Good Morning, Settlers

So let it be absolutely clear: The Jewish settlements in the territories are a crime against Zionism. Zionism raised you and elevated you, and you have committed a crime against it.

Suddenly the leaders of the Jewish settlers in the territories have become very sensitive people with respect to morals and values. All of a sudden there is nothing in the world more important to them than honesty, fairness, cleanliness of thought and clean hands. All of a sudden they are disturbed by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's corrupt character and his rotten conduct. Good morning, settler leaders, you hypocrites. At long last your eyes have opened to see the man the way he really is, the way he has always been ever since David Ben-Gurion diagnosed the trait of mendaciousness in the promising young major.

Last week the purity attack just grew stronger, with the publication of the book "Boomerang," by Ofer Shelah and Raviv Drucker. This new book has reinforced what was already common knowledge, that the hallucinatory disengagement plan came into the world only to save Sharon from court and perhaps also from prison.

It isn't easy to give up patent rights: Undoubtedly readers know who it was who coined the winged phrase, "The depth of the uprooting is equal to the depth of the investigation" (which even rhymes in Hebrew), and even sold it, gratis, to his colleague, National Union MK Zvi Hendel, who made challenging use of it.

Also related here is what the settler leaders have been telling us over and over again in recent months: "For many years the people of the left tried to convince us that Sharon is a deceptive individual, that nothing that comes out of his mouth should be believed. You told us and we - the people of the right - refused to listen, because Sharon served us and was convenient for us. It is a great shame that we did not behave differently at that time and did not wash our hands of him in time."

The leaders of Yesha (the acronym for Judea, Samaria and Gaza), politicos and rabbis, are not Sharon's innocent victims; they are his active partners in crime. He and they are in the very same boat, which rowed in the dark to reach its destination, evading the eyes of the Israeli public, who all fell asleep or pretended to.

Do you, leaders of the settlers, really think that we do not know what Sharon and Ze'ev Hever (Zambish) were doing as they leaned over the map in the government office or on the bald hilltop? They were plotting their plans, weaving their conspiracies, working together to deceive the decision-makers as well as public opinion, and did not let laws and regulations get in their way. They consulted, and took the road of duplicity and guile, and you accompanied them up that road and applauded them; we barked and the convoy passed by. There was no sin that was not committed in our presence, as your feet ran to do evil and your hands stirred the pot of chicanery. And all of a sudden, instead of calling your own kettle black, you are defaming and preaching morality. After decades of sullying the walls of law and justice, you have decided to report to the walls of Jerusalem and play the role of their guardians, all day and all night.

Even a year ago, when the High Court of Justice had to decide whether to instruct the attorney general to bring the prime minister to trial in the Greek island affair, you weren't there to help. At that time you were still deceiving yourselves that your good old Sharon would go back to being himself. Had you too joined the petition to the court, it is quite possible that the High Court of Justice would have ruled otherwise, because a petition shared by right and left, on behalf of opponents to the disengagement and its supporters, would have eliminated the impression that it was political, which without a doubt made it difficult for the justices.

Perhaps Sharon, in the context of a plea bargain, might long ago have announced his resignation from political life, as his son Omri is now having to do. Now, only about a month before the evacuation, you are remembering - and where do you get the gall to blame us?

So let it be absolutely clear: The Jewish settlements in the territories are a crime against Zionism. Zionism raised you and elevated you, and you have committed a crime against it. The evacuation in Gush Katif is the beginning of our redemption. When the occupation is over, Zionism will rise from the dust and recover and renew its strength. At this late date, right on the eve of the evacuation, we shall also hear the word from Ze'ev Rosenstein, a moment before we extradite him to the law enforcement authorities in the United States.