Goldstar Beer Ad Slammed as Sexist

Women's group calls for a boycott of Israeli brewer following the release of the ad.


A new TV ad for Israel's Goldstar beer is being slammed as sexist, and some are even calling for it to be revoked. 

In the ad, three young women enter a bar. Three seats are free but one is a corner seat. Local superstition has it that sitting in a corner seat interferes with a woman’s marriage prospects and delays it for 7 years. The three women rush towards the two more favorable seats, elbowing each other out of the way. The background music is a wedding march by Wagner. After two of the women end up squeezing onto a non-corner chair, a man enters and sits in the corner without pausing to think about it. The ad ends with a statement saying be thankful you are a man who can enjoy a beer.

The Na’amat Movement of Working Women is calling on women to boycott Tempo Beer Industries, the maker of Goldstar, according to the Globes website.

Na’amat president Galia Wolloch wrote Tempo’s chairman, complaining that the company has been using crude advertisements which glorify men at the expense of women, who are portrayed as weak and ridiculous. She appealed to him to revoke the ad because it was in bad taste, Globes reported.

Tempo replied that the ad was intended to be humorous and that it fully respects women, regarding their status as important. According to the report, the company apologized for hurting anyone’s feelings.