gil.

4. Sans (Undertale)

Depending on your choices, Undertale will provide you with a different final boss, each of whom is noteworthy in their own right. Sans the skeleton is Undertale's reaction to your genocidal crimes if you chose to deliberately hunt down and kill every beast you can find in the underground, becoming an unstoppable killing machine in the process. The conflict that follows is an unpredictable roller coaster of attacks that defies all of your preconceptions about how battles in Undertale are fought. And that's if you survive his first salvo. Sans refuses to let you land a hit, taunts you by breaking the fourth wall, and even bends the principles of turn-based battle mechanics to make you powerless. When you add in the very catchy battle tune "Megalovania," you have the perfect combination for a boss encounter that defies expectations.

3. The Riftworm (Gears Of War 2)

Most large-scale boss encounters take place face to face, but Gears of War 2 offers a different approach. Fenix and his squad begin the mission by searching the beast for three distinct hearts that keep it alive. The goal is self-explanatory - to destroy the hearts.

The mission-based approach remains the same, even if it isn't exactly a boss battle in the classic sense. Players must avoid secondary and tertiary hazards while navigating the game's interior and cutting through the arteries leading to each heart with the chainsaw. Gears is gruesome and revolting, but that's what it's all about.

2. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7)

The climactic confrontation against Sephiroth, which takes place deep within an impact crater, is one of the reasons why he is the most popular Final Fantasy villain of all time. At the end of Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth descends from the sky to combat Cloud and his companions amidst deafening Latin choir singing - a great feat for the original PlayStation. Sephiroth's moveset, most notably his Supernova assault, in which an asteroid destroys the entire solar system as it hurls toward the party, matches the grand, sweeping conflict. It was a battle that made "One-Winged Angel" one of the most famous video game songs and entrenched Sephiroth as not only one of Square Enix's most feared villains, but one that still resonates with JRPG fans today. If the Final Fantasy itch gets to you often, you can still enjoy Final Fantasy XIV with its rich content. To get started, you can grab the best deal on FFXIV gear on Eldorado.gg.

1. Isshin (Sekiro)

Isshin the Sword Saint, like many of Sekiro's bosses, is a complete jerk. However, a huge part of what makes this boss fight so sublime is how ruthless he is and how hard he pushes players to their limits. Isshin is a true final boss in the sense that it is a fight that reflects the culmination of all you've learned in Sekiro's superb combat system up to this time. Patience, razor-sharp reflexes, complete command of the parry technique, and the ability to determine when to use mikiri or sweep counters are all required. There simply isn't any other option. Isshin never lets you off the hook, and just when you think you've got him figured out, he throws in a slew of new deadly techniques that you'll have to master fighting against. However, mastering each step is worthwhile because few, if any, bosses are as rewarding to kill as this one. Sekiro is a game where your ability is the only thing that matters, and you're going to need a lot of it to beat Isshin.