Shipony Insurance Agency: From Professional Tradition to Specialized Insurance Policies

A new generation, an experienced long-standing team, customers of many years’ standing and specialized policies that suit the new reality and advanced platforms: Shipony Insurance Agency is celebrating its jubilee with its face to the future

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Shipony Insurance Agency
Shipony Insurance Agency: a 50-year professional tradition Credit: Rami Levy

The past few years in general and the past year in particular, have illustrated how illusory and fragile reality is. Health, employment, life, an apartment and travel – every field can turn upside down in a moment from stability to uncertainty.

In such moments many people are forced to find support, compensation or financial assistance that will help them to escape the turmoil in their life. However, many people find that without a professional and reliable insurance agent, the path to rehabilitation is difficult, long and complex, and they are forced to undergo it alone.

Shipony Insurance Agency know these situations well. The long-standing family agency, which has already existed for 50 years, has accompanied and still supports many customers in the critical moments in their lives. They know how to provide calm and security, as the founders promised and envisioned when they established the agency.   

“The aim that Henia and Micky (Meir) Shipony envisioned when they founded the agency in 1971 was to give their customers calm and security by providing a one-stop insurance solution in one place,” says Nati Avrahami, Micky and Henia’s son-in-law, today the manager of the agency.

Nati, like all the agency’s employees is faithful to Henia and Micky’s professional principles in all insurance fields: vehicle, home, equipment, managers’, travel abroad, foreign workers, tourists and more, and apart from the wide support package in all kinds of policies, the agency has also formulated specialized insurance packages in the fields of condominiums and trailers, which necessitate special professional knowledge. Thus, the agency manages to preserve its professional tradition while introducing development and innovation to suit a reality that never stops moving forward.

From generation to generation: An agency of people, family, home

To understand the secret of the agency’s magic, it’s worth going back to its beginnings. Some 50 years ago, when Shipony Insurance Agency was founded, it encountered difficult times. Micky was called to serve the country for an extended reserve duty, and Henia stayed to manage the agency and look after the customers.

A policy especially suited to residential high-risesCredit: Rami Levy

“In the beginning, Micky and Henia didn’t know what would happen to the agency. They even bought the furniture in colors that would suit their home, so that they would be able to take it if the firm closed. But gradually, by means of joint work side by side, Micky and Henia turned the agency into what it is today – an insurance agency that sees people before everything, which is one big family and a safe haven for them,” says Nati, who followed his heart to the agency.

“I come from the field of electronics and computers and have experience in the business world,” Nati says. “I met Micky when I ran my uncle’s neighborhood minimarket and he was one of our customers. In fact, Micky is responsible for the match between me and his daughter Iris, who today is my wife.”

Following in the footsteps of Iris and her family, Nati completed his studies and professional courses in the field of insurance, joined the family business and accumulated extensive experience in the field. Today he is the agency's manager, and soon his son Dor is also expected to join him, continuing in his grandfather’s path; from one generation to the next.

The warm family atmosphere characterizes the agency among the staff. They all have professional training and much experience. “Recently one of our employees retired after she had worked with us for 35 years. We keep up a warm, close relationship with her and she even comes to the office and helps us as a pensioner.” The same personal atmosphere is also maintained with the customers. Grandchildren of long-standing customers contact Shipony Insurance Agency as, like their parents and grandparents – they trust it. 

Experts in insurance for condominiums

Shipony know that apart from the atmosphere and service that includes personal guidance, they have to meet different and special needs, for example, in the field of condominiums, particularly high-rise complexes that are constantly being built in which a large number of residents live. For high-rises, which are built in every city and almost in every neighborhood, the agency created a policy worded especially to suit their particular complexity.

“In the jubilee year we are celebrating the new generation of Shipony Insurance Agency” Credit: Rami Levy

“The more the buildings develop, with a large number of residents and become a kind of neighborhood, every building in itself is subject to different dangers that necessitate insurance. For example, fire damage, natural damage such as earthquakes, third-party insurance between residents and the house committee, insurance for the building’s regular workers and more,” explains Nati. “Additional services that are given in these buildings such as swimming pools, gyms, residents’ clubs, etc., also increase the need for specialized insurance. In order to adapt the insurance package to each building according to its needs, you need experience and professional knowledge of the field, which we have in our agency.”

Where do you offer this kind of insurance?
“We are responsible for insuring condominiums in all of the Ir-Yamim neighborhood in Netanya, which has grown and now has many new high-rise buildings. They are all insured with us. Also, all of the buildings in the Kav-Hayam neighborhood, which include the high-rise buildings on Sderot Nitza, are our customers. House committees from other cities who have heard of our knowledge and experience with this kind of insurance contacted us so that we would insure them as well for building complexes, along with many other projects in Raanana, Herzliya, Hod Hasharon and Tel Aviv.

Trailer insurance – you're in safe hands

The realization that insurance must be specifically tailored for changing needs doesn’t end just with specialized insurance for residential high-rise buildings. Shipony have also managed to create a formula that provides a unique solution in the field of trailers.  

“Despite the increase in the number of trailers on Israel’s roads, not everyone is able to provide them with the appropriate insurance solution,” Nati explains. “We took this field very seriously, because we know that a trailer doesn’t travel alone. It’s connected to a car and a driver with certain aims and special needs, such as, for example, a trailer that serves as the work vehicle for a gardener or a handyman or as a food truck – a field that is developing greatly due to the COVID crisis, with caravans and bus homes.  

“Despite the low prices and simple procedure, we have built an insurance package with a number of advantages, which are reflected in the price, the deductible and the coverage. All of these make it more worthwhile to take out this kind of insurance specifically with us.”

Nati points to another significant advantage for those who buy trailer insurance through the agency: its ability to cope with the complexity involved in insurance claims in this field, and to handle these claims efficiently and professionally, both with regard to the vehicle and also in everything concerning the trailer.

An extensive support package and high level of availability for customers

In order to supply a policy that provides maximum protection in real time, Shipony tailors a suitable package for every customer according to their situation and needs. “For every customer who comes to us we carry out a comprehensive examination of their insurance portfolio, using various tools such as queries from the pension clearinghouse and insurance status, and we show the customer what he has with us and in other places,” Nati says. “Often we find double insurance and save the customers a lot of money and many headaches. We provide the customer with the precise insurance they need, concentrate everything in one place and, if necessary, know who to contact and how to handle it.”

“We are an insurance agency that sees people above all”Credit: Rami Levy

Availability is also an important and major component in Shipony’s service, and it is given at all hours of the day and throughout the entire week. “Thus, someone who has an accident late at night, or someone who has a road test at seven in the morning and can’t find their documents, will receive help from us and an immediate solution. In fact, we believe that a high level of availability is one of the most important and unique services that we give our customers.”

50 years after its founding, what does the future hold in store for Shipony Insurance Agency?
“In the jubilee year we are celebrating the new generation of Shipony Insurance Agency, as our son Dor – the grandson of the founders, Henia and Micky, enters the firm. We are sure that the new generation will continue the tradition that began with the grandparents, of personal, courteous and professional service, which sees the unique needs of every person and provides an extensive professional solution for every insurance issue.”

The new generation will continue the family tradition as well as keep abreast  of innovation and progress. “We are aware of the developments in the field of insurance in Israel and worldwide, we follow them, and acquire professional knowledge of the most up-to-date innovations. Our agency is marching towards digitization and new directions of progress that will provide a complete solution for our customers from all sectors. In the next fifty years too, we intend to continue to lead the field of insurance and to accompany many generations confidently, ” Nati sums up.

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