Gush Shalom Calls for Leftist Radio Station to Counter Right-wingers

The Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Bloc) has asked Communications Minister Moshe Kahlon to create a radio station catering to the political left, several weeks after the station Galei Israel was established in Givat Ze'ev, East Jerusalem to serve the national-religious community.

"The creation of a right-wing station obligates the creation of an equivalent left-wing station," wrote Gabi Lasky, an attorney for Gush Shalom, to the minister. "Neglecting to create a station for Israel's dovish community would disrupt the delicate balance in Israeli media."

Gush Shalom filed two High Court petitions against the creation of Galei Israel before the station was launched, stating it would lead to the "legitimization" of the unlicensed pro-settler Arutz Sheva station.

In addition, the petition claimed that the Second Broadcasting Authority, which oversees regional radio, may not hold a tender over an area that has not been officially annexed to the state.

In response, the Israel Defense Forces GOC Central Command issued a tender to create a Second Broadcast Authority branch in the West Bank, despite the fact that the Gush Shalom petition remains pending.

The Communications Ministry said in a statement, "The matter is pending, and depends on the outcome of the legal process. We will give our response to the relevant authorities."