Golan Teenager Apparently Used Father's Gun to Kill Himself

Teen, who did not have criminal record, was due at Golan police station for questioning about recent squabble.

A 14-year old from the Golan on Wednesday apparently committed suicide not far from his parents' house, using his father's gun, police said. His body was found about 6 A.M., some 70 meters from his parents' house in a south Golan community. He left no suicide note.

The youth was due to report to the Golan police station in Katzrin Wednesday for questioning about a squabble two weeks ago, police said. A family in the area had complained to the police that the deceased and another youth had beaten a third boy from their school, threatening to do him harm. Police said the dead boy did not have a criminal record.

Classmates, neighbors and area residents came to the mourning family's house yesterday to pay their respects.

"It's hard to believe," said one resident of the community. "He was a vivacious, joyful youth. This act is not like him at all. He was a loved son whose parents lavished warmth and love on him. He showed no signs of distress."

A few hours before apparently committing suicide, the boy had chatted with one of his sisters until about 2:30 A.M. He reportedly said nothing about having a problem or being under pressure or other distress. He also said nothing to her about the police questioning that was awaiting him Wednesday.

But some of his friends said he had told them that he was having difficulties.

A week ago the youth and his friends celebrated the end of the school year, with high school coming soon. His class is scheduled to hold its celebration in a few days.

Next to the boy's photo in the school yearbook, it says he was surrounded by many friends.

Psychologists met with his classmates Wednesday, and these talks will continue in the coming days.

The boy, who was buried in his community's cemetery Wednesday, is survived by his parents and two older sisters.