Grad Rocket Lands in Southern Israel; Source Unknown

Incident marks first time a grad rocket has landed in Ovda, north of Eilat; investigators inspecting whether rocket was launched from Jordan or the Sinai Peninsula.

Remnants of a grad rocket were found Saturday morning in Ovda, north of Eilat in the southern Negev. No one was wounded by the rocket, nor was any damage caused.

Security forces began scanning the area after an explosion was heard on Friday night. Initial investigations indicate that the rocket had a diameter of 122 millimeters.

The incident was particularly unordinary, for this was the first time a rocket had ever been fired toward this area. The source of the rocket is unknown thus far, but investigations are taking place to inspect whether it was launched from the direction of Jordan or from the Sinai Peninsula.

The Israel Defense Forces said the circumstances of the launch are currently being investigated.

In April, three grad rockets were fired toward the city of Eilat. No warnings preceded those attacks either, and it was only after the remainders were found that it became clear they were indeed fired from the Sinai Peninsula.

In August 2011, cross-border infiltrators shot dead eight Israelis. Israeli soldiers repelling the attack accidentally killed five Egyptian guards.

In August 2010, five grad rockets exploded in Eilat and Akaba, in the Jordan Rift Valley. Those rockets were fired from Egypt, and resulted in the death of one Jordanian citizen.

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Haaretz Archive / AP