Start up? You should really get to know "Menta Global"

If you ask Doron Dvir, a marketing expert and digital advertising agency owner, the optimal solution for the start-up's marketing success is holistic rather than tactical. So, what are the milestones on the route to excellent digital marketing?

Koby Tiripinto
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Doron Dvir founder of Menta Global
Koby Tiripinto
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The year 2021 seems to present opportunities for many start-ups. Doron Dvir, a digital marketing expert with a history of more than a decade of cooperation with start-ups, including some well-known names such as Lemonade, Elementor, and Lili, believes that supporting these initiatives at their starting point means building a growth-oriented marketing plan, while analyzing consumer behavior, including the vast changes that occurred due to Corona, alongside monitoring for new opportunities emerging in digital product marketing. Dvir discovered that startups, especially in the early stages, face a significant challenge while developing their internal marketing activity capable of serving their main purpose - rapid growth.

From zero to one

Menta Global - an advertising agency for start-ups, was founded following this insight: "Growth from zero to one” – a unique feature of Menta Global, as Dvir emphasizes.

"The idea is to take a start-up company and build a fully-tailored marketing plan for it, with the goal of optimal development towards the next phase, both in terms of customer attraction and revenues ensuring stability and allowing the next round of recruitment and significant development."

Dvir, an acknowledged professional in the digital marketing field, both in Israel and globally, has already contributed to the international success of many companies, by directing the marketing systems of startups, which he joined at an early stage, and building the marketing infrastructure for future growth.

"It is very challenging to take a company in its zero stage and lead it forward, but my performance with Lemonade, Lili, and Elementor was successful."

How did you get into digital marketing?
"I started my career in the traditional marketing field, working for local telecom companies. My first milestone was Partner. Then I made an important step - I switched to digital. After several years in the online arena, I joined the Israeli Insur Tech company - Lemonade (which was in its infancy). I was assigned to direct the process of user acquisition by digital channels and marketing the first entirely digital insurance product to the American public, a product that does not involve any human contact both at the joining stage and the claim submission.”

Doron DvirCredit: Gal Ziv

"After a fascinating period at Lemonade, I served as the company growth VP at Lili - a digital bank for freelancers, and after recognizing an actual demand for digital services to startups, I began an independent career."

The staff at Menta Global, unlike other agencies, consists of professionals at the peak of their careers, rather than beginners. Some of them, by the way, have already worked alongside Doron Dvir in other companies.

"We have a naturally built-up team and share work experience from the past, creating tremendous synergy. We become the marketing team for our clients. It saves the startup all the excessive effort of recruiting and training employees and grants it a skilled and experienced marketing team, that knows how to promote the company to the next level."

What does the service include?
"We build and implement growth-oriented marketing programs. We also assist in the creation of introduction of global market integration programs."

Tell us about a significant marketing project you led.
"Launching a freelancer-oriented bank in the American market through the Lili startup. This is the first digital bank serving the constantly growing freelancer community with its unique needs. It requires an in-depth understanding of a growing target audience to deliver a banking solution tailored for its needs."

What was the main challenge in this project?
"The challenge was launching a product in a situation of low awareness. The target audience was not even looking for it. Building a marketing plan that includes increasing awareness, creating demand and rapid growth requires a combination of different strategies and integrated tactics."

And your next challenge, as you see it?
"Direct Menta Global to a position of a leading agency on a global scale. Among our clients, you can fine: Mango Insurance (Russia), Getsafe (Germany), Goose insurance (Canada), and also Lili, where I used to work as an employee and today this company is among my clients. My business goal is clear - "Continue increasing the Menta Global's activitity scope to the benefit of Israeli start-ups, that are destined to become the next miraculous unicorns of the startup nation!"

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