Guard Found Shot Dead Near Caesarea, Echoing Earlier Unsolved Murder

A security guard in the Caesarea industrial zone was shot dead in front of the factory where he worked yesterday, police said.

The guard, 54, from Hadera, was employed by a private company at the Lapidot pharmaceutical imports and marketing plant.

Employees arriving at the plant at 5:30 A.M. yesterday found the body, and his death was declared at the scene by a Magen David Adom team. A woman security guard was also killed in the same area seven months ago.

Coastal district police commander, Brig. Gen. Roni Atiya, set up a special investigation team.

No clear motive

Sources in the district police station noted that all investigative directions remain open, and there is no certainty whether the motive for the murder was criminal or nationalistic.

The Hadera District Court relented to the police request for a gag order on the details of the investigation.

Gag orders have become routine in the northern district in recent years, especially in murder investigations.

About seven months ago, Xenia Schtiller, who worked as security guard in the Caesarea golf club, was found dead in an open area near Or Akiva.

She had been shot in the head, and her personal weapon was missing.

No progress in the investigation of her murder has been reported, but the details of this case are also under a gag order.